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The Joke of the “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs”* Parental Guidance Suggested*

In this article, we are going to take a look at the Association of Law Abiding Clubs. It’s important for our readers to get the whole truth on the clubs that claim to be apart of this organization. As our readers are aware, we have been in the middle of an investigative report on Ray “Izod” Lubesky and the Iron Legacy M/C that will be coming out on December 4th. Insane Throttle has been contacted by numerous representatives of many clubs, as well as many readers of Insane Throttle to see if they can get a preview of what will be coming out. Insane Throttle thanks everyone for all the e-mails and interest in the upcoming series, we know the suspense is tough, but starting December 4th, Insane Throttle will start rolling everything out. After all, we don’t want any leaks lol.

So let’s get to this “Association of Law Abiding Clubs”. We visited their web page, listened to some god awful podcasts (Time in my life, unfortunately, I’ll never get back) and see videos about their philosophy. To be blunt, this organization is a knock-off of the Confederation of Clubs and full of nothing more than cop clubs. According to its website, it’s the main purpose of this association to gather Intelligence within the motorcycle club world. Yea it might state that the association tries to make civilians see motorcycle clubs in a better light, break the taboo of M/C’s, but face it, just like it states on this page buried deep within the website so no one notices, Intelligence is a huge part of this so-called law-abiding organization.

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Now, before going any further, I like to publically ask some question of this so-called “Law Abiding Association”.

1. You claim, as your web page clearly states- The difference between us and the 1%’ers is clearly not on the visual surface but is only found below the surface in the less tangible, but much more important, aspects of a motorcycle club. Things like structure, function, and philosophy, all reflected in the behaviors of the members, are where the true differences can be found. And in big highlighted letters -But We’re Not Like Them! So my question is very simple. Why the hell do you want to walk around looking like us? Why is it you disagree with so many of the things that not only 1%ers stand for, but most all legitimate 3 pc clubs, but you still want to prance around emulating the clubs your own website states very clearly, you cannot stand?

2. Now, another thing that your website states, no, I guess asks the question right under that statement- People see a “Club” and think “Gang”. Does your club act territorial or confrontational with other clubs? Do your members display profanity, vulgarity or anti-social messages on their cuts, bikes, websites, etc.? Does your membership openly display/carry weapons in public? Does your club or members frequent places where the outlaws go or hang out? Do you act like you are part of their world? Do you attend their functions and/or support their activities? Do you promote the image of intimidation? So let Insane Throttle take a shot at those questions for you ass-jackets since you did not answer them for yourselves.

Question 1: Does your club act territorial or confrontational with other clubs?- The answer is a resounding Yes. You dick nuggets display a bottom rocker noting territory. Now if you dog molesters really wanted to dispell the notion that your not territorial, it’s simple, throw on a one-piece patch and call it a day. After all, you did state on your own website you do duplicate what most 1%ers and other non-law abiding clubs look like.

Question 2: Do you act like you are part of their world? Well duh, the answer is pretty straightforward don’t you think monkey shits?


Question 3: I really did like the vulgarity part, you ass donkeys want to walk around and act like your the damn golden boys. Have you cum disposals ever hear your joke of a podcast? You have all your Tinkerbells on there acting as if they just watched Sons of Anarchy and just got done dropping a load in the neighbor’s fishbowl and you’re people are so proud they did it.

Now I don’t judge anyone’s sex life, but you bunch of Peter Pans are some freaks, maybe that’s why you bunch of Dog Dung just don’t get why you’re not like much in this lifestyle. For one, your cops, you go work a shift and try to bust those you try to be like, secondly, you needle twats have an identity crisis, how do you even look at yourselves in the mirror every day? Here are the testicle cleaners answer straight from their website.

Why Do Cops Form LE MC’s If They Are So Different From The 1%er’s That They Look So Much Like?

There is no simple answer here. The one thing the cops and the 1%er’s have in common is that they are socially isolated from the public at large. The human need for acceptance, fellowship, and brotherhood causes both to find a common bond in social activities. Motorcycling is just one of these things. These people identify and empathize with each other due to their common circumstances. This mutual understanding allows for a higher level of trust than can be found outside of these circles. Part of the motivation by the LEMCs is to prove that the MC subculture belongs just as much to the law-abiding as to the outlaw, but for different reasons.

Though the reasons for forming both types of clubs are different, the motivations are the same. They look alike but they don’t act alike. The visual clues that differentiate the 1%er’s from the 99% clubs are subtle. The general public does not look that close. If what they see resembles what they fear they will react accordingly.

So after that physiological answer, which is total bullshit, seeming these cops already have each other to circle jerk. If you truly mean what you say, and say what you mean. Why not go to a 1 piece patch to solve everything? The answer is quite simple, you sit there and lie in bed and dream about us, your ol lady sits there wanting more from a real man and you know everytime a real biker drives by, that wet spot on your bitch seat is the result of your ol lady seeing a real man and it upsets you. It makes you even more determined to be something that you can never be and it claws at you inside every day that you were a douche and decided to be a cop.

I close out this article with a statement from your very own site.

The Bottom Line

The 1%er’s do not recognize the “Rule of Law” and choose to live by their own “Code”. The 99%er’s choose the “Rule of Law’ as does 95% of society at large. Society will use the “Rule of Law” and all that it entails dealing with the 1% when they trespass too far into the public peace.

The law-abiding motorcycle clubs that wish to build and maintain a positive public image must face the dauntingly negative public perception created by the outlaw clubs in their disdain for society and each other.

The motorcycle itself is the great equalizer in all of this as its mystique is an attraction to all. Outside of the motorcycle club subculture millions of people have experienced the thrill of riding a motorcycle and they understand the feeling of freedom and adventure that it brings.

For every person who shudders at the sight of you, in leathers, on your cruiser, with your friends, there is at least one who wishes he/she was right there with you.

How true you have made the very argument against LEMC Clubs in your own words. You wish to be there riding next to the real M/C’s of the world.

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  1. So its the coc for LE clubs. obviously not all law abiding clubs are a part of them. I called a friend thats in a abiding club and he laughed and said its for clubs that wont through down or handle anything.


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