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Tomorrow a call to arms & day of remembrance. Twin Peaks- Bandidos and Cossacks M/C”We will Never Forget”. Bellend’s “Priceless”

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari


Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for District Attorney Abel Reyna. Tomorrow is the day that citizens of McLennan County go to the polls and determine the fate of a man who has destroyed so many.

Here is a list of Polling locations in McLennan County. Get the word out, fire up the automobiles. Help family and friends eligible to vote get to the polls.

Tomorrow is a call to arms for the entire biker community. A call to right a wrong that was perpetrated on so many American Citizens May 17th 2015. A chance to show the strength of the biker community, a chance to say “No” to a man who for political gain destroyed so many innocent lives.

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The biker community lost 9 souls that day. 9 men who where husbands, fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sons. They died in an incident because of an over reactive totalitarian police action. The individuals on May 17th 2015 were stripped of their rights to “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” because a government agency decided it was better for American Citizens to die, rather than execute the oath they all swore to uphold.

To add insult to injury. Almost 3 years after that tragic day in Waco Texas. Only 1 case of the over 175 arrested that day in what only could be called an illegal police action; has come to trial. The trial of Jake Carrizal which ended in a mistrial was the only one to come before the bench . Since the mistrial Abel Reyna has been dropping cases left and right in order to escape having to take the witness stand. Lawyers for the accused want answers for his conduct in handling the “Twin Peaks” incident.  Well last week Reyna was served at a polling place. From our understanding he is to testify today at 9:00am. Will lawyers be able to trip this snake up on the stand? Expose him for what he really is? Or will Reyna slither his way out of testifying once again?

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Regardless of the election tomorrow, everyone here at Insane Throttle is praying will oust this evil man. Take time and remember those 9 lost that day. Take time to think about how you would be able to handle your loved ones being hauled away by police for something they didn’t do. The nightmare is still very real for all those families going through this situation down in Waco. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Bellend wrote a beautiful tribute to those lost that day. Here it is below.


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By : Bellend

That day that came that I got the call

The day you were taken away

The tears are still falling my love

They fall every day

Answers I still don’t have as why…just why you are gone and who took you away.

For what reason were you taken away from others decisions they made?

That faithful day still rings clear as the voice on the other end delivers

a message that you are not forever.


The only answer I have is from God.  We are subject to the elements of this world.

You are gone because of evil elements of man and a world that made plans I did not have for us.

You are gone because of lies and ego!

I miss you with every ounce in my soul!

Hello Mama…can you put a price on your loss of your loved one? Can you put a price on your hurt?

I would rather have him here right now than all the money in the world you heartless number man

Now I am expected to think of all that we could have had and hoped for in our lives

and produce a number.

My love my heart and mostly my strength

My other half…How do I answer them…I cannot put a price on your life.

You my love are priceless..

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