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Another Biker Club Shooting- 1 Dead, 100 rounds fired. Insane Throttle Open Letter to Motorcycle Clubs

2018 is shaping up to be the year that we all thought it would be. 14 days into the New Year, another club is in the news. The Sin City Deciples was holding a party down in Alabama. At the event over 100 shots were fired, resulting in 1 death and two more in critical condition. Barely into the New Year and we have bloodshed, something that will bring Motorcycle Clubs back into the National Spotlight.

Yesterday we posted a video from Australia, it was about another law that was passed, this one so bad, a club member can face charges just for texting another club member. Currently, the Feds have a case going against the Mongols M/C, trying to revoke the clubs patents and copyright on their club designs. As you all know, the Feds win that case, they will have case precedent where they can use it to go after any club that is involved in a crime.

As many know, I’ve been an outspoken supporter of 1%er clubs, I’ve been involved in support clubs of them, have many brothers and close friends in them. Guys, it’s time to wake the hell up, enough with all the gangster crap. Not only is the general public starting to turn on you, but other clubs, are starting to turn against you. Countless are floating the idea of an Independent Club Association that will rival the National Confederation of Clubs. Quite frankly, don’t blame them a bit.

Everything going on with all the shooting, 1%er clubs going around trying to intimidate 99%er clubs, even as far as going after 1 pc patch clubs. People quite frankly are starting to turn against 1%er clubs. This is 2018, the bullshit that went on in the late 80’s and mid 90’s, even into the new century, doesn’t play well in the present days. If the leadership of the 1%er clubs hasn’t noticed, recruitment is down, interest is no longer in supporting clubs that will bring down the heat on them.

Guys who join clubs now, do not have the backbone or heart to stand up and take the heat and time that come along with the bullshit that was the 80’s and 90’s. Club first, is no longer in the latest generations creed. People do not put the club first any longer. They have family and jobs that take up their time and priorities. Think about it, why would anyone risk doing a hard time over club beef anymore? That is now the thinking out there. It’s also why “Rats” abound in the clubs.

Other suppose news sites play to a base, most of whom never rode with a club. These people are the people you will see get out there all over the internet trying to give their two cents on one subject or another when something pops off. Hey, if these suppose biker news sites want to play to that crowd, fine and dandy. This is America and it’s a free press, play to whatever audience that makes you so good about yourself. But now the disservice you are perpetuating on the biker culture when you take this type of approach. I will go as far as saying that you’re reporting causes even more tensions out there.

A little off topic, but I just wanted to put this out there. For the last week I’ve been sitting on some highly explosive material, something that concerns another popular suppose biker news site. I’ve gone back and forth about whether I should put it out there, even went as far as having the article ready to go. This article and proof attached to it concerning the allegations and fraud perpetrated against the biker community is nothing less than disgusting. For years, this site has gone around acting as though it was an expert on what happens in our community, come to find out the site is a complete fraud. Clubs that this writer was supposedly are false. The experience the site claimed to have been again false. Statements giving in a court proceeding were again false, all based on lies and false pretense. Yeah, we had the authentic statements leaked to us, when we did, we verified much of the statement giving in this case as false. One thing about being in the business of biker news, we are fortunate to have contacts with all the major clubs to verify things that are put out there.

Insane Throttle has not put out this information because we think that it would only do harm to our community. This is one thing that this lifestyle doesn’t need right now. What it truly needs is for brothers of all clubs to come together before crap like what is happening in OZ starts reaching our shores. Will we eventually put the information out there? Maybe. Nevertheless, at this point, if people were to find out this information, more bullshit from clubs that were reported on from this site in a bad way, would probably go in an uproar and kick some shit off. I wouldn’t blame them a damn bit either.

There are two kinds of Biker News sites. The first one is like Insane Throttle. We have a staff that has ridden many years with motorcycle clubs. We’ve been in the club lifestyle for many years and have the references to prove our claims. This is very important because if you’re going to write about subjects that can get people hurt, you better damn well have been who you said you are. The second kind of site is for those who just copy and paste mainstream articles. Nothing wrong with those kinds of sites, it just aids those who want to read news about bikers a place to get the information in one place without searching for it. So when you’re reading these news sites, ensure that you have read some of their other work posted. This will help you decide as a reader if they are truly independent in their views, more than that, actually know what the hell they are talking about.

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Now back to the club stuff. Territory and all that kind of bullshit was settled decades ago, wasn’t it? Yea the internet has brought opportunities for clubs to branch out like never before. Yes, even well known 1%er clubs are using it to grow into territories that might not have been possible. Nonetheless, let’s look at this logically, especially for those who wear the state bottom rockers. Can you truly say all the fighting is worth it over the notion that your club runs a whole state? It’s kinda outdated concept if you think of it, shit, no one club has superiority over clubs in an entire state. If it did, that club would be the only one in that state. So where is the logic fighting and killing over the state rocker anymore?

Most 1%er clubs started with a 1pc patch, most didn’t go to a 3pc until that AMA bs. So is it worth taking another life over territory? I get it. Business has to be protected. Nevertheless, to start a war over another club coming to a nearby city is ludicrous. Brings nothing but heat on the entire club, when that happens business suffers and most of the time come to a grinding halt. So again, is it worth it? Losing members to the grave or long prison terms? That wasn’t what brotherhood or clubs was supposed to be about. Maybe it’s time to focus on a different model of doing business, or better yet, time to look to join forces with those you call enemies.

One of the biggest wars between clubs was initiated off of a lie. A couple dudes set up another club just to hide the murder they committed. That lie has cost hundreds across the globe their lives. These clubs use to drink together, hang together. Think of the possibilities if they would combine forces again. Another war started because one club didn’t want the other to wear a state bottom rocker. That war has been ongoing for damn near 50 years. Again, if those clubs sat down and worked shit out, the possibilities would be unlimited.

The National Coalition of Clubs was started to bring clubs together and stand for clubs rights. Boy has it failed in that mission. The lawyers who started it was the only ones that got any money out of it, they are the ones who prospered off of it because the mission sure the hell hasn’t worked. Might as well be the fucking United Nations where it’s just a figurehead and front to be used to make money. Let’s be honest, if the National Confederation of Clubs was for real, every national of the big clubs would come to the table at conventions and work the shit out. If that happened, the clubs would prosper and not the lawyers and feds.

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Do I have any hope that clubs will come together? Nope, because the mentality is not there to see the bigger picture. If the mentality was there, you would recognize the political situation in this country and the effects it could have on motorcycle clubs. We are now living in a PC world, people sure the hell don’t have the stomach to be dealing with all the shootings and bombings. You can’t even call another country a “Shithole” without being called racist. That’s how pc the citizens of this country have become, some of whom ride in clubs. Don’t think for a minute if someone is facing a 25 year bit they won’t be running to the cops to tell their story. It’s the plain and simple truth of who we have become as a country.

The WW2 and Vietnam era guys are slowly going onto better things. Those days of club life are over. It’s a whole different era out there. It’s time for clubs to evolve with it. If they don’t evolve, then clubs will not survive. Numbers are already down with those who ride motorcycles. Numbers are down with those who support 1%er clubs. To survive long term, it’s either evolve or go extinct. Plain and Simple.


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By Stephanie Taylor Tuscaloosanews

A party hosted by a biker club in Eutaw turned deadly during the early morning hours Sunday when gunfire erupted in the parking lot.One man was killed and four others were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.
Mandel L. Pearson, 36, was fatally shot outside the National Guard Armory on Mesopotamia Street at 1:21 a.m. Sunday, Eutaw Police Chief Derick Coleman told WVTM-13. Another victim who suffered minor injuries was an off-duty Greene County Sheriff’s deputy working as a security guard at the event. The identities of the other victims have not been released.
Law enforcement agents were interviewing several witnesses but had made no arrests as of Sunday afternoon. Investigators recovered about 100 shell casings in the parking lot of the armory where the Sin City Deciples motorcycle club held an event Saturday night.
The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is assisting the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and Eutaw Police Department with the investigation. The Greene County Independent posted a video of a press conference held Sunday afternoon.
Two of the four surviving victims suffered life-threatening injuries and were airlifted to UAB Hospital in Birmingham, ABI spokesman Special Agent Jason Ward said. The others suffered injuries that weren’t life-threatening and were transported to DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa.
Ward said it was still unclear Sunday afternoon what led to the shooting. Information released was limited, he said, because the investigation is still in the early stages. Residents have no reason to fear for their safety, he said.
“People should feel safe; we are conducting an investigation, and I have full confidence in the sheriff’s office and also the police department here in Eutaw,” he said.

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  1. Hollywood, understand what your saying and totally agree. As far as the other topic, you owe to your readers to let the truth out. I think I know what your talking about and these lies have gone on for some time. And yes it does cause problems because unless you been in the life and paid your dues then you are led by so called “mentors” and that is costly if you believe it. Books are covers and pages, makes for good reading. But if you want to experience what your reading and know it to be the truth then get on a ride and ride. Save your money until you know it to be the truth and then enjoy the book. Hope this makes sense. You heard the saying ” no matter where you go there your are”.


  2. Coming from a ex 1%er there’s no brotherhood anymore it’s all about the green backs .. The club I was in they had a club inside a club and those who were in the inside club walked around at our party like they were the shits and better then the rest of the brothers ..
    Your total right on the numbers are down brothers do have family’s and jobs , you have to pay the outrageous dew’s . Not only paying your monthly dew’s you have to pay for lawyers fees for our ex president that’s in prison for murder and racketeering charger and other things , I was paying over 500 a month you can’t stay up on that and be expected to afford to make all the runs !!
    The comments you made on the COC about the money is wrong the 1%ers split the funds from what the club’s put in , I was told many times it’s free money ..
    When it comes to the 1% clubs we got along purity good one of the other clubs use to come to our clubhouse and party with us and when we see another club out and about they would drink with us , now these are the top 5 we are talking about ..
    Now I was just bending your ear , just sharing some stuff I seen and im not bitching well maybe on some stuff .. I’ll leave it there , be safe and see ya down the road


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