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45 Seconds Of Carnage – An Ambush In An Ambush By : Legendary Jim -Six Shooter Junction Series Waco “Twin Peaks ” incident

By Legendary Jim

WACO – The carnage caused by military assault rifles was over in 45 seconds. Experienced combat veterans recognized the sound of suppressed muzzle blast.

Many realized they were walking into an L-shaped ambush as they approached.

How a highly militarized police force lured heavily armed men into a position to ambush their rivals, then subjected the ambuscade to withering fire from ambush is a study in special operations that have spanned the globe from Vietnam to Kosovo, Afghanistan to east Africa.

After all, what’s the difference between designating hostile certain “red states” along the Mexican border as hostile, and printing maps of Vietnamese hamlets pink in order to round up the inhabitants, jail them on ultra-high bail, and detain them in a massive arrest for many days while their entire pedigree is analyzed, every address and phone number copied, and all photos of friends and family annotated in dossiers?

Pinkville was in Vietnam, where the CIA worked out search and destroy missions to identify and isolate people giving aid and comfort to the NLF; JADE HELM 15 took place inside the borders of Texas, where it was a stated goal of the Special Operations Command to run an operation in real time, using the same tactics and equipment as overseas.

In both cases, those arrested on vague, fill-in-the-blank affidavits of probable cause were whisked away to a privately operated detention center, where their every conversation was recorded, their visits carefully monitored, their motives scrutinized.

JADE HELM – Joint Assistant Defense Executive Homeland Elimination of Local Militants – 2015, was a test of an on-the-fly real time artificial intelligence battle software manufactured by Raytheon called JADE 2. All pertinent information, including radio transmission, surveillance camera, dash and body camera imagery, mobile date terminals and special CCTV hook-ups,  is instantly communicated via satellite transmissions to a Fusion Center manned by agencies of the Department of Homeland Security described by a DPS Agent as “law enforcement-based.”

The on-scene commander is enabled to make instant decisions based on artificial intelligence gathered at the speed of light by computers, the suggestions and recommendations flashing on his screen just in time.

Public information is pre-scripted, the news is flashed out over the information superhighway as quickly as it happens.

After all, it’s a military operation.

The first trial of a defendant concluded in November with a very near acquittal when a single juror caused a mistrial of Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal, who arrived on his bike and suffered a withering attack by pistol fire, blows from fists and brass knuckles, along with about a dozen of his fellow club members, including his father and his uncle, both of whom were shot.

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During his trial, the prosecution concealed evidence that would have made his acquittal very likely had it been known. The defense blocked hearsay testimony by a sustained objection about ballistics of weapons fired by civilians by an ATF Agent who was it was learned intended to testify about reports made by Waco Police.

A witness must have personal knowledge of the facts offered in testimony, under rules of criminal evidence.

Only three out of 14 police patrol rifles were ballistics tested by the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences, leaving 11 other rifles untested.

Most of the 9 men who died of gunshot wounds were struck by quarter-inch diameter projectiles somewhere in their back or the back of their heads. The police rifles are .223 caliber, about a quarter-inch in diameter. An additional 20 suffered gunshot wounds.

A majority of the casualties were inflicted on members of the Cossacks MC from the Waco area, Central, and near West Texas.

They later broke off from the national club and formed a 1%er club of their own under the leadership of Owen Reeves.

We’re going to talk to David Zeke Stone, president of the Cossacks MC National Club about these matters.

This is what he had to say in an impromptu on-line interview:

“Thank you, Sir. I am not a 1% or counterfeit cossack from Waco as they are known. I am willing to meet with you as well as my national officers to tell our side. The Waco guys interview was done through an attorney from what we have been told. We are in no way associated with the 1% cossacks. – Zeke”

Does that include Owen Reeves?

“Correct, sir.”

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Asked if the faction known as the Waco Guys were out of his control, he replied, saying, “…We did not send anyone down there from our end. The entirety of that horrendous fiasco lies at the feet of Owen and his crew.”

Zeke Stone completely discounts any reports that anyone ever extorted money from black and gold members for riding on the street of Waco, or that there was ever any real tension over a bottom Texas rocker, as did then President of Bandidos MC Bill Sartelle, when we interviewed him a year ago.

“We never had any reports of anything like that.”

It is very apparent that the state made sure to block testimony that would make clear the fact of collusion between the Cossacks from the Waco area – or the “Waco guys,” and the DPS, special gang “intelligence” operators, city police and federal agents, some of whom mingled with the crowd dressed as club members.

When the Bandit’s defense counsel Casie Gotro attempted to cross examine the Waco Police Gang Officer, Det. Jeff Rogers, he claimed he didn’t have his notes, and the judge moved the trial along hastily.

She had obtained a tape of an interview with Mark White, one of the “Waco guys” whom Rogers and other officers questioned after he’d been detained during a “bike night” previously at the Twin Peak Restaurant where the massacre took place on May 17, 2015.

In another exchange, the gang officer spoke of one of the Cossacks from the Waco Chapter, a mechanic at Legends Cycles named Mark Robbins. Once again, acting through teamwork, the detective and prosecutors adroitly avoided any cross examination by the defense, but nevertheless, the name went on the record and the fact that an interview took place.

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The judge denied a defense motion for a directed verdict of not guilty based on the testimony elicited by the state alleging the evidence that the defendant directly participated in murder or the actions that led to murder were nonexistent, according to the witness.

The judge overruled the motion, saying, “I think the indictment speaks for itself.

The ritual trauma speaks for itself, as look-see pidgin, broadcast throughout the world by satellite, nearly instantaneously, as if in a small village.  There is a reason for that, says a publisher of books concerning just such tactics by the “intelligence” community, Robert Millegan, of Trine Day Publishing.

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  1. Telling lies Zeke? Did you tell the truth or lies when you did your 4 hour interview with DPS right after twin peaks?


  2. Odd how they got in front of the Palestine city council saying that they were being strong Armed —- that not Waco that’s east Texas . Guess the feds left me without any cover so they running for the hills now


  3. My comments on Waco were supposed to be off the record. I wasn’t aware that I was being quoted. I certainly did not intend to point blame at anyone who was there that terrible day. I was not there, you would have to ask someone else who was there that day is what was intended.
    Lies? No I have nothing to lie about. I didn’t have a 4 hour interview with the dps either.


  4. We like to take the opportunity to say that Insane Throttle did not conduct the interview. We shared the material sent to us by lengendary Jim. In no way should anything that was supposed to be off record be printed. That is not only un professional, but out of line for anyone to do.


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