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IP Ray Lubesky of Iron Legacy M/C tries to respond to Insane Throttle reports

Insane Throttle was graced today by receiving some answers to our first two articles on Ray “Izod” Lubesky, International President of the Iron Legacy M/C. Insane Throttle will have to go point by point with this ass-monkey in rebuttals to his many allegations throughout the many statements that he has made in his responses to our questions. To be honest, as we were reading his answers, we thought for sure that Insane Throttle was dealing with Bill and Hilliary Clintons “Love Child”. Throughout the article, he claims that Insane Throttle is “Iron Orders Mouth Piece”, now we know what “Fox News” had to deal with concerning the Clintons. Lubesky does the same thing those morons do when caught up in something. Lubesky was quick to point fingers at everyone else for his shortcomings instead of being a man and taking responsibility.

Another thing our readers will notice when looking at his responses. Not once, did Ray Lubeski deny the allegations put forth concerning the email “Cobra Situation”, he did, on the other hand, try really hard to spin it as someone else’s fault. As we go forward in this article, the biggest thing that struck most of the staff here at Insane Throttle, this is a guy who never once in his entire life “Prospected” for any club. Why is that? He claims he was a Hang around for the Outlaws in Georgia. That statement has been strongly denied this morning by the AOA. He also claimed that he built one of the largest clubs in the world, “Iron Order”. How did he do it, folks? He built it through the internet and mail order patches. The pride this man takes in doing that is laughable, especially someone who was a coward and couldn’t prospect his way into a club.

Already you can start to see what this man is about, he openly admits, that he is going to be a so-called expert witness in upcoming trials of his former club “Iron Order”. For the record Iron Legacy, don’t piss off ass-monkey, he will be quick to either turn you in or testify against you if he doesn’t get his way. That actually should make you think about what kind of man he really is.

Now regarding the issue of being a witness against his former club. The reason why “iPod” as we call him around the office, is pushing back so hard against the releases of documents that Insane Throttle has started to publish, it’s because he doesn’t want jurors or a judge to question his credibility. He’s going to want to sit on that stand and profess that he did everything in his power to make sure his club was law-abiding when he ran it. Insane Throttle hopes too high heaven that he states that under oath. Why? Because you will see in our responses today to iPod, he’s nothing more than a liar who can’t keep up with his lies. Insane Throttle specifically worded our questions to iPod for the express purposes of tripping him up. And let us tell you, he tripped all over himself. Insane Throttle now has a written record of his credibility issues. So with no further ado, let’s begin our journey.

Oh, one last thing, thanks a lot for not using some sort of spell check ass-monkey. Had to sit here an hour trying to get your responses spelled right, and you wrote a book?

1. Insane Throttle has recently obtained many documents from current and former members of the Iron Legacy M/C, an organization that you are the current International President of. Insane Throttle is curious as to why so many documents were forwarded to us by current and former members of the Iron Legacy?

Answer- Anyone can claim they are current or past members of any club. I am quite sure you have no one from our club, current or past, providing you anything. In fact, you accuse me of that with your claim I said I was a patched Outlaw. At no time have I ever said I was a patched Outlaw to anyone. I have never written I was a patched Outlaw. I have never claimed I was a patched Outlaw.
Everyone in the Iron Order knows that and everyone who knows me personally knows that. You posted a text from me saying “since I was with the Outlaws”. I wasn’t with the Bandidos, the Hells Angels, the Iron Horsemen or any other club; I was with the Outlaws as a hang around. Nowhere do I say I was an Outlaw.

You the reader be the judge, was Ray “Izod” Lubesky claiming to be an Outlaw in North Georgia? Black out portion is of names and numbers we could not publish

The Truth Crew Facebook page stated it to you as well. It is well documented in my book and by many others that I was a hang around 2001-2002. I don’t know if anyone is still an Outlaw from the defunct Woodstock Georgia chapter and since it is 15 years ago I’m sure there would be very few if any. Here are some of the Outlaws who should remember me, Gonzo, Ziggy, Buddy, No Show Joe, and Stone. Also Black Pistons Rojo, Slick, and Kracker. There are retired Iron Order brothers and Rest in Peace Radar, who was also with me at that time who verified it many times.

I also had the opportunity to meet Larry Mac several times. I rode to several Outlaw clubhouses and events during this time period. When I moved to Louisville and the Iron Order had a problem with the L’ville OL and we had a sit down with them, they called and verified this in 2004. You can believe what you wish (in my opinion the Iron Order source of this text used you to twist the truth into something bad) or you can read what I wrote and understand the exact words stated. I welcome you doing your research and find where I ever said I was a patched OL.
Please don’t recite something someone said that someone said that they overheard someone say from the Iron Order. Everyone in the MC world has rightfully concluded the Iron Order sources you are using are very close to you and you are working on their behalf.

As far as your claim you have documents from current and past Iron Legacy brothers I can say I look forward to seeing anything you write that would support your claim. Nothing so far that you have said or presented came from anyone in the Legacy. It is all 4 – 5-year-old stuff from Iron Order and I’m sure you have more of such stuff being passed on by your people in the IO. The reason I am calling bullshit on your claim is that we don’t have any secrets here. If you want to know something just ask.

Insane Throttle : The text was quite clear “iPod” you stated you were with the Outlaws M/C, which taking at face value, anyone in the world in which we live would take that statement as you were a member of the Outlaws M/C, and further, that’s the context you intended it to be in. We also verified with the South East Region that no one even heard of you being a hang around, you throw names out there like you throw most your BS. Is it just coincidence that former members of Black Pistons you claim that can back you up on this, are also members of your current club?

As far as sources are concerned, you really do have a hard-on for your ex-club don’t you? I suggest you read our pieces on Iron Order and then claim we are a mouthpiece for them. Oh, we will have a statement from one of your former chapter presidents going live in the next article. Can’t wait to see how you try and spin that one. I know “Iron Order made him do it”.

Insane Throttle– Past Iron Order Articles: You be the judge if we are there mouth piece lol.

Article 1.

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2. So far, Insane Throttle has done two stories with this material, one of the first questions that come to mind for us. Why in the world as a Former International President of such a large M/C (Iron Order) would you put these kinds of things over the internet? This question pertains to only the released material so far by Insane Throttle Biker News. We will, of course, give you an opportunity to give your side of the story as more comes out.

Answer- It was not on the internet it was on club business email. We were a law abiding club and our actions were lawful although you can interpret what is written however you wish. You have taken great strides to communicate the fact that Iron Order has changed to step outside of being law-abiding and you are correct. You also incorrectly recited from your IO sources that they got rid of all their police membership because that is what they wanted you to communicate. You have righteously stated a retraction.

The Iron Order has been on this course since 2014 and your sources seem to be driving the club deeper into the 1% mentality however your readers might find it paradoxical that the Iron Order leadership continues to proclaim the law-abiding and law enforcement friendly mantra contradicting much of what you have written about the IO and contradicting much of the actual historical facts over the past 3 year.

Insane Throttle: Kinda makes you shake your head hearing that explanation. Last time I checked, email was over the internet ass-monkey. But that going over everyone’s heads, how freaking stupid are you? It’s a fair question, really it is. You put out orders over EMAIL? How retarded can you truly be? What did you think, you were the “Godfather” or some shit? But wait, yep, right back to blaming your former club instead of sticking to the question, or taking the responsibility of being an ass-monkey for putting something like that out, and sites like ours getting ahold of it.

3. Insane Throttle has been doing much research into the many subjects that were forwarded to us. We have been working with local reporters in Pennsylvania and Colorado. One thing of interest to Insane Throttle, we were back rounding an individual your currently set to testify against. One of your club members commented yesterday on our blog, that this individual started the abuse when the girl was 12 years old. Insane Throttle is not confirming or denying that this is the case. How is it that through the freedom of information act, Insane Throttle was denied this kind of information since it’s a sealed juvenile record, but one of your members claim this is how the incident occurred, can you explain how your club was able to unseal these records?

Answer- No credentialed reporter would contribute to a blog like this one. I have worked with the media in my professional life as well as my MC life for 40 years so I know that to be fact. However, to answer your question, it is public record and part of the lawsuit. I cannot comment further on the matter since it is in litigation. What I do know is, you know it stinks. The whole thing stinks. You should be mindful of all facts about both cases because in a few short weeks they will be public and retractions and restatements could be cumbersome.

The MC world will understand much more about the new and changed IO. I am not stating this to incite problems between the clubs because it is ultimately the wishes of the current Iron Order leadership to have their new and improved Iron Order reputation of being a “traditional MC” like the big 1% support clubs just like you have been writing about.

Your readers have correctly concluded you are singing their song to get that message out to the world. Quite frankly it goes totally against everything the Iron Order was founded on and what they are proclaiming in the litigation. Not a good thing for the Iron Order to have you being their mouthpiece with the message they are now not law enforcement friendly and have shed the boundaries of the law-abiding. It is painful for all of us in the Iron Legacy who was Iron Order to watch this metamorphosis they have been going through for the past 3 years.

Insane Throttle: “The readers correctly concluded that we were singing the Iron Orders Praises? Again Ass-monkey, with the love fest with your former club. Our readership would disagree with that statement, have you’ve actually taken time to read our articles on Iron Order? We’ve provided some links for you iPod so you can see exactly what our coverage of the Iron Order has been. Now if you take a look, we were not the best of places to come when it concerned Iron Order getting out their side of the story.

4. Insane Throttle recently learned and has been confirmed by members of the Iron Legacy, you are scheduled to be a witness against Iron Order in many wrongful death lawsuits. Through the material obtained by Insane Throttle, some of which was released in part 2 of our series, the document titled “Cobras Situation” the one we would like to focus on here. You stated many times, your approval of the use of violence, and the need for violence against members of the Outlaws M/C, Black Pistons M/C. And Cobras M/C. Why in your mind was this needed for one, and secondly, Do you feel that this was for the safety of your club members? To follow up on that question, why did you decide that you wanted to testify against your former club?

Answer – My comments on that email were a direct reaction to the aggression we were experiencing at the time. The clubs involved with this series of incidents knows what happened and why. The outcome was good for everyone involved at that time. We had peace for over year and we coexisted. For the record, I do not approve of violence in any form. I deplore it and find it disgusting. The Iron Legacy does not approve of violence nor have we had any going on 3 years. However, all clubs have the right to defend themselves and their families. That is exactly what this incident was all about. All IO members who were in Florida at that time will remember what had to happen and why.
There isn’t any more that needs to be said. If you truly do your research you know all the details of this unfortunate situation and you know we did what we had to do to secure peace and security for our families. If you’re relying on your sources then they are once again misleading you. Brothers look after and protect brothers. In a nutshell that is what it was about.

As far as me being an expert witness it doesn’t behoove you to impeach my status as such. I was one of the Original 8 founders and led the club to become the largest MC at that time. If there is anyone who knows about the IO it’s me. My testimony has been outlined and submitted to the court according to Pennsylvania law so the IO leadership knows exactly what it’s about.

I am no saint like anyone in this world we are all sinners. I don’t regret anything we did in the Iron Order. We had a horrible road to plow breaking ground so hundreds of other law-abiding citizens could follow the lead and have their own club and sometimes that road was bloody. I remember what a club member from another big club told me recently about the Iron Order under my leadership. He said, “We made a big mistake. We believed all that bullshit on the internet about you guys being pussies, turning your colors over and running away and hiding behind badges. You proved it wrong”.

Insane Throttle – Your an expert at nothing ass-monkey, you were a dude who never once prospected for a motorcycle club, instead, you chose to do the internet and mail order thing to build yourself up. That’s the plain and simple truth of how Iron Order was started. You have no experience what so ever in what it is like to be a member of a 1% club, support club, or anything to deal with a real club other than your pyramid scheme you set up. As far as the Pennsylvania ordeal, again, you didn’t answer the question. Why did you feel it was your duty to testify against your former club? Especially with a guy that you, yourself and Playboy brought into the club in the first place?

Again members of Iron Legacy, don’t piss iPod off, he will be more than happy to be a witness against you at your trial if you get your ass in a jam.

Ok it’s suppose to be a serious article, but Insane Throttle couldn’t help itself 


5. Insane Throttle is in no way interested in your ongoing dispute with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, to be frank, we could care less what your internal problems are with each other, Insane Throttle only reports on the facts. With that said, we would like to give you the chance to explain why you were put out on bad by them.

Answer- There is no dispute between the Iron Legacy and the Iron Order from our perspective. They have a different viewpoint. They proclaimed us a hostile club even though to this day there has never been any hostility from the Legacy towards them and none will happen in the future. It is better than your readers know we have nothing to do with them, will have nothing to do with them and that’s as simple as it gets. The reason they put me out is simple. I wrote two books. They still use my first book as reading material for prospects. Your sources may deny that however, we have many who have come over to us confirm that fact from all over the country.

When the second book was getting ready for publishing several e-copies were purchased by a select few IO guys who wanted to drive the IO into the direction you have so eloquently described, so they kicked me out for publishing a book without their permission and since the book was about the club history it was club business. Book I was all club history but their position on that mater was I was IP at that time so I didn’t need permission.

Since then the Iron Order leadership has taken great liberty to embellish and twist the truth. At this point, there is no telling what they say about why they kicked me out. Suffice it to say it was wrong and many Iron Order who were around at that time knows it. Hence the Iron Legacy was born and over half their membership is gone since I was IP.

Insane Throttle: Since you have made many false claims, not only about Insane Throttle but also your former club, we will be happy to publish your recent email concerning the ability of current Iron Order Members to come over to Iron Legacy, something you claim to be a patch for patch opportunity. This email isn’t no more than 60 days old ass-monkey, so how is it that you have no problems with your former club? Looks like to us you still cannot except the fact, they told you to pack up and jet

6. Insane Throttle has verified through the Outlaws M/C, that at no time, were you a hang around, prospect or member of their club in North Georgia. In fact, Insane Throttle was told that you were not even known to anyone in any of the chapters within the State of Georgia. How then, do you explain the texts that Insane Throttle received claiming you were apart of the Outlaws M/C?

Answer- see above

Insane Throttle – Provide verifiable names that we can contact that will prove your response to being a hang around for the Outlaws M/C

7. This in regards to the incident of the shooting of the Black Piston in Florida. We have learned from members of your former club, you were specifically informed that talks were underway to get lines of communication open with other clubs to avoid confrontations. Insane Throttle was informed and received documentation of this, that many within your old club did not want a Jacksonville Florida chapter. Did you override those concerns, why? And did that decision play into that death of that Black Piston?

Answer- This is a simple one to answer. It is well documented all over the world the Iron Order never asked permission from anyone for anything. We never negotiated where we would open chapters or where we would not open chapters. The claim anyone from the Iron Order was talking to another club about whether the Iron Order was going to have a chapter in Jacksonville or not is totally nuts. You can figure this one out yourself. We had over 310 chapters when I was IP. Many were in cities that were the home of almost every other club. Why would Jacksonville be special? Nothing about this claim makes any sense and leads me to believe you have been provided many more such fake claims that are easily debunked.

Another false statement you made is I reveled in the death of Zach Tipton, the Black Piston killed that night. The record is once again very clear, I was personally torn apart over that incident. We posted on our website our sincere condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of Zach Tipton. They truly were the innocent victims. Zach had a mother, father, bother, sisters, children, and cousins and uncles and many other family members who lost a loved one. No one can assuage their hurt and pain. I have never spoken to anyone about that incident celebrating that shooting.

I made many speeches to the Iron Order brothers expressing our club’s position on the matter. It was sad, very sad and nothing to celebrate. I challenge you to find any news report or interview I gave that contradicts this. Please don’t recite the Iron Order sources who are supplying you with this crap. The Iron Order of today has made many clubs on club enemies because of their inability, to tell the truth, and to live up to their word.

The way they handled the Denver shooting in the press is a stark contrast from how we felt about the Jacksonville shooting. You should keep that in mind when you get information from your IO sources. The text you posted was me telling the IO board they needed to look at two members who were desiring to join the COC and become a support club to the Outlaws MC. One of them may be your current IO source I can’t recall for certain, it was over three years ago.

What I was saying was the Outlaws would never want anything to do with the Iron Order. BTW, I was not the IP at that time when I wrote that.
I have never spoken to anyone from the Black Pistons as to why they attacked our people that night. The video and eyewitness accounts are beyond question that they planned and executed an attack that resulted in Zach’s death. I won’t comment on my feelings about how and what they did but your readers can see the video on YouTube and draw their own conclusions. So in answer to your question no communications were going on between the IO and the Outlaws about Jacksonville so the death of Zach Tipton had absolutely nothing to do with that false claim.

Insane Throttle – We will gladly provide documents in our upcoming articles concerning this, we will provide those documents from emails that you have written yourself. And to be honest. You tripped up all over yourself on that one, you really are that ignorant, do you know you’re on record? What will you say or do when we publish documents contradicting that entire statement you just made? Oh yeah, that’s right, Iron Order is behind everything and they made you say it

8. In our last release “The Cobra Situation”. You claim that violence and vigilance were needed in order to hold off the Outlaws M/C because the Leo’s, or other Law Enforcement agencies failed to do their job in making arrests or making charges stick. Iron Order under your leadership was always stated to be a “ Law Abiding Club”. Why is it then, you decided that “Law Abiding” only was meant for the general public, while internally you had different feelings on that meaning, Why the change of heart?

Answer- The clubs involved in this incident know what happened and why. The Iron Order ran into several incidents over the years where law enforcement was less than helpful in handling motorcycle club issues. This was one of them. This does not reflect on police officers because they have a tough job and put their asses on the line every day.

We recently donated 5 bulletproof vests to the Dallas PD in memory of the officers killed in that horrible Black Lives Matter shooting a while back. Those officers have to provide their own body armor. We are proud of our LE brothers and all law enforcement. We are very aware of your hatred for law enforcement. What I am saying is sometimes police have their hands tied by bureaucracy and such. That was the case here.

Insane Throttle– Well at first you claim that we are Iron Orders Mouthpiece, and now you state publicly you know Insane Throttles position on Police Officers. How do you reconcile the two statements ass-monkey? If you already know we do not support police in a 3 piece patch club, and Insane Throttle was giving a correction statement on the Iron Orders policy towards Law Enforcement, how the hell are we a mouth piece for them? You can’t have it both ways ass-monkey

IOMC Statement concerning Law Enforcement “The Iron Order M/C is a traditional 3 pc patch NON 1%er M/C. All Law Enforcement that felt the need to hide behind their badge have left to join other organizations or clubs aligned with “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” and numerous clubs specific to Law Enforcement. Men interested in the IOMC must be approved by local charters and prospect their way into the IOMC”

9. To follow up on the above question. You stated that if no one agreed with that decision, they should find another club, you said this because you felt that your former club had so many enemies that violence was the only thing they could understand. In retrospect, do you still feel that way, and secondly, how many members left your club after that stance was put forth?

Answer- To my knowledge, we didn’t lose anyone over that incident. Once again I deplore violence and do not understand why it is the tool of some clubs to enforce their will. Talking out issues is the best way to resolve differences.

Excerpt from an upcoming email sent out by “IZOD” which will be able for download during next article. “Hows that anti-violence for you?” And this was against a civilian

Insane Throttle– What an ass-monkey, you should’ve really waited to respond until the end of our series. Above is a clip of an email that will be featured in some upcoming articles. That snippet is from an email where you were green-lighting one of your ex-chapter presidents to “Take Care of Business” against a civilian. If your so against violence, then why do you encourage it (As an Acting IP) and especially against a civilian you coward?

10. Insane Throttle has been calling for you to step down from the Iron Legacy, specifically because a lot of the information we currently have would be looked upon in a bad way by most other clubs, do you feel the obligation to your members to act upon that call for your retirement? If not, do you still feel that violence will be the only way for your club to thrive?

Answer- So far all we’ve gotten has been positive from your articles. You have shown the world a side of what it took to build a huge law-abiding club and how it has changed into something totally different. You have helped us make it clear we are not Iron Order and have nothing to do with them. You have shown we are men who are committed to each other and to our values. You have also begun to show how there are some in the Iron Order who will mislead and lie about anything.

Something we have zero tolerance for the Iron Legacy. This is another reason it is clear you have no one inside the Legacy providing you crap. If you did you would know the club is not paying much attention to you at all. They think you’re an Iron Order tool. I just think you’re a tool.

Quote from Former President of an Iron Legacy Chapter from upcoming article “This club is a pyramid scheme for those in higher positions. They prey on those who desire a walk in the OMG world and don’t really want to play in it. They get money from these unfortunates and use it to finance their own personal agendas, I.e. a trip to Germany. “

Insane Throttle: Our final take is very simple, we kind of feel vindicated for two of the articles we did recently with Iron Order. Even iPod has conceded that Iron Order has turned into something that it wasn’t from the start. I guess the information we’ve been getting about how people now have to prospect to get into the club, how leadership does not use police to their advantage to get out of shit that’s started, and what you just stated, a whole swarm of people left Iron Order to join Iron Legacy because they didn’t want to go down that route. My guess, as it’s been stated by many, the cops followed you over to Iron Legacy.

You state Iron Legacy has no tolerance for bullshit, then how in the hell are you still around? We’ve caught you up in just 2 articles published so far, the best you can do is keep talking about Iron Order this, and Iron Order that. Next time, if you’re giving the chance to respond to allegations, maybe you should respond to the allegations and not try and deflect them as being someone else’s fault. Oh yea, come up with some better insults ass-monkey. “Tool” really? That’s the best you have?

Gassy Granny says Feel Free To write or call Izod for Answers to your questions at Ray”Izod”Lubeski 306 Westchester Hills Lane Valrico Florida, 33594 502-296-7512
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