More and more if a biker looks at the motorcycle news coming out around the world, one would be living on another planet if they didn’t recognize a trend going on in other countries concerning motorcycle clubs. This piece below is fresh off the press today about how the Bandido’s in the Netherlands have now just been outlawed. This trend is very similar to the anti-bikie laws going on in Austrailia where it is up to a cops discretion to determine if a biker belongs to a so-called “Criminal Organization”.

In Austrailia, and my readers in Austrailia can correct me if I’m wrong, it’s not only 3 pc patch clubs suffering from the profiling of club members, but also bikers from non3pc patch clubs that are suffering from these Anti-Bikie laws. I’ve read stories in the press that have written many articles about bikers who belong to just regular riding groups, Christian clubs, and even HOG chapters over there being harassed by the police just because they were wearing a patch on their vest.

I always find it funny that these Liberal Politicians always quote or point back to Australia when it comes to issues here in America, kinda makes you think what type of people we have in charge here in the states when they point to a country that has enacted laws to punish a whole segment of the population because the actions of a few. It now seems the entire world has taken notice of what Australia is doing over there concerning Bikers and following suit.

Right now in the United States, we are seeing the preliminary effort by the United States Government to follow in the footsteps of Australia, regarding the treatment of Motorcycle Clubs. Two cases going on right now in the United States Government is the fight for the trademark rights of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, the other effort happening right now in Waco Texas under the leadership of a corrupt District Attorney, D.A Reyes, is overseeing the prosecution of over 150 bikers in the Twin Peaks incident. Most of those who were arrested had no involvement in that incident other than being a patched member of a motorcycle club.

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” How fake does a person have to be to suck up to the very people that harass a biker all over the country on a daily basis just for wearing some leather or riding a bike? “

In the Mongols Case, the United States Government with the help of former national president turned “Rat” Ruben “Doc” Cavazos have tried to label the entire Mongol Nation a “Criminal Enterprise”. The government is taking a page out of Australia’s playbook by labeling an entire organization “Criminal” in hopes to strip the motorcycle club of its rights to assemble (Protected under the First Amendment) and all rights to its designs and club property. If the Mongols lose this case, the domino effect on all motorcycle clubs will be huge, and again, not just talking about 1%er clubs.

Twin Peaks should’ve really opened everyone’s eyes. The amount of corruption that is starting to come out through the trials and even the media are just downright mind-boggling. When you have a deliberate action on the part of the police department to cause chaos, to further their own agenda, one must ask themselves “What the hell kind of country are we now living in?”. To add insult to injury, these cops arrest almost everyone that was in that establishment that day, even when they knew, most had nothing to do with the incident they set up. I guess it was only fitting that a corrupt DA was put in charge of all the prosecutions. Yes only something you would find in movies, I know, but this isn’t a movie, its something that is real and happening right in front of us all.

These are just two major incidents that are out in the public eye. The National Confederation of Clubs deals with smaller issues of profiling by law enforcement and discrimination against bikers.

Many readers will sometimes write that Insane Throttle is anti-cop. Our answer is always the same, Insane Throttle is a site for the blue collar hard working man and women who make up the motorcycle scene. It’s 2017, a whole different generation and age of thinking, we get that, but Insane Throttle will always stick to its roots and ways of thinking, personally, I believe that is why we are so popular because we did stick to our roots. We are not your pussy EasyRider magazine who went all PC when the yuppie invasion came along, we didn’t forget those who set the standards for our lifestyle, we also didn’t forget how cops have systematically discriminated against those who rode a bike.

I find it so funny these “Law Abiding Clubs” and will knock on them every chance I get. Really, how fake does a person have to be to suck up to the very people that harass a biker all over the country on a daily basis just for wearing some leather or riding a bike? How fake is that person who claims they want to be apart of a “Traditional” club, to suck up to the people who hate those in a “Traditional” club? These are the types of people that wouldn’t know what “Traditional” meant because if they did, they would understand they suck up to the same people who despise them.

Corrupt DA Reyes in charge of Twin Peaks Trials


Source: Associated Press

A court in the Netherlands has banned the Dutch branch of the Bandidos motorcycle club, ruling in a civil case that the biker gang is a threat to public order.

A court in the central city of Utrecht said Wednesday that the ban “is necessary to protect society.”

The court says that the Bandidos have “a culture that stimulates violence,” including awarding club patches to members who have been involved in violence.

There was no immediate reaction from the Bandidos to the ruling, which is part of a crackdown by Dutch prosecutors on motorcycle gangs.

According to the ruling, the Bandidos first opened a Dutch chapter in the southern city of Sittard in 2014. Prosecutors say the gang has dozens of Dutch members.