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Ray”Izod”Lubeski International President of Iron Legacy Exposed -Violence and Incitement against AOA

Insane Throttle has promised our readership that if Ray “Izod” Lubeski did not comply with our demand to resign his position at the Iron Legacy, Insane Throttle would continue its release of pertinent documents about the actions of this man that has lead to deaths, and violence throughout the motorcycle club world. As of this posting, we have not seen any actions on the part of Ray Lubeski, International President of the Iron Legacy to do the right thing and step down, this action only shows that Lubeski has no regard for being honorable, and worse, a liability to those he calls “Brothers”. At the time of this posting, Insane Throttle has not heard back from the “Alliance of Law Abiding clubs” on its position regarding Ray Lubeski and the Iron Legacy.

Before we begin, many out there have accused Insane Throttle of receiving its materials from Lubeski’s former club “Iron Order”. Insane Throttle publicly states right now, this is not the case. We will openly admit we do have sources within the Iron Legacy providing us some information. But the variety of the information that we will be posting comes from leaked information from within sources close to lawsuits currently underway in Pennsylvania. You can visit the link below to learn more about this case.

This case, Ray “Izod” Lubeski is one of the so-called “Expert-Witnesses” for the Plaintiff Brenda Bollinger, the women suing Ray “Izod” Lubeski’s former club the Iron Order. Insane Throttle has nothing but sympathy for Mrs. Bollinger, this is why Insane Throttle hopes, that this series of articles on Ray “Izod” Lubeski will bring some closure for her knowing who was responsible for the actions that led to her losing her loved one that horrific night, and that Ray Lubeski will be held accountable.

Iron Legacy, Club Ray”Izod”Lubeski started after being thrown out in bad from Iron Order


With all that background out of the way, in our last article, Insane Throttle wanted to introduce the world to who Ray “Izod” Lubesky really was, he was not only on a power trip but a dog-faced liar. Insane Throttle presented emails where Lubeski claimed to be a member of the “Outlaws M/C”. Well through investigation we learned that this simply wasn’t the case. Lubeski at no time wore a patch for the Outlaws M/C. Right off the bat Ray, Insane Throttle already has your credibility questioned and verified as being nothing but a lie.

Insane Throttle asked itself. “Why lie about being an Outlaw“? The answer seems to be simple. “Ray Lubeski wanted to make himself out to be something he was not, to elevate those who followed him into thinking he knew what he was talking about when it came to leading a motorcycle club”. Ray Lubeski built his whole persona on a bunch of lies that he could never keep up with.

Email excerpts were taking from this email. Full copies available at links below- There is 6 pages with this email.

The following email can be seen in it’s entire form by downloading at following links. 6 links are listed below, each page is contained in one link

Let’s take a look at an excerpt from an email that Ray sent out to members of the Iron Order concerning a situation titled “Cobras M/C Situation” sent out on February 24th,2014. In the following excerpt, Ray claims to those in his club, The Outlaws on several occasions had encounters with the IOMC and did absolutely nothing. ” IOMC has encountered the Outlaws on several occasions with zero conflict, in fact, they would not even look at us”. Correct me if we are in the wrong Ray, are you honestly trying to make us all believe that the AOA in Florida would turn tail and run from you? You also made the claim that they outnumbered you and didn’t have ” The balls or beer muscles to do anything?” We believe in journalistic integrity, I ask Ray on behalf of the readers of Insane Throttle to provide us proof of the day that this incident occurred and what chapter of the AOA that was there, so we can verify your claim.

IZOD Claiming that AOA did not confront when giving the opportunity

Let’s dive deeper into the same email, shall we? Yes, I do believe that would be the right thing to do. By the way, Insane Throttle will be setting up a file share, that way our readers will be able to see the documents in full.

In the next section, Ray talks about how everyone needs to be on guard because “To date, they have done absolutely nothing”. Correct me if I’m wrong this being the same email from above, this is twice you seem to have called Outlaws out, if I’m wrong please correct me, but that is what I gather from the reading above. Or better yet, you question their “Stupidity”, just like you did with other 1%er clubs all over the Nation. So, for us here reading your email, it sounds like you were not running a “Law Abiding” Club as you have so many times claimed that you were. Sounds more to us, that you were inciting violence for your club members to carry out. I think that is exactly what you’re saying when you said ” They only understand this language so we are forced to speak to them at their level, like we did in Clarksville, Louisville, and Arkansas. You all know what that means.”

Ray ‘Izod” Lubeski Claiming AOA is cowards, and the only language they understand is violence

A question I pose now to the “Alliance of Law Abiding clubs”. I would really love to get your response to Ray “Izods” Lubeski comments not only above but this quote. ” I Encourage those brothers who say, “Were a Law-Abiding club, we need to let the police deal with it to find another club where turning the other cheek and allowing brothers to take a beating until LE does some half- ass investigation with no arrest or convictions to join another club”. I have to admit Ray, you actually showed some balls with that statement. Problem with that statement on your part is really simple, your whole time as a club up to that point was projected to normal individuals who just wanted to ride with a traditional club, not have to worry about any violence. So when did you decide it was time to try to act like something that you were not? Worse than that, ask individuals who never signed up for that kind of stuff, to follow orders, that you, yourself have never done?

Even though Iron Legacy and Ray “Lubeski claim to be law abiding and support LEOS. They really dont have much faith in them

As Insane Throttle goes on with this series, a whole treasure trove of goodies are going to come to the general public. It will be Insane Throttles position throughout the upcoming articles, Ray “Izod” Lubeski, his inner circle which will include Playboy, an ex-cop turned money man for Ray, who helps finance the Iron Legacy (How was that trip to Germany to open that new chapter? ) has used it’s membership to commit violence against other clubs, and most important, has been directly responsible for the deaths of three people under his watch. We have documents that will be published in upcoming articles, where Ray “Izod” Lubeski issued orders for violence against those who were not even apart of the M/C world. These people were civilians, that to me seems like a prelude to “RICO”. I’m sure those with the “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” will love to have to defend themselves when these come out, at least then, maybe we will all see if they stand for what they claim.

Feel Free To write or call Izod for Answers to your questions at Ray”Izod”Lubeski 306 Westchester Hills Lane Valrico Florida, 33594 502-296-7512

Every Monday, for the next 8 weeks, we will continue the exposure of Ray “Izod” Lubeski. We here at Insane Throttle would like everyone to know, you may contact Ray “Izod” Lubeski at the above-pictured address and phone number for any questions or comments you may have. After-all, he did state he is always open to any questions or comments. Up next, Ray “Izod”Lubeski ties to the murder of a Florida Black Piston. Stay Tuned!!! Oh before I forget. You have an opportunity Ray to save yourself and your club the headache of having to go through any more of these articles. It’s easy, be a man with some honor and integrity and resign your position and colors, the documents only get more damning as we go.

*Insane Throttle reached out to Representatives from Iron Order regarding a comment on Ray “Izod” Lubeski and the information being presented during the time he was International President of the Iron Order. A Representative did reach out to Insane Throttle with the following response to the material in this article. *

Iron Order Response-  “Ray “Izod” Lubeski is no longer a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, Lubeski has been put out in bad standing with our organization for the very reasons you mentioned, Iron Order does not condone or support in anyway, Ray “Izod” Lubeski, the views that he expressed in the emails you presented to us, any violence against any fellow bikers, other motorcycle club members from different organizations, or citizens. Since Ray “Izod”Lubeski was thrown out of the Iron Order in Bad Standing, Iron Order has been reaching out to other motorcycle clubs in the hope of establishing a communication line so incidents can be avoided between our clubs. Iron Order is a club made up of hard working men that only want to enjoy biking and brotherhood, we have no need or want for disputes concerning territory, or financial gain. Iron Order is committed to it’s original ideas of being able to get together with like minded brothers and enjoying the lifestyle that brought us all together, that is the love of riding motorcycles. When clubs fight, or engage in violence against each other, no one but the Feds win, which puts all clubs in jeopardy of loosing their right to free association and expression.”

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  1. I am interested in seeing if you will publish this rebuttal that contains info you skipped. It is clear you are acting as a mouth piece for the IOMC but you also have your own agenda, the case you referenced is a case filed against the IOMC and one of their members Timothy Martin. Martin is a known sex offender the IOMC has been covering up for and is the one who threw Tinya Focht to her death. This incident occured after Izod had been voted out as IP and the gavel was held by Brit who was one of several IOMC leaders calling for a more 1% stance in confrontations and expansion of the club. If you truly wished to help the grieving family of Ms Focht you would not offer to stop the posting if he stepped down, you would push ahead. You are a muppet with the IO’s hand up your ass, they are using you to seek to try and discredit Izod before he can testify against the IO in the multiple wronful death cases that will bankrupt and break the back of the IO criminal cartel


  2. Insane Throttle has checked into this alleged sex offender and found that he was 17 at the time of the incident, the girl was 16. It was his girlfriend. But you failed to post that in your response. Secondly our articles will show through izod himself, instigated his membership at the time to Take Care of Business. Not only against other clubs (which they surely can handle themselves) but against civilians. Insane throttle goes where the leads are. If you actually stopped and take a look at past blogs I’ve done on iron order, you will see that I’m the farthest from advocating for them. We go where the documents point us plain and simple.


  3. Furthermore, Insane Throttle has no need to discredit Ray Lubeski. He’s already done that with his own words. He claimed to be an Outlaw in North Georgia (which we posted in the first lead story) insane throttle calls for him to stop down cause he has not a lick of honor or truthfulness to him. That endangers the brothers of his club, any leader that cannot be honest with his own brothers don’t deserve to lead them, especially one that calls for violence and cannot himself live up to the actions he calls for. He wanted to play godfather without himself getting his hands dirty. He’s not only a liar, but a coward. Stay turned iron legacy. We have a ton more coming for yas


  4. You have a wonderful way if speaking without actually saying anything meaningful. Answer 2 questions without dodging around. First off, how do you reconcile your claim in your pro IOMC articles that they no longer have LEI’s within their ranks when a simple fb search uncovered multiple badge carrying members? Second how can you claim to want to help Tonya Fochts loved ones by exposing wrong doings by Izod that you claim led to her death but then turn around and offer to stop the articles if he steps down and out of the ILMC. How does that help the family or does it just serve you and the IOMC?


  5. Well let’s start out by you not hiding behind anonymous Timothy Spence (Highlander) Iron legacy Hillsdale Michigan. Ya I know ip addresses are a bitch, especially to those who don’t understand them or can’t see plain and simple they post with your comments for everyone to see. Secondly as far as cops are concerned. Insane Throttle don’t rely on Facebook pages. I could make one up of you circle jerking izod and call it Timothy Spence and everyone out there would take it as gossip. Insane throttle goes off of where the leads are until we are proven otherwise. If they are proven otherwise we will print a correction and follow-up. Now to izod stepping down. Insane throttle does that for you and your brothers safety numbnuts. With the information we have, guys like you supporting this retard, could cause problems for you ass monkeys. But since your so interested in further articles, then we will be fine with that. We gave the opportunity, iron legacy refused. So we will continue exposing your punk of a boss and his merry men in blue


  6. Hollywood, I have tried to keep up with your journalism, but it is written at a
    level that I just can’t keep up with. However, I may be able to shed a little
    light on some of your sources and target.

    1. Kimber and Tilt were instigators of a lot of the rhetoric against Izod when
    Izod was in the Iron Order. Kimber especially had a desire to stay close to the
    Outlaws since several of them worked with / for him. I believe that is what is
    being referenced in the text conversation that you took the one excerpt from
    Izod – nothing before nor after – and chose to “publish”. Surely as a fair and
    unbiased journalist you took the entire conversation – as well as your sources
    into consideration when you researched this. I am also sure that you took into
    account that Kimber leveraged the Iron Order forums to communicate his opinions
    in a way that was detrimental and against not only Izod, but the core principles
    of the Iron Order.

    2. Izod has NEVER communicated that he was in the Outlaws. He has stated that
    he rode with them which is a true statement – even published in his first book.
    Your using text messages, taken out of context (even with redactions) is again
    “interesting”. However, having been in both clubs with him I can attest and
    would be happy to attest to you the fact that he never made any of the
    statements that he was in the Outlaws, was an Outlaw, had any desire to be an
    Outlaw (or for that matter any OMG), and there were so many former Outlaws who
    joined the Iron Order and Iron Legacy that it would be ludicrous for him to have
    been able to make such a statement and have them join.

    3. As long as I was in the Iron Order, there never was an agreement with the
    Outlaws to place or not place a chapter in a specific geographical location. So
    where your comments on Jacksonville come from is again moot and probably just
    unproven rhetoric from a source who did not get his way and rather than man up,
    created a lot of controversy and drama for the Iron Order.

    4. I was in Iron Order for many years. I have been in Iron Legacy since
    inception. I am not a cop, I am not a felon, I am not a person who poses as
    anything other than a man and brother who rides a bike and is not going to cower
    to the intimidation that makes some people feel superior – – and I was around
    (not a member, prospect) several OMG patch holders.

    5. You are trying to assassinate the reputation and word of some good men (Izod
    in particular) based on the allegations and mis-representation of people with
    ulterior motives. Perhaps the truth and other side of the story is in the next
    several episodes of your blog, but I am not holding out hope for that.

    6. Have you picked up the phone and called or written an e-mail to Izod? You
    have all the contact information and he is easy to get in touch with – perhaps
    that could be incorporated into your blog and a much more interesting read that
    I can understand.

    7. I can’t wait to read the words of wisdom you use to refute what I said in
    this post. I will have my dictionary out to find out the meaning of the words.

    8. I am not sure why, but for some reason you seem to have deviated from normal
    Journalism style and made a comment not in your article’s body about a situation with
    an underage female and an older male. If I recall, this situation was where
    a male age 17+ began sexual relations with a mentally challenged 12 year old girl
    and these relations continued for several years until the male was almost 20 years
    old and indicted for this behavior. I wonder how many of your readers are fathers and
    would condone such behavior against their daughter as you seem to be doing.

    8. One last thing to T-Dub who has posted on your blogs – REALLY, you are going
    to post bold statements?????

    9. I am tired of typing now – I am not a keyboard commando – so I will just stop here.

    BTW. Who provides you your name and what did you have to do to change it from Topfuel
    to Hollywood? I know you profess not to be in a club, but you should know name changes are
    not normally done in any club.


  7. Ok I will go very slow for you since your in Louisville and I know it’s hard sometimes for people down there to follow stuff like this. Nothing was redacted from text messages except others names and phone numbers. The email you can download in it’s full form at links provided in article.

    Now let’s make one thing straight off the bat. This isn’t MSNBC or CNN that is going to sit there and let ya spin shit like some hurt ass monkey. For one, now I have to contact Kimber and tilt and ask their side because you made accusations against them that they gave me this information. Are You guys really are that dumb? The information (most of it came from within Iron Legacy) and public records from court cases your boss is testifying in against his former club. Expert witness my ass. Only expert thing he has done was convince you ass jackets to follow him and make your club bylaws to where you can’t throw him out. Another thing is , not one of you have disputed the validity of the email. It’s right there in it’s full form to be downloaded.But just like any ass monkey, you want to spin shit away from what is right there in front of you. Now I don’t know Kimber or tilt. I interviewed them one time, if you ladies have an issue with them. I posted kimbers number to call. I’m not here to get involved in your little love fest. But what I will do is keep publishing the materials that I have. It’s not our fault your so called boss was dumb enough to put the shit over the internet for all to see. It’s also not our fault that your clubs are having a love quarrel. Be men and deal with it, best I can tell ya. What I find very interesting is izod himself hasn’t contacted me again. Here is our our email if he wants to bitch, complain, moan or cry. oh by the way. You really think we wouldn’t confirm his statement about the outlaws? He’s never been around them, plain and simple. His book? What’s he think, he’s Sonny barger? Now what I can tell ya ladies, the publishing of the documents get much much worse. You want to back the guy after seeing it all in his own words, that’s on you ass jackets. And no worries on the court cases going on, one thing about being in the media, we get to work with all the local reporters, going to suck when he’s on that stand testifying about his actions and orders that are there in black and white from his own mouth. Wonder how that will look like on his word . Now if you ass monkeys are done circle jerking or can give us verifiably news . I bid you goodbye


  8. Hollywood,
    Thank you for the response request to “anonymous”.
    I am not an internet guy but I will respond to one point.
    I don’t know anyone named “anonymous”.
    I put my name and phone number out for a reason. Additionally I don’t respond to text messages or use email unless it is to a brother or friend.
    In closing, anyone with any questions or concerns about the IOMC feel free to call me or send a message to me at 920 918 2315
    I will return all messages with a phone call only.

    Iron Order MC


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