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Stolen Valor- Former Out Bad Iron Order Member buys Hells Angel Patch from China and parades as a member of the Legendary Motorcycle Club

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

There is nothing worse in the club scene as a “Fake”. Especially one that goes onto the internet and purchases a club patch from a site that sells pirated property of a motorcycle club. I refuse to print or even give any of those websites a mention out of fear more keyboard warriors will go jump on them and purchase more of these fake patches.

I often deal with questions from RUBS about why motorcycle members cherish their patches like they do.

  1. It’s just a piece of cloth, why do members of a motorcycle club care about it so much?
  2. Patches are nothing but symbols of being a gang. Whey shouldn’t the cops go after them?

Let me tell you. The questions and statements go on and on. But let me take a crack at answering the two questions I did put up. For those who have to ask why a patch means so much to a member of a club you will never understand. A motorcycle club is not just about motorcycles and hanging out. If you want something like that; there is plenty of riding clubs out there to join. No, a motorcycle club is a second family. A legitimate club (Not talking about one of these clubs you can order your patch over the internet) is one that you will probably spend more time with then your own wife and kids.

For a person to get into a legitimate motorcycle club they have to go through a hangaround period and prospect period. Now, most people who have no idea about motorcycle clubs would think of this process as archaic form of initiation some gump has to go through to become a member of motorcycle club. Some compare it to hazing that people go through to join a fraternity. If that’s the way you think of it then again. “You will never understand.”

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The hangaround and prospect period is there for the members to get to know you and you them. Ask yourself this question. Would you want someone you never met, know nothing about, hanging around your wife or kids? Would you want someone hanging around you that you would have to question their motives or sincerity ?

Here is an example why clubs have the hangaround and prospect period. Hopefully this will hit home for all of you. This is a conversation I was having with a club named “Out Bad M/C.” Yea I know, screwed up name for a club and one in my personal opinion is a complete joke. But hey, It’s their shit, they can deal with it.

Out Bad MC insane throttle biker news

This whole conversation had to do with one of their members being a damn child molester. As all of you know, there is two things in this world that burn my ass. A cop in a 3pc patch motorcycle club; A DAMN CHILD MOLESTER or SEX OFFENDER. This club because they didn’t take the time to follow proper club protocol let a sex offender in their ranks. “They want to be able to take someones word”. These internet pop up clubs wonder why everyone messes with them? These suppose Law Abiding clubs apart of the “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” wonder why everyone has disdain for them because they hand out patches like cotton candy? Well, it could be because you RUBS are killing everything that people fought and died for. It took decades to build some of the clubs that are around today. It took blood, sweat and tears to get them as strong as they are today. But you RUBS in these pop ups will never get that will you? You never had to put in the sacrifice that members of real clubs have had to do. Lets take a look at this freak shall we?

Stolen valor Hells Angels MC Insane throttle biker News
This patch is a pirate copy of the Hells Angels patch.

A patch that is a pirate copy of the Hells Angels.

Garry Krause is an ex member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. I was informed that he was put out bad for “Cowardice”. I don’t know the entire situation because I really don’t like to know internal business of any club. But a chapter president of the Iron Order is the one who forwarded Insane Throttle this information concerning Garry Krause. This President knew Insane Throttle could get it out there to the people that it needed to go to and make it known that this individual had no part whatsoever with the Iron Order any longer.

This picture of Garry Krause in his FAKE Hells Angels colors was taken a few days ago. He was using the picture against his old club by making threats as well as gloating that he was a suppose Hells Angel. Well, before writing this article we reached out to people that needed to be and we found out that in fact this ass-monkey IS NOT and WAS NEVER a Hells Angel.

Many ask whats happening in the club scene nowadays and why it seems to have been watered down. It’s because of guys like this. Rubs who want to live the Outlaw Lifestyle, but don’t want to put the work in to do it. Guys who will run out there and start up some club, get on the internet to make it grow ; get like minded people who they themselves refuse to put the work in. That’s what is wrong with the club scene now; why you are seeing all the problems that is happening in and around the club scene. Hopefully one day these RUBS will grow out of their fascination of being apart of clubs. I doubt it, but hey, we all can only hope.

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