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Casie “The Pitbull” Gotro, Defense Attorney for Bandido Jake Carrizal – Prosecution “Unethical” and “Criminal.”

“Where did the fortitude GO in this County? The Corruption here has dumbed down the entire Bar. Think not? No one here speaks out or does anything that would jeopardize the Waco lawyer motto: “I’ve got to make a living in this town.”

To start our series ” The Day America Lost It’s Civil Liberties”. Insane Throttle will introduce you to the players from both sides of the situation. We will present the Who, What, Why, and When the best that we can in a factual and to the point type of manner. Insane Throttle will not go off of conspiracy theories or into either clubs politics to prove our theory “The Day America Lost It’s Civil Liberties”.

Insane Throttle will not go with any hearsay, this type of reporting only harms what we are trying to bring to the readership and will never help bring attention to the subject of what really happened down there in Waco Texas on May 17, 2015. Instead of hearsay, interviewing people that were never at the incident, we will use court records, video of the proceedings, information gained through reliable sources to build a case and apply pressure for the mainstream media to cover this story properly, but most importantly, bring those officials to account for their actions that day, as well as bring those who circumvented our countries “Rule of Law” for personal gain.

Within this article and following ones, I would like the readership to pay close to some of the pictures put up. We have some into possession of these graphics from a reader who has put tireless effort into this case, one whom does it for justice, not any type of financial gain. This first picture is an overhead view of the Twin Peaks site. The blue dots represent where officers were firing on the crowd. The “D side” is the patio.

waco twin peaks shootout overhead view insane throttle biker news
Overhead View of the Waco “Twin Peaks”Incident

Here is a partial transcript of the above video in which Carrizal attorney Gortro calls out the Prosecution and why.

Defense Attorney: 00:00 Ok , I think we need to do for . Yes sir . I have been tendered
audio recordings , at least two of them . Your honor in the last
two days . I’m one of them . Had Miss Amanda Dylan and
detective Jeff Rogers sitting in on an interview with a witness
prior to 20 , uh , that contains information that is exculpatory
and that seriously undermines the state’s theory prosecution
finish object to the statement right there is interviews
happened after the insertion of otherwise that long . I’m sorry .
There are two interviews with , with this particular individual ,
one prior to twin peaks and one after 20 . Judge . I’m gonna
object that’s sticking with the facts . We can play them in open
court , but the point your honor is that this district attorney’s
office , including Mr Jerry and Mr Allen and Mr Reyna are sitting
in a room where witnesses two years ago , two and a half years
ago , making exculpatory statements and they say that they’re
don’t have possession of the recording .
Defense: 01:16 What ? That they had actual knowledge of the contents of the
recording and I’m happy to recite page and version or owner of
the witnesses and the statements that they’ve made that
frankly would have propelled , should’ve prevented the state
from sponsoring the testimony of all three of their quote
unquote experts and would have materially changed my cross
examination of every witness that has testified safe for the first
young woman who was a waitress at twin peaks . Um , you
know , she was a cook at 26 . I mean , I don’t know how this isn’t
Brady and it is certainly willful and that fine line of saying , well ,
we didn’t have the recording . You were there . They were
physically present in the room when those statements were
made written requests for a statement that was just tinder to
me . Today I’m going to object to counsel testifying . I’ll take the
stand .

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Defense 1: 02:06 These are absolute facts wrong or bit of prejudice . Jake  is
always right to a fair trial that sticks with me or with the facts or
the Thursday co-defendant , Mr Carroll , who voluntarily came
and spoke with the district attorney’s office with his attorney
pro prison . The fact that somebody came in and lied to the
District Attorney’s office is not an unusual thing about them , is
the same information before . No , we didn’t sponsor this
witness’s testimony . We don’t intend to call as a witness , so to
make these assertions , it’s just like false . The snakes were to
proceed . At this time , your honor , I would just direct the
court’s attention to ex Parte , David , Mark Temple . It is not
within the province of the district attorney’s authority to
determine whether or not a statement is credible or false . Mrs
Sigler that it is contrary to the states there a prosecution , and
let’s face it , this has been a circumstantial case at best .
Defense : 03:05 They’re duty bound to give that information to the defense .
They don’t get to just say that it’s false that the state’s theory of
this case is not based on the witness statement from a gang
member , but the state while your client on his text messages to
other gang members on his actions that are videotaped in Waco
, Texas on May 17 , 2015 on his actions before , during and after
the crime . The fact that he’s continued to be abandoned or the
fact that he’s a senator , the regular president after the crime ,
the evidence was very clear in this case , it has nothing to do
with the statement of a concept or how many times has a state
sponsor testimony that the conflict that Wendy’s was about a
Texas bottom marker three separate times and you can say it’s
a co-defendant . It’s a cost that this man was saying that there
was no conflict over the Texas law .
Defense: 03:59 What effect does that have on the state’s theory all the way up
until now because we heard so much testimony about that
Texas bottom rocker and they’ve got evidence of Cossacks saying
and even a non club member saying that he was president there
patch party and there was no beef over any Texas bar rocker as
wholly inconsistent with the state’s theory of prosecution . The
information received . This warning is confirmation for
confidential informants that are very well connected to a
certain organization that this was over . Texas bottom rocker to
say otherwise is untrue . Allegation under Brady and Marilyn
Brady v , Maryland Kyles v Whitley . It’s three point . Oh , and
the prosecution must turn over evidence that is exculpatory ,
that is inconsistent with their theory , irrespective of their
assessment of the . Of , of the credibility of it . Your honor , I’d
like the court . I’d like to know how long they had it and why
they didn’t give it to us . I would stack a subpoena is trying to
get this stuff judge and then suddenly it appears at this last hour
you were in the room .
Defense: 05:09 I would like the court to dismiss the charges for prosecutorial
misconduct for willfully hiding and sitting on information . That
completely guts staircase case judge . I’ve outlined a both . All
three of those men’s statements . I mean , I don’t see how
there’s anything fair about this . They were in the room . You
were there to listen to that tape again . Mr Moran . I left the
room shortly after he started because he water . Miss Dillon
was there the whole time it started there . We didn’t announce
your presence or your exit , but you knew or I knew a lot . Or
was it a correctly ? He’s lying because it’s inconsistent with your
theory . <Unk> theory is your client committed a crime . He text
message before they’re a price the to stop the . We aren’t doing
that . Then the defendant’s motion to dismiss is denied at this
time . Anything else we need to take up the jury in your honor
at this point , if my . If my motion to dismiss for prosecutorial
misconduct in the willful hiding have exposed , the Tory
evidence is denied . I need to continue it so I can read the
information that I’ve just gotten this morning . I don’t even
know what’s in this report . Judge took a 45 minute recess .

This exchange between the Defense and Prosecution will set the tone for our whole series. I do apologize if they’re any misspelled words, transcription software isn’t the best online. Now, what I mean by tone, how the prosecution has handled this case from the time the bullets stopped flying, the arrest of those who the prosecution claimed was involved (Bikers Arrested that day at Twin Peaks Source Waco Tribune) and the motives behind DA Abel Reyna.

Today’s player spotlight is on Casie Gotro. Defense Attorney for Bandido Jake Carrizal and overall “Pitbull”. Watching Casie in the courtroom is like looking at a work of art. She has no fear of saying what needs to be said on behalf of her client. She is brilliant on how she calls out the prosecution in this video. You can tell that the Waco click has met their match in this one.  It’s only sad to see she will not be the attorney on the second trial. (First one ended in a mistrial) Below is why Casie will not be lead attorney on the second one.

Source Channel 6 News -On Thursday, after the court appearance, she explained her decision came down to money — not any sort of conflict with Carrizal. Gotro said she simply can’t afford to try another case with this sort of time commitment. According to her, she was paid $1,000 a month for eight months through the Bandido defense fund. That amounts to $8,000 total for her role in the heavily-watched case.

“That’s not sustainable for me,” said Gotro. I typically always have one pro bono case on my docket, but this case was all consuming. It was a month at an airbnb. I couldn’t take any other cases. It was just enough to deal with the late disclosures they were giving me. I physically can’t do it.”

Source Waco Tribune

While the Bandidos paid her about $8,000, she racked up $52,000 in expenses during the 5-week trial in Waco and depleted her personal savings account, Gotro said.

It’s a true shame, not only did the biker community need Casie to continue her work on this case, but the people of Texas and American people needed someone like her to continue to expose the injustices of this entire incident. If the biker community, both independent and club members were smart, we get a go fund me or some kind of platform, get everyone around this country donating to get her legal fees paid so she can get back on this case. This case is not about the Bandidos, or the Cossacks, this is a case of government corruption at it’s core.

Waco has been the scene of two government overreaches, this country was founded by “WE THE PEOPLE”. If we could gather just $5 a person to retain a lawyer such as this for a fellow biker, we would be doing all ourselves a favor. Casie is exposing the Waco criminal justice system for what it is, A good ol boy kangaroo court system who has no interest in what America is truly about. “Justice”.

As we keep going through all the different types of evidence supporting our claim, cops and D.A working hand in hand to destroy peoples lives for personal gain, the readership will see just how bad the system can really be if not called out and held accountable. It might be Jake Carrizal, the Bandidos, the Cossacks, and many of the innocent civilians rounded up that day this time. The next time it could be you. Tomorrow we will spotlight DA Abel Reyna as we continue our series ” The Day America Lost It’s Civil Liberties”

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