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Video showing hit of Comanchero Motorcycle Club Enclosed- Brutal warfare from across the pond in OZ. Bikie boss Mick Hawi’s execution murder

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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Usually I put the overseas biker news over at Insane Throttle Biker News International but thought this would be an interesting piece over here on this site. The video above is the actual hit of Comanchero bikie Mick Hawi . In case you don’t know. They call bikers “Bikies” over in Australia. So before I get called out that it’s spelled wrong, that’s actually what they are called lol.

Australia has a weird set up when it comes to motorcycle clubs. Some clubs like the Comancheros a member don’t need to have a motorcycle to join. This isn’t unique to just Australia. It happens all over Canada and New Zealand to name a few. So here in the states we have to ask ourselves. Are these groups even considered Motorcycle Clubs? Afterall, if you don’t have a bike how can you be in a motorcycle club?

With that angle in mind I guess someone could presume that some of these groups are gangs and not motorcycle clubs. Yeah, I know, here comes all the emails from those countries and members of Comancheros emailing in bitching how wrong I am on that. But I’m I? Again, if you don’t require your members to have and ride a motorcycle, then how do you claim motorcycle club?

The Comancheros were brought into the United States by a dude named Michael Cunningham. We will be having a great story about him on Sundays “The Truth Corner” with IOTC. He was another one of those that was apart of multiple clubs within like a years time. Comancheros being one of them.

But anyways. Leave some comments on the Facebook Page. I’m I right or wrong? Does a motorcycle club need to require it’s members to actually ride motorcycles to be considered a club? If they do not are they just another street gang? What say you?

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By : Candace Sutton

DRAMATIC video has been released showing the moment Comanchero bikie Mick Hawi was shot dead by a masked assassin in a suburban Sydney car park last month.

The video obtained by Seven News shows a man dressed in black and wearing a full face balaclava running with a pistol into the car park of First Fitness gym just after midday on February 15.

He runs toward a black vehicle, raises the weapon in his right hand, aims and fires several shots at close range into the driver’s seat of the car.

The man then runs away and as it later emerged, Mick Hawi was shot in the face as he sat in his own four wheel drive..

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The dramatic footage was released by police on Friday just after it was revealed a man was arrested at the airport on the same day as Hawi’s murder trying to leave the country.

Although detectives said the man was not directly involved with the assassination, they later executed a search warrant at a southwestern Sydney home and found a pistol.

It is not clear whether the Desert Eagle handgun seized by police is the same weapon used in Hawi’s murder.

Former bikie boss Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi died in hospital hours after the targeted attack on him after a gym session.

NSW Police later said Hawi was ambushed.

The 37-year-old who had retied as national president of the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle group had previously been convicted of the 2009 Sydney Airport murder of Anthony Zervas.

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