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Member of the Iron Patriots Motorcycle Club :Gunned down in front of BBQ establishment by a coward , Father and husband, too young to die

Details are still coming in, but a member of the Iron Patriots Motorcycle Club was gunned down outside a BBQ Establishment. Larry Williams, also known to his brothers and sisters as Stumpy was a full patch member of the Iron Patriots M/C. The Iron Patriots M/C is an independent club whose sole purpose is to support the armed forces and enjoy biking and brotherhood. Right now we do not know if this ass-monkey Michael Russ was a member of another club since the police won’t release motive at this time.

This shooting comes within days of the shooting down in Florida in which an Outlaws President was shot and killed. (Insane Throttle will be releasing a story tomorrow regarding this incident. The story will focus on the ties Ray’Izod”Lubeski has to the shooting). Larry Campbell was a young kid, too damn young to get shot by some coward ass dog molester by shooting this kid 8 times. This morning while your opening presents with your kids, remember if you will, this family is opening theirs without the father because of some cowardly ass-punk.

It is Insane Throttles hope, that this family can find comfort in each other, and the motorcycle club he rode for. It is also Insane Throttles sincere hope, this incident wasn’t club related, hopefully, it was just some asshole who went off his meds and decided to go around and empty out a clip. But if it is club related, many questions a lot of us within the biker community will ask is why? What the hell kinda purpose is served by killing a young kid apart of a Veteran support club? I would basically say, no matter the reasoning if this is the case, no kid should’ve got killed for it. I’m personally hoping these questions won’t need to be asked in the coming days as details get released.

As for the suspected triggerman, I sincerely hope Tyron and all his friends, use you like a love doll, I hope you will get the experience of all kinds of goodies being shoved up that tight little ass of yours, hopefully, they will become creative and think of stuff very long and wide. Your actions were not of a man, they were of a coward. Because you were such a damn coward, this man is going to be leaving behind a wife and kids, nieces and nephews, mom and dad. I hope his face pops up in your head every time Tyron and his boys shove that love stick so far up your ass, it comes out your mouth, because that’s the only existence you will ever deserve.

From Iron Patriots M/C Facebook Page We’d like to invite everybody to honor our fallen brother. He was taken too soon. There will be a celebration of life held on Wednesday December 27th at 6:00 to 8:00 PM at J.C. Green and Sons Funeral Home in Thomasville. We will be accepting donations for his wife and three children. Please come out and help us show support in honor of our fallen brother Stumpy.

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Source : Fox 8

TRINITY, N.C. — Deputies responded to a fatal shooting at a Trinity barbecue restaurant Friday evening.

The shooting was reported at 4 p.m. in the parking lot of BBQ Joe’s, located at 4873 N.C. 62 in Trinity.

Family members told FOX8’s Nick Sturdivant the victim is a 27-year-old man. They said the victim was shot eight times.

Randolph County deputies say a possible suspect is in custody.

The restaurant is closed until 6 a.m. Saturday.

A Trinity man is is facing charges after allegedly shooting and killing a man at BBQ Joe’s Friday afternoon in Trinity, according to police.

Around 4 p.m., the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office was called to the BBQ restaurant for a reported shooting in the parking lot, officials said.

Coward who gunned down Larry Campbell, Father of 2, Veteran, and member of Iron Patriot motorcycle club that’s purpose is to help veterans

Police said Michael Russ, 39 allegedly shot Larry Campbell, 27, and drove away in a Toyota truck toward I-85. Campbell died at the scene, police said.

After the shooting, a state trooper stopped Russ on the interstate, police said. The trooper alerted Randolph County detectives and Russ was taken into custody.

Russ is being held at the Randolph County Jail without bond, police said.

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  1. My sincere condolences to the family, this is a tragedy. And also to the family of Outlaw president who was killed. I will never wear a vest with any colors. Just not worth it.

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  2. I can only hope and pray this coward is dealt with violently and with no mercy, not through the joke which is considered the law way, but through the convict honor system which I’m sure will be waiting and unavoidable. I will pray for this family to eventually heal from something that can never be forgotten.


  3. Just wanting to know if there was any more news about the kid that was shot in front of the BBQ place? You seem to be the only people getting true information


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