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Punishers Motorcycle Club- Are they a cop club? Or dirty cops using their badges to protect against their own criminal actions? You Decide.

I encourage all the readers to watch the above video before reading any further. This video will explain from the Punishers themselves, why they are not a cop club, LEMC, or whatever the hell these cops are calling themselves these days. The video is a quick little 7 minute or so series that Gerard Marrone, a New York City defense attorney has going. It’s more of a propaganda series on how awesome of a lawyer he is, the troubles that he faced being a lawyer for mob guys and such. Have to give the dude credit, it’s a well-shot series and a great marketing vehicle to help him get clients I guess, after all, according to the stories he tells in them, he’s Superman solving all kinds of problems without the need for a courtroom. Personally, after watching the videos, Marrone should’ve opted for the Sons of Anarchy intro song, but hey, who am I to criticize someone else creative talent.

Gerard Marrone, besides being a superman of a criminal defense attorney, is also a member of the Punishers M/C, a Lemc that actually took its center patch design from a damn comic book. So there is the first laughable thing about this club, if you have to take a patch from a comic book, the organization doesn’t have all that much creativity. The second thing we find even more laughable comes from their website.

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“PUNISHERS LE/MC is structured and operates as a traditional Motorcycle Club, governed by rules and by-laws, with elected Officers seeing to the day to day business. We are NOT a 1% club and we do not associate with 1% clubs. We do not interfere with the business of any other MC, nor do we lay claim to any territory – our members wear bottom rockers to simply indicate which chapter they belong to. We respect your rights and expect the same in return.”

Damn New York Chapter is a bunch of scary guys, surely they would put the fear of God into a Gangster

Ok, can you all see what I was alluding to as being laughable? Yep, a LEMC claiming it is structured and operates as a “Traditional Motorcycle Club”. For one ass-monkeys, traditional clubs do not have “COPS” in them!! I’ve been in and around “Traditional Clubs” for 25 years, not to mention growing up around members of some of the biggest clubs in Chicago, never once do I recall a “COP” being in the club. You ass-monkeys wouldn’t know a traditional club if they were standing right in front of you, so enough with the bullshit, your a cop club, at least be somewhat of a man and admit who you are and not be embarrassed by it.

Now back to this video series, I actually do feel bad for this lawyer because he surrounds himself with a bunch of wannabees who would piss their pants at the first sign shit is going south. Now remind you before we go forward, the Punishers M/C claim to be a LEMC, law-abiding and all that crap. In these videos (3rd one showed at beginning of article) the Punishers become bodyguards (I really did enjoy watching the scene at the table, all those cupcakes acting all tough and stuff) who escort Marrone to meetings with suppose gangsters.

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Here’s the first question- If the Punishers are cops, law-abiding and all that crap, how is it they willing able to act as a bodyguard in a situation where it’s obvious, criminal activity is happening? Why isn’t the threats that these gangsters are making in front of them not being relayed to the proper authorities? Isn’t that the sworn duty of these so-called cops?

Next question- Do you really expect your audience of these videos (Ok, unless they are a bunch of punishers or other LEMC clubs sitting around circle jerking during each episode) to believe a gangster, or the many others portrayed in these videos, would openly talk street business in front of cops? Ok, maybe if they knew they were dirty, then hey, that would make sense.


These videos go a long way proving the theories that Insane Throttle has been talking about concerning LEMC. These suppose law enforcement officers want to be something they are not, and it’s literally killing them they cannot get any respect from the legit M/C’s. Again, from their own website.
“We respect your rights and expect the same in return.” You expect? Yea right, tell that to the patch holder you just got done harassing on the side of the road or staking out his house because you flakes have a fantasy that everyone that wears a 3 piece patch, is a bunch of criminals. Have to say though, from your portrayals in these videos, it’s your members that are the true criminals.

In closing, it’s to bad this Marrone is apart of such a fake club. Morrone would probably be better served (If these videos have any reality to them) if he joined up with a real club, a club that would provide real security, one that is already battle tested in situations that he presents in these videos. I also feel for him because I know, if the situation ever got hot, the first ones out of the room would be these Punishers, god forbid their bosses found out they were caught up playing Outlaw Biker during street business.

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  1. A dude came up to my P outside a bar when i was the SA and started bullshitting with him when a person inside the bar came up to me and whispered in my ear that the dude was a cop and actually in a LEMC so i asked the dude why he didnt introduce himself as such, he got so pissed when i told him we dont have contact with pigs , he went on a complete rant and got even more pissed when my P told him he was just jealous cause he would never wear a diamond then we all turned our backs to him he threw a tantrum like a little fucking kid trying to get us to beat him up. I had never seen a grown man throw such a fucking tantrum like that, im guessing his parents forgot to kick his ass when he was younger. My point is i think your right they are all trash trying to mimic something they will never be


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