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What do DA Abel Reyna and John Wayne Gacy have in common? Both were mass murderers and criminals to the core.

In our continuing series “The Day America Lost It’s Civil Rights” . We are introducing the players in the ongoing struggle that is “Twin Peaks”. In our previous article we introduced Carrizal attorney Casie “The Pitbull”Gortro . She is the powerhouse attorney that in the middle of court called the prosecutions illegal conduct to the forefront for all to see. Casie Gortro through her work on Carrizals first trial, which by the way, ended in a mistrial, showed the world just how corrupt the McLennan District Attorneys office really was.

Besides the hard work of “The Pitbull”, there has been many other instances about this DA that has started to come to the surface. A retired Waco Police officer in an affidavit says District Attorney Abel Reyna is currently under investigation by the FBI for public corruption. Something that really isn’t far fetched considering his hunger for power off the “Twin Peaks” incident, a hunger that he is using for political gain to regain his position as District attorney in a primary against Barry Johnson. We have provided that debate below, a debate where the issue of the “Twin Peaks” incident took up most of the forum.

We also have a Waco Attorney that has filed an affidavit that in 2014 one of her clients personally delivered cocaine to DA Reyna. I always wondered if DA’s get the discount price or free of charge deal. Anyways, looking at this guy from Chicago, he would fit in perfect with the Chicago way of doing things (Wonder if Reyna and Obama are brothers? Those ears and the way you do things are just identical, hey, had to ask). You’re corrupt, looking out for your best interest instead of looking out for those who elected you, and you’re power hungry. Why else would you arrest over 175 people? Most of whom were just innocent bystanders? Personally, I think you just wanted to show that dick size off, make you feel better since you need to abuse the rights of innocent civilians to feel important.

Well “Mr. Wizard”, we report things a lot different in Chicago, we keep it real, you will find no safe haven in my reporting. I’m like a old broken down sink, they drip and drip until finally , the pipes burst wide open and water spills everywhere. That’s how I plan on reporting on you. I’m going to drip and drip out information, then finally, I burst and let out the most damaging information I can gather on you. See you might have the mainstream press, your Waco Code “Attorneys have to make a living in Waco, so they have to play by the rules”, but I’m a Chi-Town boy. I’ve reported on dozen of people like you, always the same thing, follow the trail of money and power,  from there watch the cell of a Federal Prison close behind you.

In the interest of fairness, I will give you an opportunity to prove me wrong on whatever is in this first article. Just think Mr. Wizard, this is only the beginning . There will be one article a week on you to be seen around the world. Damn,  I love my readership and all those hundreds of websites worldwide that carry our RSS Feed, though they do come from countries some of which I never heard of, but that’s beside the point. I invite you on the “Motorcycle Madhouse”, I will give you an opportunity to explain your side of the Waco case and answer the many questions that plagued who you are as a DA and man.  Here is your opportunity to reach a worldwide audience “Mr Wizard”. Come on, you know you want to set the record straight, have access to all those people, would do wonders for your career. Afterall, that’s what Waco is all about isn’t it, Your Career?

Since picking up this story (I do apologize for not picking it up sooner, always felt that local bloggers and journalist would be reporting it as it should be, but, that hasn’t been the case) I wonder how you sleep at night. How can you sleep knowing the lives you’re destroying right now? You know as well as the rest of us know, 175 people couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this incident. You weaponized the law for your personal gain. My hopes are this. When your game is finally figured out by the US Department of Justice, when all those who you kept in your web of deceit is over, those doors slam behind you in that 6×6 cell, I hope the demons of those who you have punished unjustly come roaring at you. Come calling to you in your dreams, keep you awake at night, clawing and scratching at your soul. You’re a fake man “Mr Wizard”. Just as John Wayne Gacy was caught for all those murders, punished by the true justice system, so will you in due time. The biggest gift that will come out of this horrific case, families of those you have hurt will have their chance to see you stand before a judge and finally see true justice served. Afterall, You’re a murderer of Civil Rights, the rule of law and no better than John Wayne Gacy himself.

A retired Waco police officer says in an affidavit that McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna has been under FBI investigation for alleged public corruption.

Source: USA Today

WACO, Texas (AP) — A retired Texas police officer says in an affidavit that the FBI is investigating McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna for alleged public corruption.


The affidavit was filed Tuesday by Jorge Salinas. He’s among the more than 150 bikers indicted on criminal conspiracy charges following a May 2015 shooting in Waco that left nine dead. It’s the third affidavit signed by former law enforcement officials who say FBI agents interviewed them about Reyna allegedly helping campaign donors avoid legal trouble.


The affidavits were filed in support of Salinas’ motion to compel the prosecutor’s office to share evidence and force Reyna to testify.

Reyna says he’s not aware of any FBI investigation of him and that the allegations made in Tuesday’s affidavit aren’t true.

FBI spokeswoman Rosanne Hughes says the agency cannot confirm the existence of an investigation.

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Affidavit alleges man delivered cocaine to DA Reyna

Source : Waco Tribune – A Waco attorney said in a sworn affidavit that one of her clients in 2014 told an FBI agent investigating McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna that “he personally delivered cocaine for Reyna’s use.” The affidavit from former McLennan County prosecutor Brittany Scaramucci was filed Thursday to support motions from Twin Peaks shootout bikers Jorge Daniel Salinas and Billy Jason McCree, who are asking judges to compel Reyna’s office to provide evidence in the Twin Peaks cases.Scaramucci’s affidavit also alleges that Reyna arranged to have an attorney appointed special prosecutor in cases in which he recused his office “for the purposes of facilitating politically based dismissals on behalf of Reyna.”

Reyna did not return phone calls to his office and cellphone Thursday. He has denied he is under federal investigation in statements on social media and has said he has no knowledge that he has ever been under investigation.

In a statement sent to a local television station, Reyna said, “Yet another example of a Twin Peaks defense lawyer digging up a disgruntled former employee with more ridiculous allegations and trying to smear my name and disparage the work of the people of this office. Now they are relying on the word of a person who was fired from this office for being untruthful. It’s shameful but not unexpected.”

Fort Worth attorney Brian Bouffard, who represents Salinas, wondered in his email response to Reyna’s statement why Reyna didn’t deny the accusations.


“It certainly appears there are a lot of so-called ‘disgruntled’ former employees of the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office during Mr. Reyna’s tenure as DA,” Bouffard said. “What’s particularly noteworthy about Ms. Scaramucci is that, unlike Mr. Reyna, she has given her information under oath in the form of an affidavit and is expected to testify under oath, as has Mr. Greg Davis, the former First Assistant DA under Mr. Reyna, and as will the other witnesses who know too well how Mr. Reyna has chosen to execute his responsibilities as a public servant and as a member of the Texas Bar.”

Scaramucci, whose last name was then Lannen, was representing Brandon Gatlin on an evading arrest charge in 2014 when she said Gatlin contacted her after seeing her name in a Tribune-Herald story about her role as special prosecutor in DWI cases involving Louis Jarvis and his wife, Jennifer Jones Jarvis.

At the time of their arrests, Louis Jarvis was project manager for a facilities contractor at Baylor University’s physical plant and his wife was executive secretary for former Baylor President and Chancellor Ken Starr.

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Corrupt DA Reyes in charge of Twin Peaks Trials


According to the sworn affidavit, Scaramucci “was informed that the FBI was conducting a public corruption investigation in relation to Reyna and that they were interested in the court reporter’s transcript from one hearing in the Jarvis cases in particular, if the testimony led to any information about improper prosecutions for political purposes.”

Scaramucci writes in the affidavit that she and Gatlin met with an FBI agent for about an hour or more in the Waco United States Attorney’s Office on Franklin Avenue. She said she thinks the interview was recorded by FBI agent Dan Brust.


“Based on my involvement with the Jarvis cases, my resulting investigation and my meeting with Agent Brust, I also became aware of several other cases in which a particular special prosecutor has been appointed solely for the purpose of facilitating politically based dismissals on behalf of Reyna,” Scaramucci’s affidavit states.

Brust did not return phone messages left at his office Thursday. Michelle Lee, FBI public information officer for the Western District of Texas, said in a Thursday afternoon email that “pursuant to the FBI and (Department of Justice) policy, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation. No one with the FBI can make any additional comment.”


Scaramucci said Thursday in a phone interview that she can’t remember all the details of the meeting with her client and Brust and declined to say who else was in the meeting. She said she recalls Gatlin describing the route he took to get to Reyna’s West Waco house.


Reyna, 45, currently is seeking his third four-year term in office.

Gatlin asked for no favors on his pending evading case, Scaramucci said, adding federal authorities had no influence or control over his state-jail felony case.

Gatlin pleaded guilty in his case and was sentenced to 12 months in a state-jail facility on Dec. 19, 2014, according to court records. Gatlin, 28, died June 29, 2016, from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.


Scaramucci’s affidavit also outlines accusations previously reported by the Tribune-Herald that she was confronted by the Jarvis’ attorney, Guy Cox, in the courthouse parking lot in early 2014. Cox told her that there had been a “mix up” and that Jason P. Darling was supposed to have been appointed special prosecutor in the Jarvis cases.

Cox said he had already worked out an “informal” probation for the couple because they are “good people and should not see the criminal justice system,” according to Scaramucci’s affidavit.


“That attorney told me that if I ever wanted a good relationship with Reyna’s office for my future clients, I would not prosecute the Jarvises,” the affidavit states.

Scaramucci was appointed after Reyna recused his office because he said he thought he might have represented one of the Jarvises in the past. That was not true, according to Reyna’s former longtime assistant who kept track of his cases while in private practice.

Cox went to the unprecedented level of trying to have Scaramucci disqualified from her role as special prosecutor in October 2014, alleging she was not competent to handle the Class B misdemeanor cases after she spent several years in the district attorney’s office handling felonies.


Cox declined comment about the affidavit on Thursday.

Retired County Court-at-Law Judge Mike Gassaway acquitted the Jarvises of the charges after Scaramucci made a clerical error in the charging documents that omitted the year the alleged offenses occurred.

The judge ruled that Scaramucci failed to prove an essential element of the case, that her mistake was a fatal flaw and that jeopardy had attached before the error was discovered.

Scaramucci appealed Gassaway’s order, which was overturned by Waco’s 10th Court of Appeals in a ruling that said Gassaway had no authority to dismiss the charges. The court reinstated the charges.


Louis Jarvis pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three days in jail and fined $200 on April 28, according to court records. Jennifer Jarvis was placed in Reyna’s pretrial intervention program and has a status conference on her case set for Jan. 19.

Those placed in the PTIP program have charges dismissed if they successfully complete the program and pay fees associated with it.


The accusations in Scaramucci’s affidavit regarding Reyna potentially dismissing cases for political or personal gain resemble the type Greg Davis leveled at Reyna when Davis resigned as Reyna’s first assistant in August 2014.

Davis, a trial attorney with more than 30 years’ experience, said when he left that he no longer could be a part of a two-tiered justice system that gave preferential treatment to Reyna’s friends and political supporters by dismissing prosecutable cases.


Davis detailed his allegations in an affidavit filed in November of this year in Twin Peaks shootout defendant Matthew Clendennen’s case as part of Clendennen’s efforts to disqualify Reyna from prosecuting his case. Davis listed a number of Reyna’s friends or supporters who had pending criminal cases that Reyna dismissed and said it troubled him enough to resign his top assistant job.


Davis and current First Assistant Michael Jarrett spoke to Reyna about their concerns in March 2013 and Reyna said, “Never get in my f—ing business again,” Davis said in his affidavit. Davis said he and Jarrett met with Texas Ranger Matt Lindemann about their concerns in December 2013 and met with Brust, the FBI agent, in August 2014. Davis wrote in his affidavit that Jarrett got another cellphone so he could speak with Brust and others without Reyna knowing about it. Davis said in his affidavit that he thinks the investigation is ongoing, and two others who have spoken to the FBI said recently that they also think the investigation continues.


“I ultimately resigned from the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office because it had become apparent to me that despite my warnings and advice, Reyna had no intention of stopping his practice of giving preferential treatment to his campaign supporters and friends,” Davis wrote in the affidavit. “I firmly believe that neither politics nor wealth should play any role in prosecutorial decisions and Reyna’s actions were completely antithetical to my beliefs and the oath that all prosecutors take to do justice.” Davis also said in notes from his meeting with Brust, which were included as an exhibit in his November sworn affidavit, that Brust asked him about “Abel’s possible drug use and associates.” The notes from the meeting say that Davis told Brust about what he perceived to be Reyna’s “marked change in behavior and information provided by a confidential informant about a sports bar Reyna frequents.”

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