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The Future is upon us- Even for this old school scooter tramp. The Kawasaki J is a bad ass concept. Harley needs to look to future to be able to compete.


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I remember in high school, had to be about junior year, we did a time capsule. We were all asked to put in a drawing of what we thought the future would be like. Well, me growing up in a biker family, I did up a drawing of a futuristic motorcycle. Shit, who am I kidding? I did a variation of the Tron bike lol. Well, looks like the future is upon us. Yea I’m a pretty old school thinker, but damn this thing looks cool as hell.

The Kawasaki J is a bad ass concept, it’s something out of one of those science fiction films. Harley Davidson if they have a prayer of staying relevant need to start getting their asses in gear with some concept ideas. The best they have come up with has been an ugly ass concept from designer Miguel Cotto’s Harley Davidson 2020. Come on folks, do you really think you would get a scooter tramp on some shit like that? The designer stole the design from the Tron Movie, he just took off the compartment that enclosed the rider.

Most bikers trash Japanese bikes, I won’t, just because I prefer them over a Harley. I only own a Fatboy because of the payments I still owe lol. If it wasn’t for that I’d be on a Jap bike in a heartbeat. As you get older, the vibrations and having to tighten up bolts gets old. Nevertheless, if the sales are not an indication Harley needs to get it together, I don’t know what the hell will get them to understand that they are getting outperformed by the foreign bikes.

Our world is now technology driven, American companies like Harley Davidson are always playing catch up with the competitors. Harley Davidson needs to start getting some young new-jacks in there and designing different lines of bikes. Yea, there are articles claiming that Harley is putting out plans to introduce more models to it’s 100 plus year lineup, but it is one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” type of deals. Afterall, the company had to sell off once already because of poor product performance and lack of foresight.

Many are dismayed at the concept of electric bikes coming out in the next few years, yours truly being one of them. Nevertheless, that is where the business is heading, especially with this newer generation and their tree-hugging b.s, it’s almost inevitable. So with that said, Harley needs to get ahead of the curve. They did have a concept electric bike come out in 2014, ugly as sin, not update concept wise compared to the competition, but they have one. But like always, after seeing this concept J, Harley is going to get its ass handed to them.

Full electric cars and bikes probably won’t be ideal anytime soon. The nation needs to get an infrastructure to support electric vehicles and the manufacturers need to get better battery power plants. With that said, they are working on both problems right now, it’s just a matter of a few years, not decades anymore. So all you old school scooter tramps better get ready to see these machines on the roads in the next couple of years. If you are Harley, you better kick the shit into gear, get ahead of the curve, if you don’t, these other companies will leave you in the dust.

Source: AutoBlog

At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki unveiled the three-wheeled, battery-powered, transforming Concept J motorcycle. Looking like perilous technology teleported from Canis Major, the Concept J rider has a choice of slinking over a low-down sportbike, or sitting upright on an urban cruiser. In sportbike mode, the suspension pulls the two front wheels close together. In town-touring mode, the seat rises, the footpegs drop, and the front wheels spread for easy stance.

When we didn’t hear anything about the bike after Tokyo, everyone assumed the Concept J took its neon green shark fin and red Tron hub to the overstuffed graveyard of concept vehicles. But it seems Kawasaki’s playing the long game: The Japanese bikemaker’s U.S. arm posted a promo vid that features the Concept J. The alien wonder’s appearance could be another MacGuffin, but Honda and Yamaha have shown motorcycles with features that intersect with the Concept J. Honda displayed its self balancing Riding Assist-e, with its automatically adjusting front geometry, at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Yamaha put its three-wheeled Tri-City into production in 2014, then followed that up with the more powerful, and weirder, three-wheeled Niken last year.

At the 2013 Tokyo show, Kawasaki President Shigehiko Kiyama said the Concept J “explores the attractive possibility of an adaptable transport platform that is fun, easy and convenient.” The promo video above is heavy on aspirational dialogue, including the line, “The future, to us, isn’t constrained by today’s limitations. It is set free by our imaginations.” Well, Kawasaki, if that’s true, then give us the Concept J. As is. Now-ish.

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