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Insane Throttle Challenges “The Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” on Ray “Izod” Lubeski of the the Iron Legacy. Will they respond?

Insane Throttle has reached out to the “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” in the hopes of a debate. Our concept is simple, let’s debate the merits of your association and it’s member clubs. In its mission statement, the Alliance has stated “The Alliance was formed as an antithesis to the traditional Confederation Of Clubs, to provide networking, support, intelligence sharing, and solidarity among like-minded, law-abiding Motorcycle Clubs. … The law is on our side.”

Insane Throttle would like to challenge that statement, thus also challenging the legitimacy of their overall association. December 4th Insane Throttle will be putting out information in a series of articles on one of their member clubs, “The Iron Legacy”. In that post, we will show that the leader of that club, Ray “Izod” Lubeski, has engaged in the criminal activity that most club officers and clubs would’ve faced RICO Charges for, These activities were committed while under their umbrella.

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December 4th “The TRUTH Exposed”

In their mission statement, this “Alliance” claims that “the law is on their side”. After the publishment of the December 4th article, we will reach out for comment from the “Alliance”. We would like to see if they 1. Respond 2. What answers to the allegations in the article they will have. Insane Throttle is very committed on this issue on behalf of not only our readership but also that of the entire motorcycle community. In that commitment, Insane throttle will not sit idly by in the hopes this “Alliance” will answer to the allegations put forward against one of its member clubs if the Alliance chooses to ignore what one of its member clubs leadership has done and is now doing, we will contact their bosses and find out from them.

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We have compiled an exhaustive list of Leo departments in which members of these LEO Clubs work. It is our promise to our readership we here at Insane Throttle will contact them one by one for responses if the “Alliance” chooses not to address the allegations.

In the past, Leo motorcycle clubs and their members have committed a complete hypocrisy, they have been allowed to use their Law Enforcement powers to incite violence against not only 1%er clubs, but also regular everyday bikers without any consequences because the positions they hold as Police with arresting powers.

The following was posted by “Pablo”, it was posted as part of his blog at We here at Insane Throttle will comment at the end.


The Alliance is made up of members who have chosen to engage in those occupations that exist to defend the concept of freedom. In our personal lives, we choose to belong to Motorcycle Clubs with like-minded people, often in the face of opposition from both government and private groups. The Alliance seeks to defend freedom by forming and unifying motorcycle clubs which is an activity protected by the First Amendment right to associate.

We design and display logos and insignias accompanied by mottos. We often display these things on our clothing in the form of patches sewn in place. This is also protected by the First Amendment, freedom of expression.

We also exercise the freedom to move about using the public infrastructure which belongs to EVERYBODY. An unenumerated right of the Tenth Amendment.

In short, we form Motorcycle Clubs because we can. The law gives us the freedom and the right. These freedoms and rights have been defended with the lives of American soldiers and citizens, police officers, firefighters, and volunteers. We honor their sacrifice by wearing expressions of that freedom on our backs, on our sleeves and on our skin.

We stand our ground in exercising our hard-won freedoms and rights already paid for with the blood of those willing to defend it. We do not ask the permission of those who do have the authority to grant it or deny it. We will not deny others those rights and freedoms that we recognize are preserved for all.

This is what freedom in the law-abiding MC world is all about.


We will wait until the readers are all done throwing up.

Insane Throttle would like to respond to this lovely excuse that they have put out there.

1. Almost half of all members of 1%er clubs, independent clubs, support clubs, were members of the military. Many who started some of the biggest 1%er clubs were war heroes from ww2-present. These are the same men that on a daily basis, members of your organization harass and put out propaganda against, and the clubs they belong to. Your “Alliance”, as well as those members of your organization, know very well, that the propaganda you put out there is completely false about the majority of the clubs regular hardworking blue-collar men you claim as criminal for belonging to such clubs.

2. The general motorcycle population never had a problem with you LEOS forming clubs. What the problem is, and always will be, is your LEO factions being blatant in your attempts to copy long time-honored traditions of wearing the 3-piece patch. Let’s put it another way, can we wear those pretty little uniforms if we want to? Can we play police officer when we want to? No, we don’t. That is not who 99% of the general club guys are. See we don’t have to have an identity crises like your “Alliance” does. We know who we are as men. Friend or Foe, club members have died for the idea of what is on their backs, they stood up with honor and defended their brothers and clubs. You LEOS come along and think its a good idea to try and copy what others bled for? And you wonder why no one can stand LEOS

3. Do you stand your ground for those freedoms? No, what you do is go out there with your pretty clean 3 piece patch and cause a bunch of shit, then pull out that pretty little badge when your about to get that ass handed to you. That’s not standing your ground as you claim, that’s being a coward straight up.

Insane Throttle challenges any representative from the “Alliance of Law-Abiding Clubs to a Debate”

Your “Alliance” has a podcast, if you have any balls, let’s set up an on-air debate. Pick your best, and Insane Throttle will be there. After all, isn’t that what you like to do is talk a lot? Your members or their clubs never ever incite violence with other clubs, isn’t that the party line the “Alliance” tows? Show your true colors, defend yourself in an open forum.

So there you have it folks, the hard working blue collar workers of the M/C world against the LEOS and their “Alliance”. You think they will take the challenge? My guess they will not, but one thing is for sure, after the series of articles coming out on December 4th on Ray “Izod” Lubeski, if we here at Insane Throttle can’t get a response from the “Alliance” we will push forward and get answers one way or another for every hard working man in 1%er clubs, support clubs and independent bikers all over the country.

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  1. So true, great writing. I am not a 1% one percenter nor have I ever been, but I respect those individuals who are for putting in the time and devotion needed and for what I have seen not an easy task. I ride a Harley and wear a three piece patch that says Harley Davidson Motorcycles, no club affiliation and no territory patches.

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  2. It is a damn shame no one explained to your parents that brothers and sisters shouldn’t fuck each other, cause that is how we end up with people like you. I knew the IOMC had a thing for twinks like you but you have surprised even me by how far you swallowed their shit. You have printed so many lies i do not believe you would understand the meaning of integrity even if someone tattooed it on your forehead


  3. Ah, the ass-monkeys coming out of the woodwork. At least you could’ve came up with some better burns than that. Come on ass monkey, stop stepping all over your dick and give us something better. Concentrate now, wipe your dogs happy juice off your face and give us something better. We love to hear what lies you speak of. Did we hurt your little pebbles talking about your boys in the “circle jerk” association? Or did we hurt the pride of your boss Izod? More is coming!! And no ass- monkey we are not talking about your dogs happy juice. You a freak, shame on you molesting that dog


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