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Ray “Izod”Lubeski “Iron Legacy”and his violence against a civilian: Gloats about taking on Hells Angels Support Club.

Today will be our finale concerning Ray”Izod” Lubesky. If you don’t know who he is, or have not been able to read any of our other articles in the series, iPod, as we call him here around the office, is the International President of the Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club. iPod is also the former International President of the Iron Order M/C.

Insane Throttle has been asked many times why in the hell would we give this ass-monkey any acknowledgment or a chance to respond. That answer is pretty simple over here at Insane Throttle. An ass-monkey like iPod has caused issues all over the country, this is a man (If you call him that) who has never prospected for a club in his entire life. This numbnut claimed he was an Outlaw, well, of course, this fantasy hit the wall when that was proven he was just full of shit. Ass-Monkeys like this are many throughout the M/C world, but this one, in particular, hit a chord with Insane Throttle. IPod built a club through mail-order, shit something he continues to do today with the Iron Legacy. This of course was proven through our interview with a Former President of his so-called club (Click Here for the article). Also click below for articles concerning Ipod.

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IZOD Iron Legacy


What iPod is really doing is running a Pyramid scheme to line his pockets and those of his inner circle of merry band of dog-molesters. He’s selling patches through the mail to people whom only want to know brotherhood through a club. The people that he attracts is those who really don’t know what a real M/C is all about. These people probably just ran out, got a bike, seen Sons of Anarchy and decided they wanted to be Jax.

Personally, I can care less how a club got its start, I can care less if your a 3 pc 99%er or 1%er. If your club wants to wear rainbows and sit around a clubhouse and circle jerk all night long, that’s totally up to them and has no effects on me or anyone else out there. I’m not a protocol person, even though a once rode with a support club of a 1%er club, protocol really never meant anything to me. Growing up on the streets of Chicago, I banged most of my teenage years, ran numbers at 15 for some of the toughest guys in the city. I was lucky enough to be raised by people who were street smart, guys who taught me what real life was about.

When I got involved with the M/C stuff in 90’s Chicago, things were not only different back then, but a hell of a lot tougher then it is today. I guess those experiences growing up and my introduction in the 90’s gave me a whole different outlook then what most people out there have. Why do I don’t care about Protocols? The answer is simple, my thinking is that if you can back that patch on your back, be loyal to those you call brothers, then who the hell gives a shit who’s permission you have to get to start a club.

This is going somewhere on Ray Lubeski trust me. Many bikers or civilians do not get one thing when it comes to clubs. The violence you see in the news is committed by a select few within a club, most members in a club do not have the balls to pull a pistol, or grab a baseball bat to take out someone’s knees. Most members of a club have daytime jobs, have families, and have no desire to put themselves on the line for a RICO Charge. The ones who do take care of business for their clubs are ones whom grew up on the streets and take their club life very serious. Those clubs in the news? They live off the reputation of the few acts committed by those individuals. This is why when you see multiple members of a club go down, you will always have someone turning rat, why? Because they were not that person, they tried being something they were not.

It’s very easy at a rally or some other type of event, for 50 guys to get into it with another 50 guys, it’s the pack mentality. But what do you see when that happens? Only one or two pull pistols and get down. That should be a lesson to all clubs, something that should be looked upon when another club comes to punk you out.

Now, to tie all that in with Ray Lubeski. This is a man who never once, prospected for a club, never once himself put in any work to get his hands dirty. As you will see from the following emails, he ordered others to do his work for him. Now it’s on those who performed his work for him and if they were too stupid to see they were taking orders from a coward who never put in work himself, they were the fools. For one, if someone ordered me to do some business, you can be damn sure the one giving the orders better have put verifiable work in himself, or be right there next to me while the work is being put in.

The following email concerns a civilian who ran some sort of hate site against iPods former club. The email starts off with one of those who was ordered by iPod to take care of him because his club shouldn’t let anyone talk shit. First off, this idiot gets his pebbles in a bind because some dude is talking shit on the internet? iPod you must really hate us over here at Insane Throttle lol. Anyways, what the fuck do you care some dude is talking about your club over the internet? In your response to Insane Throttle, you claimed that you couldn’t stand violence. Guess you were not too truthful in your response, or am I reading these emails wrong?

Excerpt from an email sent out by “IZOD” which will be able to be downloaded during next article. “How’s that anti-violence for you?” And this was against a civilian

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Seems like as I read through them, you were pretty adamant that your chapter president take care of it, or you would send your Nomads to do it for you. The question that comes to mind, If you were such a big bad boss, this situation was bugging you that much, why didn’t you get off your wife’s tit and get up there with your chapter and handle business? I think we all know the answer to that. Your simple a coward, keyboard commando who is a punk, who is too much of a bitch to take care of your business. By the way ass-monkey, who the hell orders a hit job, on a civilian no less, over the damn internet?

One of the Biggest supporters of Ray Lubeski. Still refuses to answer the question posed to it about Ray Lubeski violence

Now, Insane Throttle has been waiting for a response from “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” of course the cowards in blue haven’t responded yet, from what Ray Lubeski said in his response, they all support the job he is doing for them. Wonder when these documents hit the airwaves, how they will respond. I know if this was any other club, it would be a precondition met in a RICO case.

Now let’s move on shall we? In our next email, we learned that Ray claimed that his MA, RI, and CT crew took care of business against the Sidewinders M/C, an 81 support club. As with everything with iPod, we are still trying to verify this incident even took place. You see, Ray has a small problem with being able, to tell the truth. The story goes as you can download the emails in its entirety, his club put 1 sidewinder in Intensive Care and beat up another one, as well as put a hurting on the rest that was there.


Page 1

It mentions an ass-slapper “Freon” as being in the lead of the operation. IPOD also claims that the 81 turned it’s back on the sidewinders because of an incident he claims happened to 65-year-old women, again unconfirmed. What we are seeing here looking at the emails, both past, and present, ol iPod was out there claiming to be taking care of business with all the big clubs. The way he has been writing, the 81 and AOA were no match for him. Insane Throttle really doubts that this is the case.

For our final email, iPod claimed in his response that he wanted nothing to due to his former club. Well isn’t it convenient to get ahold of an email just 60 days old encouraging members to come over to his Iron Unicorns, oh sorry Iron Legacy? Again another lie from iPod.

Page 1

Page 2

Insane Throttle has so much more on this ass-monkey, it’s actually really funny. I’m sure as time goes on, when we have a slow news day, we will release more of them. Actually, a lot of them are being forwarded to the clubs that Ipod mentions in them. Insane Throttle feels an obligation to make sure that the other party is always informed. The feedback has been not too positive towards iPod as they were released to those clubs. I really don’t think you’re going to get any Christmas cards from the clubs you talked about.

The putz behind ordering a hit on a civilian

Here’s what Insane Throttle has learned about Ray “Izod” Lubeski over the series of articles.
1. He’s a punk ass-monkey, first and foremost. He has used those who put trust in him, and taking advantage of them because he is running a straight up pyramid scheme with Iron Legacy.
2. This is a punk who never once had enough balls to take care of anything himself. Not once did this ass-monkey ever get his hands dirty. Instead, he used a bunch of fools to do the dirty work for him.
3. He uses this BS “Law Abiding Club” and the “Alliance of Law Abiding clubs to further his pyramid scheme. It’s truly a sad day in America when our institutions aid an ass-monkey like this. And people wonder why not only me but millions of others cannot stand cops.
4. This is a man who goes and orders violence against a civilian, one who claims he cannot stand violence, but the ass-monkey will be testifying against his old club in a violent case, something that this ass-monkey pushed for. Like I’ve said in many other articles, Don’t piss him off or do any stupid shit, this dude will straight up testify against you. Trust me, if your a member of the Iron Legacy, this horse dick is not your brother. He will turn 360 on you to get his ass out of a jam.
5. Finally, we learned that this so-called man is nothing but a complete joke. He’s really nothing more than a coward, who used the power of the internet to manipulate people into buying his bullshit game.

Advice to members of Iron Legacy: After you read this, go into your bathroom, look in the mirror. Do you want to see a man who stands on principle? Or do you want to see a man who fell for another’s bullshit? If you read only the little bit of what we released, emails that were in your so-called International Presidents own words, do you buy the bullshit he is pushing on you now? As you look at your reflection in the mirror, is this someone you would actually trust your life with? Or the Lives of those members of your family? What will he do for your family if you go out there and get yourself killed, will he make sure your kids grow up with no money worries? Shit, will he pay your funeral costs? Lastly, after hearing that he is open about testifying against members of his former club, can you trust him not to do the same to you if you end up in some shit?

At the beginning of the article, I gave my take on protocol and being involved in an M/C. Like I said before, personally, I can give a rat’s ass how you got your patches or why you wanted to ride with a club. I can understand the need to want to belong to something, but only you, can look in the mirror and say if you believe what your apart of is for real. A club, is all about its leadership if those at the top of the food chain are not real, then how can you honestly say what your apart of is real? If you answered no to any of the questions Insane Throttle put forward, you as a man, have two choices.

1. Take your club back from this ignorant ass-monkey to bring it to something that you can be proud of.
2. Take that crap off your back, burn it and go join something you believe is truly real.

Those are really the only two things you can choose from if you believe any part of our articles. You have seen for yourselves his own words, not just in his own emails, but in his responses to Insane Throttle. He was caught up in his own words, all there in Black and White. So before leaving that mirror, are you going to walk away from being a man, or will you walk away being a chump who fell for someone’s game? The choices are yours.

If you really want to see how dumb this ass-monkey is, the way he thinks, you can download his suppose called books here. But I warn you, it’s harder than hell to make out what the idiot is trying to say. Lets just say, he didn’t use the best of spell check.

IPOD Book 1

IPOD Book 2

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