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It’s Illegal and It’s Criminal! A Glimpse of the Criminals in the Waco Justice System





By : Texas Bellend

Roll up your selves because the truth is getting deep!

When Able Reyna lost the primary election, a great sense of relief came down like a down pour of rain from heaven for those who are involved with the Twin Peaks atrocity.  A sense of permission to take off the suit of armor of determination and fight for Justice against the incestuous justice system of Waco Texas. This sounds redundant but it is so true.

Pacified that there is truly light at the end of this dark tunnel, many of us writers like myself are dumb founded with the silence and bailing of the McLennan county ship.  We are all watching them turn on each other like dirty rats and scurry out of offices like an infestation of cockroaches when the light is turned on.

After almost three years of pure obsession against the miscarriage of justice that is Waco…..NOW WHAT!  Giving this a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that so many of you out there possibly do not understand the level of criminality by the Prosecution and Judges that took place and how deep the pockets are in Waco among the District Attorneys office, DPS, Texas Rangers, ATF, FBI, Sheriffs Department, Game Wardens (yes Game Wardens were present at Twin Peaks), and local Police.

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During Jacob Carazal’s trial last fall some of these officers were asked by the defense about a meeting that took place to brief and contingency plan based on this memo.  Struck with amnesia the officers could not remember if one or another officer listed here was present or not. Under oath one officer said he could not recall because he left his notes in his car.  How convenient! This was probably one of the most major incidences to happen in your career and you cannot remember most of what you should. AMAZING!


Texas Shootout too much for Waco to Handle

I’d Bet Our Gang Before I’d Bet On There Gang


Interview with Da Reyna


Able Reyna states very clearly in this video that he agrees that everyone should have been arrested without proper evidence and the only probable cause is because folks were just there.  He also promotes his office as a gang which implies he is at the same level of lawlessness that he promotes the guilt of what he and DPS has labeled as a gang. He states that it’s too early to tell who really should be further prosecuted and who should not.  In short, Waco DA Able Reyna commanded to arrest everyone without sufficient evidence because evidence still needs to process. Putting unlawfully arrested and indicted along with their families through hell for almost now 3 years. He even admits that the 1 million dollar excessive bonds were to send a message.  Placing guilt on innocent people, he talks about the ankle monitors to protect the citizens of McLennan County. Given all that has transpired you can see the lies spew out of his mouth.


Judge Matt Johnson was former law partners with DA Able Reyna and would not recues himself from the State v.s Bergman Twin Peaks trial.  Even though clearly states he should have done so. Judge Matt Johnson and the DAs office recused themselves from the State v.s Clendennen Twin Peaks case…..Both are Biker cases from May 17, 2015!  In my opinion to date, Bergmans case was a test to see if plea bargains could be possible. Bergman denied any plea bargains and eventually the case was dismissed. Clendennens case was a test to see if the Texas Attorney General would take future Twin Peaks cases….in short to pass the buck and try to prevent Waco tax payers financially liable for pending civil cases.


The Standards for Recusal

  1. RULE NO. 1 – The Extrajudicial Source Rule

Rule 18b(2)(b), T.R.C.P. provides for recusal

when a judge has a personal bias or prejudice

concerning the subject matter or a party, or personal

knowledge or disputed evidentiary facts concerning the



“Recusal is appropriate if the movant has

provided enough facts to establish that a reasonable

person, knowing all the circumstances involved, would

harbor doubts as to the impartiality of the trial court,

but only when the bias is of such a nature and extent as

to deny the movant due process of law”, Rosas v. State,

76 SW3d 771 (Tex. App. – Houston [1st District] 2002,

no writ history).




V.A.T.S.; C.C.P. ART. 30.01)

(1) A judge should disqualify himself in a

proceeding in which his impartiality might

reasonably be questioned. including, but not

limited to, instances where:

(a) he has a personal bias at prejudice

concerning a party, or personal knowledge

of disputed evidentiary facts concerning the



Texas Rules of Civil Procedure

“a judge must recuse in any proceeding in which the judge or a lawyer with whom the judge previously practiced law has been a material witness concerning the proceeding.”  BECAUSE OF ABLE REYNAS DECISION TO ARREST 177 PEOPLE THAT DAY MAKES HIM A WITNESS!


1) Materials

2)Updated Amendments


Move along….Noting to see here!


January 22, 2018

Attorneys Brian Boufford and David Conrad Beyer filed a motion to recuse the DA office from prosecuting Twin Peaks cases from their clients.  DA’s prosecution asked for a continuance which was denied by Judge Ralph Strother. The DA’s prosecution immediately then files a motion to recuse Judge Ralph Strother.  Why? To delay the DA’s office from having to speak under oath against the corrupted ways of DA Able Reyna.

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Paula Carroll Swann ·

The Art Institute of Houston

The District Attorney’s office sure liked Judge Strother’s when they used his court docket as for pretrial hearings to obtain DNA from these people while Strother’s was out sick. They was all to ready to in using Strother’s for the first trial. Now all the sudden when the district attorney’s are on the line judge Strother’s isn’t good enough to judge if a recusal of district attorney’s..
It’s been nearly 3 year’s now and there are 5 district attorney’s working on this yet they need more time.

Shaun Kane ·

Chief Slacker at Bada Bing

It’s amazing to see how adept the DA’s office is at the art of deception. When you see how proficent they are at manipulating the legal system, you can tell these are seasoned con men. Believe me this was scripted and rehearsed by Strothers, Reyna, Jarrett and the rest of the OPO’s (Outlaw Public Officials).. Strothers was not surprised by that move and Jarrett and Reyna were expecting it that’s why they had prepared a motion to recuse. Brilliant con job by professional con men…

Barry Johnson quotes:

“This is just more of the same. They are just kicking the can down the road while innocent people are waiting for their day in court,” Johnson said. “Now they come in here at the last minute and ask for a continuance because they don’t want people in his office to testify because they know what has gone on in this total miscarriage of justice.”

Attorney Brian Bouffard quotes:

“The truth is clear,” Bouffard said. “The civil rights of Jorge Salinas, Billy McCree and dozens upon dozens of other innocent motorcyclists are being sacrificed on the altar of Abel Reyna’s political ambition and increasing desire to avoid the unpleasant personal and financial consequences of his behavior in these cases.” *1

Later these Attorneys Boufford and Beyer filed to Sanction the DA’s office by visiting Judge Phillip Vick of Denton County Texas. Sanctions are a form of disciplinary actions of accountability resulting in fines and bad merits.  Sanctions against the DA’s office were denied……Why? Deep pockets and no punishment for the DAs office groundless recusal of Judge Strother.


Judge Denies Motions


Sanctions. After notice and hearing, the judge who hears the motion may order the party

or attorney who filed the motion, or both, to pay the reasonable attorney fees and expenses

incurred by other parties if the judge determines that the motion was:

(1) groundless and filed in bad faith or for the purpose of harassment, or

(2) clearly brought for unnecessary delay and without sufficient cause. *2


1)Twin Peaks Shootout Attorneys

2) Updated Amendments


Waco Prosecution Habitual Withholding Evidence From Defense




Watch this video during the Jacob Carizzal trial.  Ms. Casie Gotro calls out to Judge Matt Johnson about evidence she just received during the trial.  This behavior of withholding exculpatory evidence continued throughout the whole trial that lasted 5 weeks.





Listen here!  Ms. Gotro states here the fact that the prosecution with held evidence and blatant lies were breathtaking.  She is also talking about evidence that DPS withheld from the prosecution! She states DPS is the root of secrecy and wrong doing.  I love how she states that the reason why Waco Judicial system is so criminal is because it’s common practice.


Finally, here is an interview with Attorney Paul Looney in interview about how the Prosecution is falling apart solely due to how they handled Twin Peaks.  The prosecution is falling apart due to how Able Reyna was repeatedly subpoenaed to be truthful about his motives, political corruption, and how badly the evidence was handled. To this day Able Reyna nor his office has ever been held under oath to provide the truth.


It Won’t Be Long


In reflection over almost 3 years, I can’t help but still know this was a setup.  This whole tragedy was so unmistakably for gain of the FBI and DPS for what they wanted to happen.  Looking at the memo of the briefing held May 15, 2015…this horrible nightmare happened at great cost to the American people and innocent people are suffering for the means to the DPS and FBIs end.   Able Reyna you are a pawn, puppet, and little man. When all hell broke loose and the waters became muddy they left Able Reyna like a stranded bitch with a huge problem on his hands. The blood and anguish of these Americans is on your hands Able Reyna.

Mostly the behind the scene folks of the DPS, ATF, FBI, and Texas Rangers left Reyna to deal with the mess while they peruse their agenda for these top Banditos trials in San Antonio.   There are people who attend these trials in San Antonio at the Pike trial. Several have commented how Able Reyna’s Prosecution team is there to monitor the Pike trial. Namely Amanda Dillion, who is more concerned with chatting during court proceedings with her flavor of the week a DPS agent. There are those who hear her and her boy toy engage in flirty chatty Kathy conversation while court is in session. These other folks literally have to move away from them so they can hear what is going on in court in San Antonio.

Waco this is on your tax payer dollars. American lives are nothing but a game and a ploy for their careers. In Waco, there is no such thing as integrity among those who are in office to ensure justice for the people. So while Reyna’s Prosecution team is busy monitoring the Bandido case in San Antonio….In Waco the paper shredders and bleach bit programs are in full swing. There are respected sources that say Able Reyna will not make it to January 2019. There are one of the two things and possibly the combination of the both that could happen to Able Reyna…Reyna will overdose on Cocaine or kill himself or the combination of the two.  He will never have to answer for his decisions he made that caused so much damage to hundreds of Americans.

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