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Waco Bikers Duped For Their DNA- One of the Many 4th Amendment Violations coming out of “Twin Peaks”

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By : Bellend

The Wicked Waco Web- Roll up your sleeves because the truth is getting deep.
The District Attorneys office of McLennan County and both Judge Johnson and Judge Strothers orchestrate warrants to retrieve DNA from Twin Peaks Biker cases via a court date. An orchestration of communistic and criminal acts continued by the Wicked Waco Web. An incestuous municipality that embraces conditional constitutional law with their Law Book of Waco.
Humor me a moment and let me take you to that day in February 2016.
Memories of the horrific events that happen May 17, 2015 reeled back in our minds as we drove down the road to Waco Texas. The closer we got the darker the looming cloud grew. The perfect storm of uncertainty for the future, McLennan County’s presumed scarlet letter of guilt, grief, loss, fear, violation, fight to prove innocence, and distrust of our Justice System.
The uncertainty as to why we had to report to the McLennan Courthouse  for a untitled hearing was consuming. No one knew. Not even the Attorneys. You see when a municipality has gotten away with so many constitutional violations we wondered what they are going to do next.
After battling traffic and found a place to park, we rushed to the courthouse. We were running late in a determined force to be on time with uncontrollable circumstances. Could the court demerit and arrest for bond violations? We held our breath and made our way to the front of the courthouse.
Before we got in the courthouse I looked up and saw a statue on top of the dome. That statue is Themis the Goddess of Justice. The Greek Titan Goddess of DEVINE LAW AND ORDER. She was the voice who instructed man in laws of justice and morality. This is Themis on top of the McLennan County Courthouse that day.
themis insane throttle biker news
A perfect depiction of Justice in McLennan county. Years ago her arm and scale was incinerated by lightning. I suppose her husband Zeus spoke clearly. The scale represents decisions will be made by evidence in a fair manner. The only comfort of justice Themis brings are for the birds that live in her armpit. The McLennan County Themis also lost her sword years ago. They found it on the roof of the courthouse.McLennan County now has a new Themis with extra strength scale and sword to ensure the facade of Justice.
The perception in my mind as we walked up the dark green stone stairs was filled with contradictions of the beautiful courthouse and deception of what I knew the way Americans were being treated by our justice system.At the entrance we were greeted by an Officer and through the typical medal detector. The officer followed with giving us directions as to where to go. We arrived to a beautiful mezzanine before the courtroom doors. Truly a lavish tribute would reflect excellence and purity of law.
Entering in the courtroom we took a seat. Everyone was glancing around to find familiar faces. Those familiar faces could not be met with hugs and hellos. We all had not grieved together as family and friends should because of the bond violations that state we could not contact each other or be around each other. We stayed glued to our seats eyes wide trying to keep calm.Silence came over the courtroom as a well dressed man introduced himself. He introduced himself as Michael Jarrett the Assistant District Attorney. Putting his name with his face lent instant judgment, anger, and disgust. He is part of the Wicked Web. Fault and responsibility for the death of many peoples spirits of hope and happiness.
One by one names were called and attorneys followed suit with their clients and were given a warrant for the bikers DNA. Attorneys were silent, irritated, and surprised. They were ushered to a forensic technician who performed a swab in their mouths. The sight of many innocent men that had to succumb to a very public DNA specimen screening in a courtroom was unlike anything I have ever witnessed. No one questioned what happened at the time. I believe the only thing on anyone’s mind was to get the hell out of McLennan county.
Take in and behold one of the many mass violations of Amendment 4 of our US Constitution.
In America a municipality doesn’t arrest and indict THEN investigate for evidence.
We’ll, unless one follows the Laws in the Book of Waco.
Communistic and Criminal!

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