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Robert “Ghost”Hawkins on the current state of the Motorcycle Club Scene. Clubs and even Independent bikers need to pay attention. Is murder, war and jail time pushing us as a culture backwards?

Well everyone I normally write about rides or events that I have spent on the road in and around the ever-changing MC scene. Often I have eluded to the differences between the good old days and where we are at now so this is just kind of an explanation of how much we have changed as bikers and the changes in the MC lifestyle.

My old man was a founder of what is still an ongoing MC. This is a small older club, well respected, today they number around 30 brothers. Anyway, I still have some of the old pictures from my old man on “The Gypsy Tour” in 1954.A really cool news story, with an accompanying photo of his bike and some of the other guy’s bikes that eventually founded that club parked in front of a jail out in PA.

The story is kind of an explanation of how far the world has changed, in the newspaper story the writer explains how the “young men had driven into town and stopped to ask at the jail if they had any in open cells that they could sleep in”. True story, when I asked my old man he said “we did that in every little town as we went east” according to him the cops treated them great and they never raised hell in any town that allowed them to use those accommodations but instead treated the towns and town people with respect.

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Fast forward to the seventies and my own travels. As I wrote about some of my trips to the west coast, I partied my ass off, I was semi-fucked up for weeks. I ran into the 81 guy’s in Cali, broke down in WA, ran into a helpful cop in CO. I could go on and on about the seventies and the eighties and even into the early nineties. We had ups and downs as a group, but if we stayed out of the headlines and treated not just each other but the public in a respectful way, we stayed out of the way of the local law and especially the Feds.

Then came the mid to late 90s, it all blew up with fucking front page wars, blowing up buildings, cars, and civilians. We brought not just local law but the Feds down on our collective asses. As we came under more pressure, we started to take any swinging dick into clubs just to build numbers and the Feds figured out how to get CIs and full-blown undercover cops infiltrated. We can bitch till we are blue in the face about the tactics and all that shit but the truth is, we as bikers brought all the heat down on ourselves.

2018 Looks like more of these will be happening if clubs don’t seek peace

We allowed it because we never looked ahead. Let me give a couple of quick references, in the old day’s those riders who shot up were thrown out of every club because they couldn’t be trusted in their personal lives. Once an addict you are a liability. By the nineties, we had fucking meth addicts as patch members of nearly every club. In the early years you never brought anyone into the club you didn’t know from grade school on. Most of these guys were guys you had known their whole lives and everyone earned a living outside. In fact club life was about brotherhood, bikes, riding, and parties with the guys you loved being with. Yes some of us were running on the other side at times but for the most part, it wasn’t a way to make a living but for guys like me, it was more a way of life.

We did it for the challenge. That all changed when we started making fucking headlines and the Feds started coming down on clubs and then the government started giving Feds money to local law enforcement to fuck with all bikers.

In 97 I was in Daytona during bike week and had a starter go out on my Dyna. I walked into Carl’s Speed shop on Beach Street and bought a starter. The guys in there knew me because I had been in there a ton. Anyway, I borrowed an oil catch and went right across the street onto the grass and was replacing the starter on a beautiful sunny day, then the cops came. They were randomly checking serial numbers of bikes, frame, and engines. I had built the motor myself on that bike and the S&S cases obviously had a serial number that did not match the frame. I got arrested taken in and spent 2 hours getting the shop I had bought the cases from to send the paperwork down to Daytona to verify it wasn’t stolen.

What does that have to do with this story? The funding for the locals to start checking the serial numbers apparently came from the Feds with a contingency that the local cops make a certain number of inspections in “an effort to round up stolen bikes being sold by motorcycle clubs on the Fed watch list” that is what I was told by the pretty decent cop that had verified my serial numbers and my story.

Fed money brought in to fuck with all bikers because of a few making headlines is how I saw it then and still see it today.
I am not in anyway the guy to condemn questionable activity, but man, when we see the shit that is going on today and I think back to the shit storm we created in the nineties, friends it is not good.

When we have internet commandos out here spewing stupid remarks about “getting even” or “protecting their territory” or “teaching club A a lesson” and inject into that mix the lowering of standards that nearly every club has demonstrated in their patch process, taking roid freaks, meth heads gangster wannabes etc. and the undeniable fact that the Feds have all the money to destroy us .It is hard to understand why every club in every state doesn’t just step back and quit banging on each other.

CNN broadcast for hours the shit in Laughlin in 02. Who won? Feds, they got more money to combat the biker scourge. Waco 15 , who won? Feds. Denver 16 who won? Feds. Florida 17/18 who won. Feds. Now this shit in Tenn. who will win? Feds. Do you see a pattern?

I have read and followed all kinds of internet warriors who give opinions about suing this guy or that agency and how this guy or that club is going to teach the Feds a lesson. Those guys are sitting on their asses behind a computer making a living stirring up shit rather than telling the truth. Christ one of those guys is even a witness in a case against a club.WTF?

The real truth is until we quit playing a game against a dealer with a stacked deck we will never win. These idiots with all the free legal advice about suing and shit are not the ones sitting behind bars, they are sitting in their grandma’s basement ringing her on the phone to bring them snacks.

The answer is obvious to those with any experience.
Stay off the radar and we survive. Stay on the radar we will end up replacing MS-13 as Trumps number one public enemy. I have no problem with MS-13 being in first place but I bet they will figure out how to move away from being the lead story in a short period of time. They haven’t survived and prospered all this time by being stupid, they have survived by being smart and going back underground.

Right or wrong does not weigh into this equation, peace does.
These internet warriors that take shots at clubs and try to stir up shit are most likely one of the sources the Feds use to promote their agenda. Before anyone says “Ghost your nuts” think about it. The Feds created Air America, Fast and Furious, Iran/Contra on and on for years at the expense of our personal freedoms. They did this by creating a narrative where they encouraged violence between groups. The good guys and the bad guys were all being used to help the Feds justify their expansion.

I read a story a while back on a blog deal I see on occasion.
The article was about Twin Peaks. This guy was trying to convince everyone that all the Cossacks were informants and they went to this meeting to instigate a problem with the Bandits. Now I want to make this perfectly clear, I am not in or associated with either club in any way.

So this guy lays out his side of the story and I start to wonder what’s up. I go and look up the news articles and shit, now this was like two years ago so I may be off a little, but anyway, as I recall there were like 8 Cossacks gunned down by the cops that day. I start thinking what the fuck? So some guy really is out here trying to make the case that the Cossacks were all CIs and the Feds then decided to gun them all down because they had outlasted their usefulness? Sorry, that’s even a stretch for me to believe.

Why would a blogger intentionally try to continue to escalate the situation and encourage violence in Texas after the shit storm in Waco? Who wins? seems obvious to me, Feds.
Perhaps the Feds are using bloggers and internet idiots to further their cause. Or perhaps, in that case, the guy is biased. I have no idea but the possibility sure exists.

Again I have no bone in that battle I just see some seriously fucked up shit. To me the answer is simple. If the top guys in the Bandits and the Cossacks had said hey let’s quit inviting the Feds in to fuck up our lives and sat down together and accepted the fact that neither one was going to push the other one around, the Feds would have lost that round. To me, an opportunity lost.

I saw an article on an internet site calling a new club out east a Pop Up Club. I had to laugh, no informed writer or biker would ever try to make a case for a guy like Rooster Katona leading a Pop Up Club. New Club yes, new direction yes. Pop Up Club, cmon that was a clear stab at insulting a guy and his club with the intention of causing problems between the Pagans MC and the Sutars Soldiers MC. That is the kind of backhanded stupid shit a blogger Fed would do to try to cause problems in a region so the Feds “have” to come in and fix it.

I can only hope both sides are smart enough not to play the game the Feds may have laid out for them.Anyway I could go on for hours but my message is this. Let’s quit letting uninformed cheetoes eaters in their basements keep promoting violence so the Feds can reap the rewards.

If you are in a club, any club from the oldest to the newest, largest to the smallest keep the peace. Prosperity will follow. Keep doing stupid shit like shooting each other over some idiots perception of club life, and we all perish. It takes a lot more work to find a solution that keeps us all whole than it does to pull a trigger, but the return is much higher.

Look at the Florida deal between the 69ers and AOA. 4 guys lost. Two clubs lost. The Feds Win. They will be up the ass of every club and biker in Fl for months. I guarantee they will be infiltrating both clubs and any half-assed support clubs for either the AOA or the 69ers.

It doesn’t take much to see where that will end up.


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