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Update on shooting of Iron Patriot member Larry Campbell: Appears Club Related. Question: Is enough, enough? Should Independent Clubs form their own association?

Word is trickling out on the shooting of Larry Campbell, member of the Iron Patriots Motorcycle Club in Trinity. As our readers know, this story has hit us pretty hard. Here we had a kid, yea I know he was 27, but still a kid in my old ass eyes, only son to Glenna Coe and someone who put his heart and soul into supporting the veterans who have fought for this country. That is the Iron Patriots folks, that’s their main focus, plain and simple.

Original Story on the Shooting involving Iron Patriots M/C Larry Campbell

From our understanding of the situation we are receiving through our contacts, Iron Patriots followed all the so-called protocol to start their club. Word is, this cock-monkey who shot this kid, was from the other side. Insane Throttle is still trying to verify if he was a member or just a rouge supporter of the other club.

Insane Throttle was truly hoping that this incident wasn’t club related, we were hoping as bad as it seems, the incident was some random road rage bullshit. It appears more likely now, this incident was club related. So now what? It’s just another biker related shooting?

With that in mind, we here at Insane Throttle ask “When is enough, enough?” Has it really come down to clubs shooting other club members because they followed the bullshit protocol like they were supposed to do, but because it wasn’t your team’s side, you shoot a kid? Come on really? Is that how petty shit has really come out there? This is straight up from the heart, why do the 1%ers think everyone is starting to turn on them? It’s because of this bullshit right here, it’s not 1980 or 90 anymore guys, people are no longer in that mindset. People just want to ride, party, and go home to their families, that’s it. This kind of shit, tailored to all the other murders happening all over the country is why recruitment is so hard for 1%ers now.

Since when did a support club become a target? All the major clubs know damn well these support clubs followed your protocols (Because that’s the shit you preached to everyone since the mid 80’s, biggest con job in the history of M/C’s if you ask me.) who gives a shit if they went to the opposite club to do it. I can bet if they knew better, they wouldn’t have followed shit, they would’ve just done their thing, but since this protocol crap has been pushed, they try to do the right thing. So if they did the right thing, no matter which side, why target these clubs? They are no damn threat to any of the 1%er clubs, they are not after your territory, they are not pushing shit on your turf. So again, why screw with them?

Over the last year, Insane Throttle has been getting numerous emails from members of 99% clubs, associations and regular everyday independent bikers. The main subject that is always being brought up, Why don’t the non-1%er clubs form their own Confederation, one that is not run by 1%ers? An Independent Confederation of Clubs, who has no ties or support of 1%ers. Up until now, I personally would always brush off the idea, but with the way things are going out there, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. That’s one thing that 1%ers need to start to understand, 99%ers and many of the associations outnumber them in many cases 20-1. 1%er clubs are the ones who are losing the support and membership because of the violence and their actions, not the other way around. That is something that should be a huge wake-up call for all of them.

We send out our sincere condolences out to the family of Larry Campbell, his brothers, and sisters in the Iron Patriots. It is a true shame that this incident had to come about, an incident that took your son, husband, and father away just two days before Christmas just because of a piece of fabric that had no threat whatsoever to the punk that shot him. I personally believe in Karma, It is my hopes that this coward gets his every day when those bars close behind him. We hope that “Hell” becomes a realization here on earth for this jag-off.

Insane Throttle would like to address this to the coward’s supporters. Your low life punks just like him if you really think this dude did something honorable. He fired 13 shots at an unarmed kid, he wasn’t a man, shit human being, he was a punk coward who had to use a gun instead of standing man to man and solving it like a man. Instead, he handled it like some ghetto hood punk bitch. So, if that’s the type of person you support, this is exactly the type of problems this lifestyle faces, no honor, no loyalty anymore. Just a bunch of punk ghetto hoods running around destroying a lifestyle many have come to love.


Source: Fox News 8

TRINITY, N.C – Glenna Coe clings to the pictures of her son Larry Campbell.

This is the only way she can see him as Campbell was shot and killed Friday night in the parking lot of BBQ Joe’s.

“Very hard, that was my baby,” Coe said. “He’s my only son.”

Larry was smiling the last time they were together, which was just an hour before he was shot.

Coe said her 27-year-old son visited her while she was at work.

The next time she saw him was after he was shot.

“The cop met me and told me he didn’t make it,” Coe said.

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Coward who gunned down Larry Campbell, Father of 2, Veteran, and member of Iron Patriot motorcycle club that’s sole purpose is to help veterans

Investigators say Michael Russ fired almost 13 shots at Larry, but they don’t know why.

His mom doesn’t know why anyone would target her son.

“He loved life to the fullest,” Coe said.

Larry was a husband and a father of three kids. The youngest is a 3-month-old baby.

His death leaves a big hole in his family’s life.

“Larry was the highlight of the family,” Coe said. “He always cracked jokes, always smiling and always laughing.”

He also loved everyone around him, especially his family.

“His last words to me were, ‘OK mom, I love you,'” Coe said.

Larry’s mom seems to think the jacket he was wearing could have been the reason he was shot.

This is a theory investigators say they are not ruling out at the moment.

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  1. You are all over the map on shit Macecari, it’s hard to follow what the hell your message is often. I fully agree that Protocol and the COC is the biggest bullshit scam pushed on the motorcycle world basically since it began and way too many have drank the kool aid, especially the jack asses that aren’t even bikers. The idea of a confederation or group for Independents or other non 1% Clubs is a great idea and one already exists, yet you spent several articles bashing them. The Alliance of Law Abiding Motorcycle Clubs exists to help it’s member Clubs to communicate and share information across the world and to help support each other, they have no protocol about who can or cannot be an MC they only have rules about who can be a member and that boils down to similarity of purpose. There are no support Clubs, there is no cost so no one is benefiting from extortion so what he fuck man?


  2. Now why in the hell would any self respecting traditional motorcycle club want to join a organization ran by a bunch of cops? You do not see the hypocrisy in that? Here is the thing about the “Alliance of Law Abiding Motorcycle Clubs” 1. It’s ran by a bunch of cops, 2. The name alone is bs, because in using that name your saying everyone that is not in your association is criminal . 3. Its ran by a bunch of cops 4. Again it’s ran by a bunch of cops.Now as far as protocol. If you read any of my posts going as far back as this blog started. I was never one who believed in the protocol bs, never gave a crap how a club started, as long as those in the club, could stand there and back up the patch. I’m also a person who believes in the right thing, just because I support 1%ers, don’t mean I wont call them out when they do some stupid shit. That’s whats great about being independent, you can call it from all sides depending on the situation, I’m not boxed in by any one ideology, if its a screwed up situation, regardless of those involved, I’d call it out if that is what the situation warranted. Let’s take this even a step further. If this had been a 27 year old cop shot because of what he was wearing, I’d be the first one out there saying it was a bunch of shit . Why? Because it wasn’t a fair fight, that is not being a man unloading on someone who isn’t armed.You want to know why I don’t believe in cops wearing a 3 pc patch? Cops swear an oath upon office to “Serve and Protect”. An oath is something a man should take very serious, it isn’t just a bunch of words, it’s who they are as a person. Now, cops for decades have labeled anyone with a 3 pc patch as a criminal organization. Shit, your “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” has the tone like I said before, everyone that isn’t in your organization must be criminal. So how is it that the cops wearing a 3pc are upholding their oaths, if they are out there trying to act like those who are suppose to be the criminals? Would I have a problem is cop clubs wore a 1 piece? Hell no, why? Because they are not out there acting like something they are not. Believe it or not, cop clubs would probably get more respect if they wore a 1 pc patch, the worst thing in this lifestyle that is looked bad upon, it’s someone who cannot be honest about who they are. Most of the cop clubs in that organization claim to be traditional. When the hell did a traditional club ever have cops in it? See where I’m going with this?


  3. As I commented in another post, I would wager to say all the major 1% clubs allowed cops in their ranks at one time or another. In 2004, 5 lost corrections jobs in Connecticut due to affiliation with one of the “big 4” and at least 2 of them were patched. With just a little digging I found a number of examples since the turn of the century, let alone going back to their beginnings. I have been in the life over 50 years and I can tell you “Tradition” has evolved. Hell, in the beginning at least one of the “big 4” patched women.


  4. Hollywood, just recently found your site after a friend who thinks he’s a biker. I think maybe he watches a lot of the S.O.A. reruns and gets on his bike and visits the waterholes. Whatever he does he has fun with it and doesn’t seem to hurt anyone. I just read this article and it kinda makes me sick. I have been riding most of my life. I have many friends in the 1% world and most of them are hard working joes who love to ride and enjoy the brotherhood. Although the term Brother is used to damn often. I have been in the club life and for the most part I agreed with you on what you are saying. Although I refuse to drink the Kool Aid. Year’s ago the C.O.C. in any area was kinda of nice to belong too, you got to meet riders who had the same goals in life, to just get the wind in your hair, drink some beer, look at some ass and tits and go home and do it over again. Sharing some good times. Then I realized that the term Brother was another name for snitch, traitor, user, and supporting the pockets of the Big Brothers who really didn’t give a shit about you. I was at a C.O.C. meeting once when the term cop came up when a club wanted to join. They were told no way can you join with cops in your club. I sat there kinda amazed because there were clubs there that I knew had cops in their club. Someone from a club then piped up and said yeah but they can’t bring them to these meeting. WTF I knew then that this was about the money. I was advised of a Big 1% Club on the east coast who has a ex cop in the club, Other clubs there I knew had cops in the clubs, they hid them. The meeting got heated and then I knew it was time for me to do my own thing. All of this because of a badge and some meth dealers. Don’t get me wrong I judge a person by his actions and not what he wears and what he does for a living. Motorcycles are what brings us together but lately it seems they can be something that be deadly also. This poor kid, yes kid, who just loved to ride and do the things I mentioned above, dead, and for what. Some asshole who wants bragging rights to doing something righteous. People can gripe all they want about club life and who should wear patches and who shouldn’t but shit ain’t gonna change. Big Clubs have big problems. Traditional Clubs who do the right thing will survive. They can’t Keep assholes out but can police them and get rid of them. There are good cops and there are bad cops. I read some articles about the Iron Order MC and I have meet some of them. Some are assholes but some are decent riders who do the right thing. I have meet some from the !% clubs who also do the right thing and then I have meet some real assholes too. Good luck to you concerning your site. What a hard job to try and make everyone happy. Respect is something earned thru actions.


  5. Maybe this can better explain the position on LEOS. This is one of the many questions that I receive on the topic from readers

    Thanks for the straight-forward insight into the MC world. I enjoy reading your articles.

    Quick question, is there a time frame after being a cop that a fella should not be outed from being in a club?

    10 years, 15 years, is there a realistic line?

    I have a close friend that this applies to. We are Iraq veterans from early on in the war. He is a true combat veteran, seen some nasty shit. Was a sheriff deputy prior to and shortly after we got back. Been out of it for over 10 years. Nothing to do with LE at all.

    I feel like I already know the answer. Too much explaining needed. I value your insight and look forward to your response. Thx.



    This is a question that we get many from our readers about and let me explain some of my views on the subject.

    I’ve always believed that as a man you have to be true to yourself, have to have pride in what you are. This is one of the many reasons why I don’t understand active Leo wearing a three piece patch. I have nothing against Leo clubs wearing a 1 pc patch because at that point, they are not trying to act like something they are not. Many of the new guys coming into the lifestyle (35 and under) don’t remember the hard times when just being on a bike (didn’t even need a patch on) would get you all kinds of hell .

    As far as you buddy, we thank him for his service. I personally don’t see any issues because he put down the badge, I wouldn’t care if he tried prospecting for a club a day after laying down the badge, the point being, he laid down the badge. A leo takes a oath when they get onto the force, this is something that many of these LEOS do not understand. Oaths, especially those that are members in 3 pc traditional or 1%er clubs take, define your ability to keep your word not only to your club, but as a man. So here is the irony, a leo takes an oath to protect and defend, but then want to throw on a 3 pc patch that was for generations and quite honestly to this day, is targeted as a criminal symbol. So a normal person would be like ” Choose one or the other” .

    Now, do I hate cops like everyone tries to portray? No, they have a job that they have to do just like any other man out there. When I was with a club, it was their job to try and catch us doing something stupid, and it was ours not to get caught. We all had an understanding. But again, the issue for me like I described above comes all down to having to be true to who you are as a person, if you cannot be true to yourself, you cannot be a man, if you cannot be a man, you shouldn’t be apart of a club of men.

    I’m not the norm out there Roy, many will take his past as a sheriff and discount him right away no matter how long ago it’s been since quitting the force. It all depends on the club. Now I’ve known 1%er clubs that would take in ex law enforcement officials. All the major 1%ers clubs have that I know, would I suggest a 1%er club ? No, not right now, and thats just because things on the streets are getting hot right now for 2018. 99%er clubs is the way to go right now, a lot of them have it right, not a lot of bs, and just want to ride and have a party without all the politics.

    I hope I was able to answer your question, appreciate the time you took to ask it, and most important, thank you for your continued support of Insane Throttle

    James ‘Hollywood” Macecari


  6. Hollywood,

    First off, let me say that in my opinion you have the best insight into the mc world that I have seen on the web. I have read most sites but will not respond because I have no respect for people that really have no clue on the subject they are writing about.

    I would like to bring attention to an issue I have with the wide held assumption that the 3 piece patch is a “criminal symbol”. The 3 piece patch came about as a symbol of disrespect to the AMA after the infamous statement reportedly made by a spokesman for the AMA. The original 1% clubs were any clubs who did not belong to the AMA. They cut their one piece patches into 2 or 3 pieces, wore an AMA patch upside down (compare the AMA and AOA patches), and originated the 1% diamond. At that time they were looked at as outcasts from society, not criminal enterprises. Their only issues with law enforcement came as a result of partying or traffic violations. Individual’s behaviors were addressed, the organizations were not targeted. It was only after some of the members in these clubs started to act like the Mafia that they became targets of law enforcement.


  7. Rotten Scott, you are right in what you write. Years ago that is exactly how it was. Cause fifty years ago there was not support clubs or the bullshit going on that is going on now. The real issues were not law enforcement on a local level and really today that is still the case. Many three piece patches know the locals and have no issues with them. Its the feds that knock on your door with task forces, their support clubs as you will. I have several friends that are local and they wave and check on my kin and ask how the hell am I doing when they see me. As far as 99 percent clubs forming a organization. Why copy something that isn’t working for the other clubs. You have heard the statement I am sure, THE EMENY OF MY EMENY IS MY FRIEND. That statement is forever true. The only thing three people can agreed about is how fucked up the third person is. I have friends in North Carolina and after reaching out to this Site through Hollywood I would never have known some of the crap going on now and how bad it really is. I have always said that support clubs have problems if they feel the need to give support the way they do. Shit why not prospect for the club you support, that only last 6 months to a year. Support clubs are just glorified prospects anyway for many years. Pay my bills, watch my bike, watch me have a good time and explain to your old lady why your second class. Been there. Thanks Hollywood for listening. Time I stop. Have not written this much since High School, but it pains me to watch what is happening to our way of life. Freedom.


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