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When a Purple Heart Veteran is denied membership in a motorcycle club. Has protocol gone to far? You be the judge

In America, we support our soldiers, these men and women are the ones who volunteered to put on the uniform so citizens in this country were not speaking German, speaking Japanese or Russian for that matter. From the battles fought in the Revolutionary War to the Deserts of the Middle East those men and women have stepped forward. They were maimed and killed for this country, they are the few who showed their true colors when it came to their beliefs and what they stood for.

This is why today when I talked with a biker who was a representative for a group of guys that originally wanted to form a chapter of a military motorcycle club, but was denied a chapter, Why? Because their brother and president were ex Leo 12 years prior. I was fuming pissed and had to get their story out. Just to show how much this protocol crap has gone overboard.

Over and Over again I will hear people write in complaining how much I bash cops. For the last time as Chris Farley would say “For the Love of God and everything that is Holy”. The only time I’ve had problems with cops is when they put on a 3 pc patch “WHILE” being an active duty officer. When they decide to hang it up, that’s when they become a regular citizen in my eyes, they no longer have any conflict of interests of loyalty with two competing groups. And for those keyboard warriors that want to cry about that, learn the damn history you speak of so much and get a clue. 1%er clubs have members that were former LEO, Former Corrections Officers, Former Firefighters. Shit, the link below even shows one of the Big 4 had active duty ones (Something I never agreed with because they were still active). One firefighter was recently fired for his affiliation over his association with the Outlaws M/C.

3x8 Banner proof

Point being, 1%er clubs have taken in those who they consider brothers who were former LEO and Firefighters. The way I look at the situation is pretty normal and in line with what most of the bigger clubs do.

The situation today, when I talked to this reader, was even more fucked up when I heard that this one brother of theirs was a Purple Heart recipient. So I stepped back, thought of the irony of the situation that these group of brothers was facing. All of them were former military, three of them served overseas in that fucking desert, the president was awarded a Purple Heart, they were told they could have a chapter of this club, as long as they left behind not only their President but a fellow warrior and servant of the United States. Man, “Get the Fuck Out of Here with that shit” plain and simple.

For one, where the hell is the actual brotherhood being a soldier, one who served this nation and was wounded? Soldiers are supposed to stick together, in service and out. Then to add insult to injury you tell the rest of this man’s brothers to leave him behind because he was a fucking Leo 12 years earlier? I am happy to say to the club that did this, you have received the “Ass-Monkey” of the year award. It’s only because I promised to keep the identity and location of these brothers under wraps, I haven’t called your pathetic club out on front street. I would love nothing more than to blast your name around the world for being a complete bunch of circle jerkers.

I’m still shaking my head on how this club played these guys. This protocol shit has gone that far? For one, I don’t remember this kind of crap happening in my time, at least not in Chicago anyway. Like I said above, 1%er clubs have been taking in ex Leo for decades, so why these ass-pumpers would deny a potential brother who had so much to offer that club is beyond me. One would think with how hard it is to find some good brothers to be apart of a motorcycle club these days, a club would jump on brothers like these. This group, they actually were straight up about the brothers past, they put all their cards on the table, personally, that demands respect.

I’m happy to say that these group of guys turned down the offer to leave their brother behind, that you keyboard warriors is what “Honor and Loyalty” are about. They decided that they will form a 1 pc military riding club. They are working tirelessly to get their bylaws together, designing their patches and getting the riding club in order. It’s a huge shame that a moron club lost these types of potential brothers over something they perceived as “Against the rules of motorcycle clubs”. Jesus Christ, if this is how the motorcycle club culture is starting to turn out, what chance does it really have to survive in the next 10 years?

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  1. My best friend is my old company platoon leader from the 101st in VN 69 who went on to finish his career as a capt. in SF in Vietnam in 1970-71. He got hired as a deputy sheriff in our town when he got home and after about 5 years got booted because LULAC said he was too heavy on Latino robbers blasting them in the ass with buck shot trying to escape or busting heads when they fought him. He opened a gun store in town and we partied, raise holy hell and rode bike from the late 70s till now .10 years I was asked by a large 1% dominant support club about forming a local Nomad chapter after showing interest and had to have 4 other members and he was gonna be one of them , but no ! 😦 so I agree fuck that shit , the president of the parent club would turn rat long before my friend ever, ever would !


  2. Well this is a tough one. On one hand, purple heart. Seriously. Purple fucking heart. If that doesn’t carry a small island worth of weight to you, you might as well move to north korea. On the other hand, we’ve seen over and over again that positions of authority attract a certain sort more predominantly than others. I invite you to check out the exploits of attorney Steven Stubbs- It’s hard to despite some of his claims with so many incidents caught on video. In addition I myself have had a few moments in my 40 years on this rock- I recall once being threatened with arrest for not carrying my driver’s license while walking. Cop swore it was illegal (it’s not, not in my state). thankfully his TO straightened him out. Of course there’s recently, the way I was handled when I invoked my right to remain silent, and my right to counsel (a lot of cops take that as a personal insult apparently) in a matter of which you are already aware. And oh yeah, my personal favorite: I may have known a guy who knew a guy- let’s call him “Buck”. He might have been at a motorcycle event during which some opposing groups of friends ended up in a stare down and/or heated discussion. Somewhere in there, one of the guys with Buck, a former cop of at least a decade and current PH remarked “Well if worse comes to worse I have 200 brothers in blue right outside…”. Yeah, you got that right. 10 years retired, wearing a patch, and still thinking of running to the blue to settle a dispute between men of a different sort.

    In other words, this one really runs down the middle. On one hand, a man’s service to his nation should never be discounted or disrespected, and usually time in the military makes a guy far more solid than say, the average suit, or one of those lumbersexuals in the skinny jeans with the endless supply of pbr. However, police tend to form gang mentalities- and that cop mindset often creates an addiction to power and the abuse of such. To make matters worse, like the situation mentioned above, it’s sometimes impossible to cure someone of that mentality, even after years of retirement. I would guess at that point an organization has to weigh the character suggested by a man’s service against the potential liability that might arise from his time with the blue gang.

    I’m honestly glad that’s not my decision to make.


  3. Story telling, well here goes one. Years back three brothers and myself were riding to Florida to close down a chapter of idiots when one of the brothers drove into the path of a vehicle. It was raining and we had been riding several days. It was my brothers mistake and he paid for it. His bike was screwed and he had some road rash but survived his ego and started making up a good story. When the Law arrived he asked brother if he was okay and when he said yeah he walked over to the driver and asked her the same. She was shaken and replied she was scared but okay. He walked over to the bike and shook his head and said here’s the big injury and helped get it out of the way. Long story short he said looks like a accident caused by elements and said hope you got good insurance so they can work this out. No tickets, smiles, and all he said was I know what its like to ride in this shit. Short of it is this. Too many people throw shit at LEO’s and I for one watch myself around them. I have been in cuffs doing the interview stuff because of no trust but look how many “brothers” have broken that trust, given info most of it self serving to feds. Most locals don’t give a shit. They see you every day. I agree with Hollywood this shit has to stop one day. Before long the Feds will have more cuts than the real riders. Those that suffer the most, ask yourself that. Thanks to the Man who has that purple heart. Ride on.


  4. In a world that has been populated with more guys bragging about their meth addiction or how tough they were in prison than Veterans it is easy to understand why bullshit flows these days. I an a veteran with TWO purple hearts (if you don’t believe that there’s the FOIA) . My entire company save for a handful had atleast one for a VBIED attack on the 9/11 anniversary at COP sayadabad in 2011. What does that have to do with anything? Well, it doesn’t. Unfortunately nobody cares. You leave that behind when you join a club or support a club or get sanctioned by a club of non veterans. There’s nothing wrong with being a one piece club, but most of us abide by this; No ex cops. No way, no how. You could be John Rambo but if you were a cop, there’s other clubs for you. You can’t be mad at an organization for not wanting a cop simply because he has a Purple heart. Just my two cents.


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