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Loners Motorcycle Club- WTF? A so called 1%er club advertising membership in a Facebook Group ? IOTC calls them out.

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Well lets just jump in shall we? But first, To all the Iron Order Members that have been blowing up my email because you don’t like that I advertise IOTC, well here comes one of my many reasons (Like I have to explain anything to you guys on the East Coast, or any of you for that matter, before you get your panties in a bind and blow my email box up, listen to the Motorcycle Madhouse episode Iron Order- Still Unanswered Questions. Quiet Frankly the crap is getting tiring and old.) IOTC  EXPOSES SHIT LIKE THESE ASS MONKEYS ,advertising for members on Facebook claiming to be a 1%er club. Or they expose this kind of freak, a damn Sex offender in a stupid ass club named “Out Bad M/C” (And you wonder why clubs are having issues out there? Really? OUT BAD M/C? Retards. Guess we know where they get their membership from- Right out of the Sex offender pool). Use to be a motorcycle club would kick the shit out of these people and throw their ass to the curb. Guess those in Out Bad M/C have no worries about a freak like this being around their ol lady or kids.

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1.- Insane Throttle is not here to promote any one clubs viewpoints.

2.- Insane Throttle is not a gossip column. There is many serious issues out there. One being the “Twin Peaks” incident. Making sure the information gets out there that affects the biker club community as a whole. I really don’t have the time or patience to deal with you being BUTT HURT over who we advertise.

3. GET OVER IT. If your butt hurt over what someone is saying about you on the internet, then you shouldn’t being wearing a patch. You might as well be these idiots Loners M/C advertising on a Facebook Group for membership.

4. I made an offer for one of your International Officers to come on the Motorcycle Madhouse . This is a chance for your club to be heard on an International Level. This is an opportunity that quiet frankly no one else will give your club. If they accept, I will put out the dates for the podcast.

5. If you have issues, have one of your club officers contact me. Someone that can speak for your club ( Here is Insane Throttles Number 847-957-1656 ). I don’t have time to be dealing with some 3 month in newly patched members bitch about who I advertise on this site.

I do want to apologize to Insane Throttle’s readership for that little outburst. But you can only hear it so many times before you snap on some fools who can’t understand that Insane Throttle puts out links to different sites in order for all points of views to be heard.

So with that out of the way let’s get to some more pressing issues. Loners M/C, so called 1%er club. I will not even give the background on how they started up. They do claim to be one of the top 10 clubs in the world, I call bullshit, but that’s just my thoughts. When you’re a 1%er club recruiting in Facebook Groups for membership, you can’t be all that 1% can you?

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By the way, I must be confused. Since when does a broad belong to a 1%er motorcycle club? I’m I missing something here? Hey Loners M/C, do you accept broads into your ranks as patch holders? I ask because it’s a broad advertising for membership in your club name.

I’ve wrote about the use of the internet for a recruiting tool for riding clubs. Riding clubs is an entirely different kind of group. Riding clubs are not Motorcycle Clubs. So the use of the internet to recruit for Riding Clubs is acceptable to most in the biker community. The internet is NOT acceptable to most when it comes to recruitment for a motorcycle club. Especially a 1%er club. What the hell are you thinking recruiting on the internet for 1%er membership? It’s no wonder why the diamond has been watered down as much as it has.  I was asked yesterday on the Madhouse if I would ever join another motorcycle club. Besides having epilepsy, HELL NO. I love and respect motorcycle clubs (The True Established ones) and what they are suppose to be about, but with all the changes over the years that is the “Club Scene”. I wouldn’t ever think about joining one again. Riding club I would, but not a Motorcycle Club.

What are some of the changes that I’m talking about? Well for one, shit like this. This isn’t the only so-called 1%er clubs doing this either. Their is a whole shit ton of so called 1%er clubs doing this kind of stuff. Another thing that has changed, the politics of clubs. It’s no longer about brotherhood anymore. It’s about getting to the next level, no matter who you have to destroy to get there. The stories I’ve been hearing from people getting out of the club scene on this subject has been numerous. Good brothers who spent their lives with clubs, most of whom at the expense of their families, leaving because some of the clubs no longer stand for brotherhood.

Like I’ve been saying in a lot of articles. You want to be apart of something, go out and join a riding club or MRO. Enjoy the freedom and brotherhood that comes along with being an independent. If you are hell bent on joining a motorcycle club. Then stay as far as way as possible from clubs like the Loners M/C. They will take your patch money and get your ass beat by real 1%er clubs. These types of clubs are nothing more than a pyramid scheme, plain and simple.

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  1. To whom it may concern,
    This is Jay Lonersmc, I’m made a statement through my wife’s account on accept applications for new recruitment on her Facebook account. This was not a decision of LONERS MC about bringing in New members whatsoever!!!!! This was something I did on my own . I quickly realized was a dumbass idea and since removed post not more than an hour after , it still went WORLDWIDE as an insult to loners MC and many other motorcycle clubs throughout the world. Many on the internet find so many faults in what people do and use it as a fault for many clubs and organizations, that’s bullshit. I’m giving my full apology to all the mayhem that post has caused my family in LONERS MC and all other clubs affected by my stupidity, as a man to all who read this , the intention of disgrace to my MC was definitely not what I wanted. IN RETURN I HAVE GIVEN UP MY CUTS AND AM NO LONGER A MEMBER OF LONERS MC. Thank you , and font judge an MC for the ignorance of 1 man


  2. Thank You Insane Throttle!! The REAL Loners Mc was Established in CA in 1973 our colors are Blue & Gold we are not associated with any other club by the same name any where in the World we don’t claim Territory…but will protect our name and our PATCH to the end…LONERS MC EST. 1973


  3. JAMES, as brother lffl ede stated above we BLUE AND GOLD LONERS M.C. are in now way affiliated with these jerk off blk and white losers. your article is right on…..but since your article refers to “loners m.c.”, in the event there are any future posts on this matter it would be appreciated if you could make the distinction between blue and gold loners and the “mail order club” thanking you in advance, ROD HENDERSON LFFL INLAND EMPIRE


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