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Exclusive: Ray “Lollipop”Lubeski of Iron Legacy M/C: Statement given to court against former club enclosed. Insane Throttle calls him out on his lies, more emails from Lubeski ordering violence released.

Yep, you read the title correctly, we have the full statement given by Ray “Izod” Lubesky (Or Lollipop as he has become known around here, sorry everyone, iPod caught on pretty damn good, but after all this information, yea dudes a flat out Lollipop)against his former club Iron Order. Lollipop is now the so-called International President of Iron Legacy, for how long? It’s anyone guess, we are hearing about members fleeing by the dozens and receiving tons of emails Lollipop about how much of an ass-monkey you have been since our last articles. Guess members don’t like to hear that the suppose fearless leader of their club is a rat that will turn over on a dime.

Ol Lollipop has been up to no good folks. I encourage everyone to download his statement to the court in a case he was giving testimony for against his former club. Lollipop, I thought you were an ass-monkey before, but damn girl, you have taken the cake on this one. You actually think any court juror is going to believe the crap you tried spewing here? The “I’m the victim of being thrown out of my old club bit and it turning to Outlaw Ways without my leadership” isn’t going to fly over all that well, especially if the Iron Order has any decent kind of attorney. Word of advice Ray, don’t raise your hand to take the oath, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you god. If you do Ray, they going to get your ass on perjury lol.

Ray “Lollipop”Lubeski Statement to the court on former club- Click and read entire statement given to court

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? In this article the readership can read the full email chain between Ray “Lollipop” Lubesky and some of his Presidents in Arizona. Now Ray, in your statement to the plaintiff’s attorneys, you claimed that under your leadership the Iron Order was run in the most legal way possible, shame on you for misleading all these attorneys and most of all, the court. Well, no worries Ray, Insane Throttle will set the record straight, just like in our previous articles where we put up your emails ordering violence (Oh, thought Iron Order under your leadership wasn’t about violence? That’s what you said in your statement) against members of another club. Why? Yep folks, that damn Facebook stuff again. Lollipop just can’t stand when someone exercises their first amendment rights, especially against this ass-monkey.

Ray “Lollipop”Lubeski Statement to the court on former club- Click and read entire statement given to court

Email Chain From Gangster Ray “Lollipop” Lubeski

From Ray Lubesky <>
> To Removed
> Subject: RE: Serious problem
> Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2013 08:54:45 -0500
> I am not concerned about Dru. If he does what his club agreed to do, and that stays away from our website, he needs to be left alone. That other Road Capt. fuck is another story. It is not a Facebook brother, this asshole his out there in your backyard running his mouth about us being punk assed pussies. You think that’s OK with you then I can’t help you.
> Other clubs don’t declare war when a beating is deserved. A beating is deserved. This asshole RC’s own CP called him an asshole. If he is not taken care of you can bet your bottom dollar you will be looked at as being weak. Because no one got their ass beat the other night this asshole feels free to run his pie hole. The other clubs that already hate all will believe this asshole because no one has a black eye. That’s how this one plays out.
> The asshole’s CP got him to take his shit down on Facebook that’s good. That club does not deserve any issues because they did what they agreed to do. But this asshole still deserves a beating especially if he is running his mouth locally to all the other clubs. The looks you will get from all the clubs in your area will be because of this asshole (and who knows how many of his own club have the same shit for brains opinion and mouth) saying the shit he already said on Facebook.
> We beat the fuck out of 9 Sons of Silence, a chapter of Iron Horsemen, and two Sidewinders just in the last 3 weeks and no clubs have declared war on us. You’re idea that an attack on one asshole will bring war is way out of whack. No club goes to war over one man getting a beating for being an asshole. When our brother got a beating from the Gypsy Jokers for being an asshole I apologized to the Gypsy Jokers, got our cut back and punished our brother for endangering our club. That is how it goes in the MC world brother. The golden rule is, act like an asshole get treated like an asshole. Its been that way for 40 years that I know of.
> It’s ya’lls decision on what you do. This moron is exactly what most of the Facebook tough guys are. He is a 135 lb. emaciated twenty something, Xbox warrior who was sucking on his mama’s tit two weeks ago, was killing robot zombies on Xbox last week, and is now a tough guy biker this week. He loves Twinkies and wearing his pants sagging so you can see his underwear and his ass crack is hanging out. This is the idiot you are dealing with. If I were you guys I’d do what St. Petersburg did last night. They found some Cobra MC and waited outside a strip club until one asshole left and beat the living hell out of him when he left. It was just the beginning of the payback for that club for what they did the night before to two prospects and two patch holders in Lakeland. When the Florida boys are done with the Cobras there will be peace in the valley. Bitch clubs are not 1%ers. They don’t do wars like 1%ers. They read the internet bullshit, listen to the 1%ers, and watch Gangland. That’s what they do.
> Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 17:57:40 -0800
> From: Removed
> Subject: Re: Serious problem
> To:;
> well Izod I am no longer Pres of the misfits so my opinion is just that of a brother in the background. This all started from facebook and two phoenix douschbag prospects for the Latin Riderz and personally fighting and bickering on the internet never gets anyone anywhere I mean who really gives a fuck right? But the way this club has handled itself the other night was at the least very unprofessional as any bitch club would be and when we had a run in with the Spartan Riders there was tension and a point was made. Im saying this club dont know a thing about club life other then what there are told from the 81 support clubs. we know Dru the prospect shoots pool at that bar and hes on a league and it would be easy to woop his ass… then that would declare an all out war with us and
most likley at least 4 other bitch clubs trying to make name for themselves.. i mean letting a prospect lie about confronting one of us and chasing us down the road on foot is a bit of a stretch and for that pres not to take resposibility for it is cowerdly… I trust in Lambo and Kavorka to make the calls and Ill be at their sides with whatever fate awaits

Ray “Lollipop”Lubeski Statement to the court on former club- Click and read entire statement given to court

Maybe the Ol Ladies should switch back patches with the Ol Men. I can bet they probably have more balls to do what’s right

From: Ray Lubesky <>
> Sent: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 8:18 AM
> Subject: RE: Serious problem
>I’m getting madder by the minute. Are you guys sure you took care of this? Sounds like they believe they punked ya’ll out and scared you off. Do you have that CP’s contact information. He needs to deal with this asshole.

I believe this asshole needs to go on Facebook and declare an apology to the IOMC nation or you put a boot in his ass. Bad Monkey, what do you think?

Rico, How many guys can we get over there to do a job on these assholes? Even if we just find one of them. Get their pictures off facebook so you can ID them without colors and bounce them like St. Cloud. We can’t have this bullshit. It makes ya’ll look like whimps and scaredy cats. I won’t use the word pussy to describe a man. I reserve that wonderful word for women. I like pussy. Why would I call a man something I want to fuck? But this cat makes all of us sound like assholes.

His pictures are attached.


Ray “Lollipop”Lubeski Statement to the court on former club- Click and read entire statement given to court

I think you need to visit that CP again and tell him a thing or two. Or maybe just beat their asses. This is what happens when they don’t get their asses beat. They come back with this kind of bullshit.

FW: Serious problemDate: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 09:25:11 -0500

I guess you guys didn’t scare these fuck tards enough.

Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 05:55:19 -0800From: REMOVED Re: Serious problemTo:
This is what there Road Captain says about the issue:

Fucking pussies show up 15 deep and don’t wana fight. Fuck u!!! Jus Cus someone fucked wit ur website. Fuck all u Mother Fuckers!!! Ride home to ur gay homes and know this. U roll away as pussies.

Iron Order MCIOFFIO <8> MBBM

Ray “Lollipop”Lubeski Statement to the court on former club- Click and read entire statement given to court

From: Ray Lubesky <>ToREMOVED

Extremely Confidential

Read below. I don’t think we will see anymore bullshit from this asshole but you never know. I still want Virus to do his magic on this moron in the name of humanity so he pays some price for what he tried to do and he won’t fuck with us ever again. He’s a punk.

> Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 20:28:58 -0800> From: REMOVED> To:> Subject: Re: Serious problem> > Brother Izod, > > So it turns out this guy is a PROSPECT for the Latin Riderz MC. A fucking PROSPECT. We found out where he was going to be tonight, and confronted him, he got scared and would not talk to us. So we told him to get his P there NOW. Eventually his Pres showed up, but would not come over and talk to us, just milled around the parling lot. So Kavorka and I approached him and he immediately said he did not want to fight, and was only there to talk. So Kavorka let me do the talking. I told this P, named “Risky” that we didnt have any issues with his club, just his dumb ass prospect. I explained what his prosepct had done, and told him if he didnt get control of his prospect we would have
issues. He said so how do we handle this. I said shut down that prosepct and his bullshit, and we have no issues. He said fine, consider it done. We shook hands and walked away. No punches thrown, and we will see if he lives up to his word, and if not, we will be paying him another visit.> >

> —- Ray Lubesky <> wrote: > > =============> Time for him to meet the porcupine> > Sent from my iPhone> > > On Nov 5, 2013, at 3:22 PM, “Kavorka” <> wrote:> > > >

I believe this moron will be at a place called River City Pockets Pool Hall and Sports Bar located at 2722 E Bell Rd. Phoenix Az. At around 1930 hours. Please advise.> > Kavorka> > > > Dan Root> > > > > >> On Nov 5, 2013, at 6:52 AM, Ray Lubesky <> wrote:> >> > >> Brothers, we are being attacked by a moron in Phoenix on our website. He is a hacker and a young punk. His name is Dru Mundorff. He has launched a serious injection attempt on us. We need to visit this boy and convince him he is doing something wrong. Get with Docfather and he can give you all the information we have on this moron. We really need this guy to understand he needs to stay away from us.

Ray “Lollipop”Lubeski Statement to the court on former club- Click and read entire statement given to court

So let’s dissect this, shall we? Ray, ya have some internet balls, have to give ya that one. To sit there and call out clubs like the Sons of Silence, 81, Cobras, shit, who I’m I kidding, you call them all out. You’re the man, gangster Lollipop, the man not to fuck with, well that’s until you get kicked out of the Iron Order on Bad and run to start another club and take all your merry men in blue with ya. Lollipop, I don’t feel an inch of pity for you, you’re a fake person, how does your ol lady even look you in the eyes? Personally, I think she’s working some of those younger Iron Legacy boys of yours, maybe at least they have some ounce of dignity that makes her feel like she’s with a real man.

I really hope that our readership spreads this article like wildfire, everyone out there in the M/C world already knows you’re a fake ass wannabee of a man, but more importantly, I hope they share the hell out of this to show just how much of a rat bastard you really are. You sit there thinking your something, but in reality Lollipop, your a fake human being. People not only in the MC world needs to see that, but everyday citizens need to see who you are, especially the ones who do business with you, yea I think your customers need to know exactly what kind of a boy you really are. Shit, maybe Insane Throttle should take out an ad in your local newspaper and direct people to learn more about you, shouldn’t be too much to get a few ads placed. If you can flat out lie in a court case, how can your customers trust you to do a job for them?

Oh, I do want to apologize to the readers about the spelling and grammar errors throughout the emails, the word processor went crazy when I pasted them into it, but I won’t edit them cause they need to be viewed in original form. Tell Playboy (Play chicken as we call him around here) we are finding out many interesting things about him. The surprise on the faces of the LT Governor of MASS when she heard she posed with someone who was involved with so much violence was priceless by the way. No worries, we sent the story and emails to the opponent as well. Ok, we might have sent the story on to other local newspapers too. Politicians usually get angry when something comes out of the blue and bites them in the ass ya know Lollipop?

In closing, it is the Insane Throttles sincere pleasure to expose the antics of this ass-monkey, episode 2 of Motorcycle Madhouse will feature a segment on Ray “Lollipop” Lubeski. We also like to thank everyone for making the first episode such a success and we look forward to providing you with a podcast that is entertaining and informational. Hey Ray? Why don’t ya come on the Madhouse? Sure everyone would love to hear your responses to everything we’ve been laying out, how about it? Do you have some balls to come on? Granted, I’ll be asking the hard questions unlike your butt buddies over at Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs, but you can have your chance to answer all these allegations. Let us know Lollipop.

What I do suggest Lollipop, hang it up. a true leader and man with any sense of honor and loyalty to his club would step away after bringing such shame to the club as you have .

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