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Texas Concerned Citizen puts the Waco Motorcycle Club Shooting and Constitutional Violations into prospective. Almost 3 years later the effects continue

By : Texas Concerned Citizen

In taking all the volumes of information, I will try to lend specifics as to how and some points of why Waco Municipality broke our Constitutional Law of this land.

The purpose of the Texas State and US Constitution is to protect the people from a tyrannical government, to ensure justice, and life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Article 1 The freedom of Expression and right to peacefully assemble.
On May 17, 2015 bikers from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas peacefully assembled for a political meeting in Waco at Twin Peaks.
Before the meeting LE held a briefing notating the potential for tensions based on intelligence they possessed. In that meeting the diagram of ABCD sides of Twin Peaks were briefed to officers involved and staging positions. That morning it is documented a camera was installed at 7am to view Twin Peaks front, patio and parking lot. Upon arrival many of the bikers noted a strong LE presence around Twin Peaks property marked and unmarked vehicles. After the gun fire listen to the 911 dispatch conversation with officers noting sides ABCD and refusal for ambulances to enter to assist the injured and dying. To date the probable cause for detainment and arrests were the bikers mere presence. Which most ran and took cover for their lives amidst the barge of superseded rifle fire from LE.
waco twin peaks shootout overhead view insane throttle biker news
Overhead View of the Waco “Twin Peaks”Incident
Article 4 Search and Seizure 
Waco seized all vehicles and motorcycles. If the vehicle or motorcycle was owned outright with no lender it was sold and funded back to Waco. Some vehicles and motorcycles were returned if a lender was involved with more than one on the note. Of course with hefty impound fees to follow.
I went to Waco with a friend of mine to retrieve her vehicle that was seized. There was a document in the vehicle what appeared to be some sort of paper stating what was taken. What was interesting was the space to be filled with the officers name was blank and the space for a Judge to sign for the search was blank as well. There were a few items noted they took but what they didn’t note on the document was items they stole from her. Prescriptions and really anything of any value. Waco literally stole items from these vehicles. This is true across the board with anyone who was able to get their vehicle back.
During Jacob Carrizal trial Ms. Gotro reviewed in front of the Jury the following morning as the detective video taped the bikes and vehicles. Over the night ALL of the bikes and vehicles were rummaged through and certain vehicles and bikes marked. There is a little thing in our Constitution called the Oath of affirmation that these officers and people of office have to follow especially when it comes to search and seizure. The who, what, when, where and why were not documented and people’s belongings were just rifled through and seized with the only fact of mere presence of their vehicle or motorcycle was at Twin Peaks.
Article 5 Rights of Person
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, UNLESS on presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury
These Americans were arrested en masse, bused to a convention center and detained to upwards of 18 hours with hands behind their backs zip tied.  Food and water to the tune of a piece of fried chicken and a bottle of water after many hours of detainment left to figure out how they were to feed each other. Zip ties were removed and replaced if the detained needed to use the restrooms. No miranda rights were given until the next evening.
Let’s talk about the Grand Jury part here for a minute. In November 2015, 106 Americans were indicted in an 8 hour Grand Jury hearing. Let’s do the math…480 minutes in 8 hours. 106 individuals which is supposed to be addressed individually before the Grand Jury based on evidence. With NO bathroom breaks and NO lunch that means each person got 4.5 minutes that the Grand Jury spent to decide based on evidence that an individual is indicted. This screams en masse indictments! In Texas a DA has the decision to allow defense attorneys present during a Grand Jury hearing. DA Able Reyna in Waco doesn’t allow defense counsel during Grand Jury hearings.
Most of the arrested didn’t have a trial attorney at the time. They only had an attorney for bond reduction. The DA knew this and didn’t notify anyone they were up for a Grand Jury and the arrested didn’t know they had the right to be present during that process. The appearance is the DA held Grand Jury hearings in secret.
Article 6 Rights of accused in criminal prosecutions.
In ALL criminal prosecution, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy trial and public trial, by impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed.
Soooooo here we are nearly 3 years from May 17, 2015. Only 1 has gone to trial which ended in a hung jury. There were several who’s attorneys requested speedy trial and have been denied. However the DAs agenda to hand pick who goes first cost the tax payers 1 million dollars to have Jake Carrizal trial go first. Now the bill goes to ALL Texans. The others have been delayed past the DAs primarily election to run for DA past March 2018. He is delaying constitutional law for political gain. He cannot afford a mistrial or not guilty.
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Article 8 Further Guarantees in Criminal Cases
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted
Sargent Patrick Swanton is well documented stating 1 million dollar bonds on the news and in Waco Tribune.  Justice of the Peace…..Yes a Justice of the Peace Pete Peterson posted 1 million dollar bonds to “SEND A MESSAGE!”
Americans were detained and arrested at the DAs command. These Americans were zip tied upwards of 18 hours and denied medical attention during this time and the 10 days to follow. None were acknowledged and rendered aid at their extreme request for medical attention at the convention center and in Jail. Folks were literally falling out due to lack of medical attention. These were diabetic patients, blood pressure, seizure medical conditions. Some family took Prescriptions to the Jack Harwell Detention Center so their loved ones can be given their medication. The advice from the nurse staff there said to bring the Prescriptions and they would verify with their prescribing Doctors and give them their medications. The nurses said the Prescriptions brought to verify will be put in the inmates personal so they would have their medication when they are released. That never happened! They didn’t return that property to the inmates.
There were bikers in there that had bullet fragments in them and never received medical attention.
Can you imagine 8 days in the same clothing? They were denied some of the most simple requests even to clean clothing. I as well as others made formal complaints to the Texas Commission of Jail Standards. An inspection happened 10 days after they were jailed. I have a letter I wrote and the TCJS reply if you are interested. They found no infractions. They never inquired with any inmates from the Twin Peaks tragedy.
However, like magic after their investigation in Jack Harwell Detention Center the people started to receive medical attention, regular clean clothing, and option for commissary.
When these Americans were able to make bond they were put under bond conditions that included an ankle monitor. At the bail bonds office it was required to pay $350 down and $260 per month to Recovery Healthcare Corporation.
Let’s put this into financial perspective example.  1 million dollar bond reduced to 75k for example. Bond is 10%. Most of the bail bonds there in Waco were very gracious and charged 5%. About $3k to $7k to hire an attorney for bond reduction. Commissary $200. Phone calls $800 to $1,000. Yes they jacked up the price for phone calls. Travel to Waco $400.00. Ankle monitor $350 down and $260 per month. Most had it for about 2 months. Approximately 10k to 12k in total.
Most lost their jobs and livelihood and are still battling the aftermath to this day. Some who have been pulled over for a traffic violation are met with many officers at gun point because of engaging in organized criminal activity with underlying murder caution LE because it shows when their tags are ran.
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