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From the Bandidos, Kingsman and now the Pagans, rats have been bearing their ugly heads. I love and support motorcycle clubs 100%. But I sure the hell wouldn’t want to be apart of any of them today. From inner and outer club politics to having to wonder who your brother is, I actually feel for the shit that clubs have to put up with now a days. But are they bringing all this on themselves?

I was thinking about this as I was listening to “Big Pete’s” new episode of “The Boss” on Insane Throttles Youtube Channel.Pete did a video titled “Old School”. He was talking about what it meant and more importantly how it really needed to be updated and brought into the present.  “If clubs don’t learn how to adapt and evolve they will start going the way of the Dinosaurs.” Pete was spot on. The crap clubs use to do in the past is just that. The Past. With all the technology and the weak pull of individuals to get membership from; Clubs do have to start to evolve and stop letting a few bad ones take an entire clubs name down.

Motorcycle Clubs were never suppose to be about being a criminal organization. Clubs were suppose to be about biking and brotherhood; I still believe that many are still like that today. But the problem clubs are having is they don’t put the rogue element in check. It’s that element that is bringing the clubs into the public eye as nothing but criminal organizations.  Quite frankly it’s time for those 1%er clubs to step and say enough is enough from that wing of membership.

No one has any qualms about getting out there and making a buck. It’s only when it starts spilling out in the public that things can start to hurt the motorcycle club scene as a whole. Now you have a ass-monkey cop in Florida going around on the news calling particular M/C’s Terrorist. When the public hears that crap they don’t reason like we all do . We all know it’s just a few members of a club doing it. No, they take these peoples word because they are civilians listening to cops and don’t know any better. So they automatically reason that all motorcycle clubs are doing what the cop is saying.

To this case. It’s still in trial so I’ll never make any judgement other than a “Rat” has surfaced. The Pagans are some pretty cool kats. But they’ve had this problem in the past. Numerous members turned on DENNIS ROOSTER KATONA, former National President of the Pagans M/C at the time. Rooster beat his conviction on appeal and is now President of the Sutar Soldiers M/C. Can you blame him for going out there and starting up a brotherhood he feels is true after members who were suppose to be his brothers turned on him?

The way Rooster felt after being betrayed is how many ex-members of clubs are feeling these days. Many of those out there that have never been in a club or were always just supporters don’t get how screwed up things are in some clubs; Why people leave. You are always fed the “Company Line” as I always say on why someone left or is “Out Bad”. You really never get the full story and hear the other side. You get out there pounding on those keyboards like you’re some sort of expert on the situation but really don’t know Jack Shit about the facts. 98% of the time you keyboard mouths never even took the time to prospect, more or less even become a member of a club. Actually, it’s you keyboard mouths that would piss your pants if you were confronted on the streets. So how about you learn both sides before you get out there acting like you know something?

Why am I getting off topic a little bit? Because this morning I seen a stupid ass comment on Youtube about Big Pete. “This guy is Out Bad so fuck him”. Now I can almost bet you a C-Note this was coming from a ass-monkey who three years ago was lining up trying to kiss Big Pete’s ass and trying to act like his brother to gain favor from him. The irony of people astounds me. For those running off at the mouth. You ass-monkeys could only dream of doing what that man did. That’s why you were all lined up trying to kiss his ass when he was in power. Now that he’s gone you’re all tough guys.

Let’s put his resume up against you keyboard wannabees. Former Regional Vice President of the Outlaws in Illinois. He helped oversee every Outlaw Chapter in Illinois, PLUS, he was the main man in Chicago, the Outlaws home base in a city of over 6 million people. He started and ran the Northern Illinois Confederation of Clubs for over 17 years fighting for the rights you ass-clowns enjoy today. He brought in clubs that would’ve never had a chance to get started in Chicago and schooled them in how to do things the correct way.  To this day he takes time to give advice and answer questions for everyone on the COC Chicago and Insane Throttle Facebook Live on Thursday nights.  SO tell me, what have you ass-clowns done? Go to a couple of parties and buy a support patch? Or run around playing biker as your old lady drags you around by the dick telling you what you have to do and when to be home? Basically, you’re a bunch of cowards. You hide behind fake screen names and a keyboard acting like you’re a source for information and expert on a situation.

Here’s a challenge for all the keyboard warriors or even members of his old club. I’ll set aside an episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. You come on the show and let me hear all the knowledge you have on the situation that happened with “Big Pete”. Any Takers? Here is the email address to set up your interview.  You now have been giving a chance to show those balls. I’ll give an update to everyone if we get any takers.

So back onto the Rats lol. Sorry about the rant, it’s actually these kind of cowards that like talking crap on the internet who turn out to be the ones doing all the “Ratting” within motorcycle clubs. Just like these rats who testify against their brothers, they hide themselves and their true agendas.

This is the nonsense that always leads me to tell people it’s better to stay independent or join a riding club. Most people became a biker to enjoy the freedom of the road and have the chains of society lifted off them . Again, I do support motorcycle clubs but I’m always honest as well. Why join something that is going to be like a 2nd job? That is exactly the way things are starting to turn out from everything people tell me. Insane Throttle gets tons of emails from current members of motorcycle clubs on problems going on out there. First thing I always write back is “Why the hell you telling us, go out there and do something to change it”. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from everyone. But Insane Throttle don’t get involved in your internal politics. We are here reporting on the stuff happening out in the biker scene. Not to be someones shrink. We will take “General Questions” on clubs, but not specific clubs problems if ya get my meaning.

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Source :

A former Pagans motorcycle gang leader says he is a confidential informant in a South Jersey murder-for-hire and drug distribution case, according to a story published by a Canadian news outlet.

Andrew Glick, of Egg Harbor Township, told a reporter for The Toronto Star that he cooperated with the FBI and Atlantic County investigators in building their case against Dr. James Kauffman and several Pagans who were arrested in January.

Kauffman and reputed Pagan Ferdinand Augello are charged in the murder of Kauffman’s wife, April, who investigators say was killed after she learned her husband was running a prescription drug racket from his office and threatened to go to police.

Kauffman committed suicide in jail in January, leaving Augello, 61, of Petersburg, as the only defendant still facing a murder rap. The other six defendants are charged with racketeering in connection with the drug racket.

Glick, 53, who previously served as president of the Cape May County Pagans chapter, said he decided to cooperate when faced with the prospect of serving 40 years in prison on weapons and drug charges.

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He was arrested in early November on drug charges, but that arrest was never publicized with the others. The arresting officer listed on Glick’s court documents is a member of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office who was credited for his role as a lead investigator in the Kauffman case.

Glick’s charges don’t include the weapons offenses he mentioned in his interview with the Star.

Complaints signed against the Kauffman defendants in January reference Glick as a Pagans member and one of those solicited to kill April Kauffman.

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James Kauffman had grown inpatient with how long it was taking to find someone to handle the hit, Glick told the Star.

“The doc kept complaining, ‘Why is it taking so long?,'” Glick said. “I said, ‘We’re working on it. It’s not like there is a store where we can go to hire hitmen to kill women.'”

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Augello allegedly solicited several Pagans to carry out the killing, before striking a deal with Francis Mulholland to carry out the deed in 2012. Mulholland, 46, of Lower Township, died of a drug overdose in 2013, prosecutors said.

The affidavits of probable cause against Kauffman and his co-defendants reference a confidential informant, but it’s not clear if these references are to Glick.

In addition to prescription records that led authorities to several defendants charged with racketeering, a confidential informant “has had numerous recorded conversations with Ferdinand Augello and other individuals who have admitted to details of the enterprise, including prescription fraud and the murder of April Kauffman,” according to an affidavit.

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A confidential informant also figured in an effort to have the doctor killed, prosecutors allege. Augello told the informant he feared the doctor would implicate him in the murder and drug scheme.

Kauffman was arrested on weapons offenses last June after investigators armed with search warrants arrived at his office. Kauffman pulled a gun, leading to a 45-minute standoff. He was still jailed on weapons charges from the standoff when he was charged with murder.

Between December 2017 and January, someone described in the affidavit as a co-conspirator told Augello that he “had individuals who would kill Kauffman at the Atlantic County Justice Facility.” Augello allegedly told the co-conspirator to act on the plan.

After learning of the alleged plot, authorities moved Kauffman to Hudson County, where he killed himself in late January.

Augello remains in jail, while his co-defenants are free pending future hearings.

Glick told the Star that he is now fearful for his safety.

“I walk around and I look over my shoulder,” he told the paper. “I don’t go out a whole lot.”

He is currently free pending an April 19 pre-indictment conference in Atlantic County

Efforts to reach Glick, his attorney and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office for comment were unsuccessful Tuesday.

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