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OCC Paul Teutul Sr. Selling house amid “American Choppers”Revival for 2018. Will you be watching it?

Looks like the Discovery Channel hasn’t worn out the welcome among bikers. Fall 2018 will see the reinvented “American Chopper” series with Paul Teutul Sr and his son Paul Teutul Jr. The Duo is best known for their arguments on screen as well as off-screen. One thing is for sure, the bikes that they would build sucked! Who out there really thinks that Paul Teutul Jr’s bike beat out Jesse James from West Coast Choppers in that joke of a build off?

Don’t get me wrong, love watching any show that has to deal with building scooters. But come on, at least build a ride that has some taste. These specialty bikes or whatever they call them have no world use. Honestly, besides being poor business operators, that’s the reason Orange County Choppers is having all its financial difficulty. Probably why only after five years being off the air, you see Sr out there selling everything that he has with Jr not doing any better.

Personally, never watched American Chopper unless it was on my DVR so I could fast forward thru the commercials. So, won’t be watching it all that much when it comes out this fall just because I find what they build to be a joke.

One show that Discovery should pick up and one every blue collar biker would get into. Jesse James has been trying to sell his “American Craftsman”. We posted a video of it at the bottom of this article. To be honest, that’s the type of show that I personally identify with. Jesse has the skill, no one could ever take that away from him. He is also one of the only ones that have stayed true to his origins even though he made it big. To all, you haters,”Shut the Fuck up”. You just jealous that he made it big, had the best pussy around and is a genius metal worker and craftsmen.

It looks like Fall of 2018 will be filled with all kinds of stuff for bikers. This reboot of American Chopper and Kurt Stuper’s (Sutter I know, but damn, dude always looks like he on the crack pipe) Mayans M/C which makes my job a ton harder because I will have to deal with all the questions on what I think. Well to get way ahead of that. “I don’t think, it’s a fucking show already and if anyone takes it seriously, you as fucked up as Stuper”.



After five years off the air, Discovery Channel is reviving “American Chopper,” featuring a feuding father-son motorcycle-building team and their adventures in Orange County, NY. As the show gears up for its February relaunch, Paul Teutul Sr. (who stars alongside son Paul Teutul Jr.) has just slashed the price of his estate in the Orange County town of Montgomery from $2.89 million to $2.49 million.

Fans of the show will recognize the killer 38-acre estate at 95 Judson Road, some 70 miles from Manhattan, with a garage that has appeared in show segments. In the new show, Discovery notes, the father-son duo “set out to reclaim their preeminent bike brands and hopefully rebuild some sort of relationship … with A-list celebrities, world famous athletes and Forbes 100 businesses as clients.
“Millions of dollars and their brands’ reputations are on the line with every signature build.” In the meantime, Teutul Sr. has reportedly revamped their showroom, Orange County Choppers, and turned it into a complex with a shop, a cafe, a bowling alley, a restaurant and a showroom.

The original “American Chopper” had a decade-long run that started in 2002 and was one of Discovery’s most popular shows, averaging 3.4 million viewers at its peak.
Teutul Sr.’s home is just as noteworthy.

It features a 3,448-square-foot main house, which was built in a log cabin style in 2004, and comes with three bedrooms. It features striking cathedral ceilings, a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, a chef’s kitchen and a wraparound porch. Outside, there’s a pool with a waterslide, a pool house, a volleyball court and a barn. There are also multiple patios with Viking grills, a koi pond, waterfalls and a 1-acre “self-feeding pond stocked with fish,” the listing notes.For motorcycle aficionados, the highlight just might be the two-story garage, which also has two guest apartments and a workshop space. The listing broker is Seta Tunell, of Ellis Sotheby’s International Realty.

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  1. 16 years ago was in Myrtle Beach, S.C. when these guys were there and walked to their display of bikes and simply stated how do they run? Looks like they need a parking lot to turn around. Paul Senior just looked at me and turned away and walked. Answered my question. Fuck them.


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