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Sworn Few M/C- A look at what these Idiots are up to. Just say “Unreal”

The weekly look at Leo Clubs is back at Insane Throttle by popular demand. Many readers have been writing in asking where the “Weekly Look Segment” went. Well, it’s back now and today’s segment will focus on the ass-jackets over at Sworn Few M/C. In all honesty, this is a very good lead into the editorials coming up on Ray”Izod” Lubesky of the Iron Legacy and his Merry Band of Dipshit Leos. Ol Lube as I call Izod has been up to some pretty nasty things the last couple of years, but don’t worry, in our upcoming series of editorials Insane Throttle will be laying out all the dirty little secrets of that ass-pump.

Take a look at the wankers site

So let’s take a look at this Sworn Few M/C, shall we? These little dog molesters are based on the West Coast in Washington. After listening to the god awful interviews on (It’s something that will make you puke your guts out if you dare take the chance to listen to it). The series that I had to fight my way through was about Sworn Few M/C and their trip and I quote “was to meet up with a crew in a prospective chapter status out of the San Bernardino, California area to give them full SFMC Chapter status, but they didn’t know it was going to happen! In addition, the SFMC Mother Chapter has grown and some of the crew had requested to break off and form the Red Mountain Chapter, which would be based out of the Tri-Cities, Washington area. They didn’t know they were going to get full chapter status either! So we had a lot of surprises to deliver. We had a large complement of SFMC members and associates along for the trip and we had an outstanding time”.

During this podcast, I was thinking about just how hard these dick nuggets were trying to be bikers. Sitting there trying to talk just like all of us minions who terrorize the community with rape and pillage. They sat there and talked about how if patching in the new chapter if they should ” Urinate on the new members and touch the heads of their wankers together”. Yea no shit, click on link below if you dare to listen to the freaks.

So wasting over 2.5 hours of my life listening to these fools trying to act like us, I learned a couple things about the Sworn Few M/C.

1. They definitely got their asses kicked in high school and had to get a job with a badge to show off their wankers.

2. These Leo clubs are just out there in the twilight zone, my god, how can any man look himself in the mirror and pretend to be someone they are not?

3. If Leo clubs like the Sworn Few want to act like us, party like us and form 3 -pc clubs like us, Why in the hell are they employed as cops in the first place?

Now I do understand that everyone is drawn to the wind and the peace that comes with it, but to sit there and have the hypocrisy these morons have is just downright funny. I actually wonder how their broads feel about them truly when they are out on a ride and they see some real clubs passing by. I bet ya a shiny silver dollar those broads are sitting there just wishing they could be on the back of the scoots that passed them by. I bet Chewie ( As this dildo calls himself), his ol lady is sitting in the shower, playing with that clit dreaming about being with a real biker. Personally, I don’t blame her, look at this Tinkerbell. Come on ladies, be honest with Insane Throttle, Would you rub up on Peter Pan?

sworn few
There is ol Chewie. If your ol lady needs a real man just let us know

I’m going through doing the usual background information that I do when doing an editorial and I’m going and snooping around Sworn Few M/C website and see “Quality over the Quantity”. My god, I say to myself, these dumbshits are really hard up, they truly want to have it both ways. Now a little lesson to the ass-monkeys, first and foremost, we minions have used that expression since the beginning of time, second, are you saying that even you wanker baiters can’t even trust your fellow cock eaters in blue to be apart of your 100% law abiding club? Because if I’m reading that statement on your website correctly, that’s exactly what you Tinkerbells are saying. So I’m also assuming from your statement that Sworn Few M/C who is 100% current and retired law enforcement do not consider everyone in the Blue uniform is a straight shooter? Thus those who are in blue you don’t consider “Quality” cannot join your club?

I doubt that Insane Throttle will ever get a response to that question, or any other questions that I put out there in this article. Ol Chewie probably out there changing around that website the minute this article goes live. I would also bet tonights conversation with the Ol lady is dealing with “Hunny, is Insane Throttle Right? Do you masturbate and wish you were with someone from a real club?”

So in closing, we have learned some stuff about this “Law Abiding Club” made up of 100% current and retired law enforcement officers. They like us through statements right there on their website, believe not all boys in blue can be trusted. They also try very hard to be someone they are not, they sit there laying in bed at night after watching Sons of Anarchy and popping one off in the neighbor’s dog, while their ol ladies lie there wishing to be with a real man thinking to themselves “How can I be a real biker and satisfy my ol lady before a real man with a cut comes along and does it for me”?

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