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Former Chapter President of Iron Legacy Speaks out about Ray “Izod”Lubeski and his pyramid scheme to defraud club members and his credibility as a man

Insane Throttle recently got to talk with a Former Chapter President of Iron Legacy concerning his former club and it’s International President Ray Lubeski. Ray Lubeski is the former International President of Iron Order, he has since been kicked out on bad standing for inciting violence, lies and a whole host of other allegations. Ray Lubeski is set to testify against his former club in a series of lawsuits filed by multiple parties against the Iron Order.

The interview we conducted with this former president (Who will go by WV, because of the threats posed by legitimate clubs, those threats were in direct response to how Iron Legacy operates and directs it’s members how to act, as you will see below in our question and answer session) we show how members are recruited, how Iron Legacy is a Ponzi scheme set up by Ray Lubeski and his inner circle to entice people into being a member of Iron Legacy for not only personal gain but Ray Lubeski dream of being the “Godfather” of motorcycle clubs.

If you were able to read his responses to our questions in our previous article (Click Here to read it) you will definitely see just how much Ray Lubesky steps all over his dick. Instead of Ray Lubesky answering the questions straightforwardly, he tries to deflect and place blame on his former club Iron Order. Not once in the entire article did he dispute or explain why he sent out the emails that have been published in our articles. The emails were obtained by Insane Throttle from various sources, including sources within the Iron Legacy. The first two pieces expose Ray Lubeski as a fraud and a complete coward. Ray Lubeski has falsy claimed that he was a member of the North Georgia outlaws in a text message to a former member of his club. This has since been verified as false ( Guess the guy really didn’t think we could reach out to the AOA and verify the claim). As you will hear from this former chapter president of Iron Legacy, it seems many around Ray Lubeski claim to be former members of some very large M/C.

Insane Throttle started out these series of articles to expose just who Ray “Izod” Lubeski is and how he used his position to command others to commit acts of violence. Our focus after just two articles has changed. After talking with current and former members of Iron Legacy, It’s our hope, that after these individuals see what kind of coward and liar this man really is, they would not risk their freedom, or even life, to carry out anything this man has to say.

Quote from Former President of an Iron Legacy Chapter from upcoming article “This club is a pyramid scheme for those in higher positions. They prey on those who desire a walk in the OMG world and don’t really want to play in it. They get money from these unfortunates and use it to finance their own personal agendas, I.e. a trip to Germany. “

Before you can become a member of a motorcycle club, you first have to be a man of values and stand for something. With that said, Insane Throttle gets people want to be apart of clubs, but members of the Iron Legacy have to ask themselves, Is this a motorcycle club you can hold your head up high in? Can you look yourself in the mirror every morning and be proud of that rag on you back?

Insane Throttle can care less about how members get their patches in a motorcycle club. We recognize the old way of prospecting your way into a club, but this is America and if you want to just have to pay without going that route, that’s your personal choice. Personally, I think Ray Lubeski could’ve avoided all this scrutiny if he instead started an RC instead of an M/C, but Ray Lubeski isn’t that smart. See Ray if you did an RC, you could’ve done the mail order game, without anyone saying a word about you, you could go on to making tons of money for yourself and enjoy that Florida weather without Insane Throttle being all over your ass. But who are we kidding? You wouldn’t be that smart, after all, you are the person who claims to be against violence, but put out orders for the hit on the internet like a complete Ass-Monkey. Enjoy our interview!!

Insane Throttle: Insane Throttle has started a series on Ray Izod Lubeski. You are a former president of a chapter of Iron Legacy. Can you tell our readers why you never joined IronOrder and instead chose to join the Iron Legacy?

WV: I was never a member of IO. A childhood friend of mine was a member from the beginning. He passed away and I began to look into that club. I found many issues that I wanted no part of. Not the least of which was their reputation in the 1% world. Where I live there is one club that well known to not hesitate to use violence Anyway, I found a link with ILMC and began the process of joining that club. They had no presence in WV and I spoke several times to IZOD due to his close relationship with my deceased friend. I was told I would be a Member at Large and was sent patches after I paid for them and my membership dues.

Insane Throttle: You are a former president of a chapter of Iron Legacy. What state was your chapter located in, and why did you decide Iron Legacy was not for you?

WV: Because I was the first member in WV I was responsible for recruiting and beginning a chapter.  Two others joined the club and I was elected CP. One was a Federal Corrections Officer and the other was originally from SC and wanted to patch in with the Charleston, SC chapter. He was told he would have to prospect there and he then decided to become a MAL in WV. He sent his money in and received his patches. I was told the first five of a chapter could patch in automatically. We found another ( another friend of my deceased friend)!

I was challenged at least twice a week from support clubs and even the dominant MC. I would report this and was told I would get support from other chapters. That never happened. We went to an event in WV and only four brothers showed to support our chapter. I was riding in a dominant thick environment and was left on my own. At some point, I had met an officer of the dominant club and he informed told me many of the things about ILMC that were true and said I needed to think about my decision to ride with them. He also told me there were clubs in the area that would take me.

Upon reporting that I had met this officer to my Regional SAA I was called back a day later and was told I had done numerous things which I had no idea what they were talking about. They were all false and I recognized that I was being offered as a sacrifice to the dominant club. I took the advice that was given and turned in my patches.

IZOD Iron Legacy

Insane Throttle: Have you ever personally met with or had a conversation with Ray Lubelski?

WV I had Izod personal number and had numerous conversations with him. I met him a few times. I was promised the moon and received no support. I was told to reach out to an IOMC chapter in WV once and offer them a patch over to ILMC. They refused. LOL.

Insane Throttle: As a member of Iron Legacy as well as a chapter president, what is the reputation of Ray Lubeski with the rank and file members? Insane Throttle has shown in just two articles, the type of man Ray Lubeski can be. We’ve shown that he has lied concerning his past Outlaws ties, his involvement in ordering violence, as well as being a witness in a trial of his former club. You wrote us saying we were right on. Can you tell us what you meant by that?

WV: The club has way too many officers who claim to be affiliated at one time or the other with numerous 1% clubs, Outlaws, 81, Pagans, etc. I researched many stories and could find no evidence of any of this. One claims to have been a bodyguard to “Taco” Bowman and said he can be seen in the “Gangland Undercover” series. I watched several times and never saw him. I bought my patches without having to earn them. As did so many members it’s difficult to count.

This is a mail-order club. They do bow down to other clubs but only in a way to appear not to. Shortly after I left the entire Charleston SC chapter dissolved with only one exception. The son of the man I referred to earlier. It is my understanding that one of the Regional Directors left the day after me stating; “ I have no heart for what’s going on here anymore”! It’s my opinion that this club is imploding.

The CO I previously named is leaving within a week or two. Prior to me leaving I was aware of numerous members leaving and it’s getting worse now.

Izod is being referred to now as someone who is losing control and respect due to the way the club is run.  I am not the only one who recognized the Pyramid scheme aspect to the club. Among several CPs there is talk about this and some are wondering why they do a tremendous amount of work and only those International officers are getting money.
The club isn’t what it’s been sold as. The ex IO members are seeing the writing on the wall as well. The shame is that some of these guys are good people who’ve been sold a bill of goods.

Insane Throttle: You have stated that Iron Legacy is a pyramid scheme. What can you tell our readers about this scheme ran by ray Lubeski and those close to him?

WV: Was partially answered above. The International Officers must approve anything a chapter does regarding any money making ideas i.e. support shirts, hats, anything. They have a huge national rally and the costs are expensive with all profits going to the “club” i.e. the International Board. The chapters were all ordered to form their own LLCs to attempt to insulate the IB from damages. Chapters were threatened with losing their charter if this was not done. Most of the members did not recognize that as long as the IB was calling the shots this was useless. Izod isn’t as slick as he thinks he is. * I am a retired Private Investigator with some knowledge of the legal system. Things began to look strange with that as well. Chapters sent their money to a Nomad and your LLC was filed for you. LOL, another scheme.

Insane Throttle: Can you tell us who you believe is in Ray Lubeskis inner circle?

WV: His inner circle is made up of the International Board and the New Port Ritchie chapter in Florida. I know road names only. Playboy, Rant( IOTC posted a picture of him a while back). Whiskey, Warrior, Big Rick, Big Block, Tax Man, and others I can’t recall at this time.

Insane Throttle: Does Ray Lubeski receive any salary, monies from the club for personal use?

WV: I am personally not aware of him receiving any salary. However, it’s my understanding his only current occupation is this club. He travels all over the world now on the clubs dime. Yet we are required to pay for our own way. The motels and hotels he stays in are nice ones and most brothers will crash at each other’s homes or clubhouse. I can’t prove it in court without seeing documentation but I sure have a strong suspicion that he’s doing well on club money.

Insane Throttle: What do you feel like when seeing a man who has never prospected for a club, giving orders to members to perform violence against others, be it clubs or citizens?

WV: The thing about that is simple. I was informed that if I “recruited” I would violate RICO. Never understood how until I saw things.  I’ll refer you back to the LLC he demanded. I think he believes this will insulate him from that as well. He’s wrong. I have been told there is a move underway to take over a bar in NC that is frequented by a 1% club.  This is a sure RICO violation.
We were told we would not do anything like that. If you read ILMCs statements on their web page they express that. Member joins and suddenly discover they’re sold a bill of BS. Anything done is for the club to profit from. Izod talks really big when he thinks it will benefit him. The targeting of anyone is supposed to be against the Values of the club. As you can see, those values are only a sales pitch to get members. Izod and others are in it to benefit themselves only. I believe that most of the members could not or would not be able to hang around any legit club much less earn a patch.

Maybe the Ol Ladies should switch back patches with the Ol Men. I can bet they probably have more balls to do what’s right


Insane Throttle: What are the memberships thoughts on Ray Lubeskis deep connections to law enforcement? Do you believe that members of law enforcement are actively helping or advising Ray Lubeski in actions against other clubs?

WV: There are some who are ok with an LE presence. The CO I had in my Chapter was told to leave his badge at home and never play that game. I have one close brother who completely despised the thought of LE in the club. As for Lubeski, I have no doubt he has LE very close to him and does take advice from him. The newly promoted RD in the Mid Atlantic Region is LE.

Insane Throttle: Ray Lubeski claims he has no need to talk about his former club iron order, but we have an email just 60 days old for iron order members to come over to the iron legacy, but the window is closing. Do you feel that ray Lubeski is in contact with anyone in the iron order organization to undermine their current international president “Brit”?

WV: I believe the entire concept of ILMC was a great big fuck you to IOMC. The patches are all in reference to “the old club”!  The Rider coming out of the grave is a direct FU to IO. The Tombstone and even the name are too.

As for contact between him and IO, I can only speak about what I know personally. Ex IO members wanting to join do not have a prospect period. They are given a patch. We were ordered to reach out to IOMC clubs and offer them a patch over for the entire club. We had brothers quit when this came out. I expressed my concern by saying that we were already considered IO part 2 and now we were confirming it. As a CP in an area with a large OLMC presence that only “tolerated” us I was sure that would change and we wouldn’t be tolerated anymore.

Lubeski would never admit it but it’s pretty obvious that he does all he can to bring down IO. Everything from the patches to him testifying against them is more than enough evidence.

Insane Throttle: Do you know others that were members of Iron Legacy that wish they had never left Iron Order to join Ray Lubeski?

WV: At any party or event, there is frequent talk about IO. It is so bad I would tell my Chapter that we would not tolerate IO talk.  I believe that the ease in which an IO brother can patch over has caused some to quit.

Insane Throttle: What do you think of Iron Order moving to be a more traditional club under “Brit”?

WV: I honestly try hard not to think about IO. I do know they ride around with a huge target on their back. It’s on them how they deal with that.

Insane Throttle:  We have received much of our information from former members of Iron Legacy, what do you think by speaking out, you hope to provide to our readers.

WV: There are good people in ILMC. I feel that most are being lied too. I do have some brothers I care about what happens to them. Hopefully, they will see the light. Anything I can do to help them see if I am OK with. I believe that the reputation of ILMC is that they are IO part two. As hated as IO is now things are bound to get sparky real soon. I would hope they see it. BTW your blog, IOTC, and Twisted Throttle are called “hater” pages by IO and IL. I read them before and a lot of the brothers of both clubs do as well.  Keep on telling it like it is. If you can “rescue” one good man from that circus then you’re doing good work. It worked for me. I would read and think “damn they got that right! Maybe there is something to it”!

Insane Throttle: What would you like to say to Ray Lubeski, you are a former member of his club, now you have the venue to say what is on your mind?

Wv: You’re going to get people hurt with what’s going on. If you truly were a brother you would come clean and get out. Let your ego go and be a man before someone gets hurt or worse.

Insane Throttle wants to thank WV for coming forward and giving his side of the story from the inside of Iron Legacy. If you are a former or current member of the Iron Legacy and would like to tell your story, email

One last thing before I close out. The M/C world can be a great place, but it also can be a dangerous place for those who try to profit from it at others expenses. To those in Iron Legacy, do the same as one of your chapter presidents and brothers just called on from your International President. He is a man that has never prospected in any club, he does not have your best interest in mind (Shit you piss him off he might testify against you in court) this is a man who is using you to make himself out to be someone he is not, and never had the balls to be that person he tries to portray.

This is a man who’s ol lady probably looks at him in contempt, looks at him as the coward he is, wishing every time a real patch holder rides by, she is on the back of the bike with them. Have some dignity in yourselves, be able to look in that mirror in the morning and be proud of who you are as a man, if you can see in black and white, how Ray Lubeski has been exposed in just 2 articles (with Many More Coming) then as a patch older you must vote his ass out of your club if you ever want the dignity that comes with being not only a patch holder, but a man.

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