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Commissioners enact ‘lame-duck’ spending limit on office of outgoing DA . Where were they before when he ruined so many lives “Twin Peaks Shootout”

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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So the question here is why the hell didn’t these Commissioners get them balls before all those lives were destroyed by this POS District Attorney.? If they had the power of the purse then why wait till he was a “Lame Duck?”

I often get a lot of questions from people on the internet why Insane Throttle puts so much coverage into what happened in Waco. My answer is always simple and to the point. Because what happened in Waco could happen to any US Citizen. Biker or Not.

What happened Twin Peaks. Just like what happened in 1993 in Waco at the Branch Davidians Compound. The police department and other government agencies got trigger happy and killed 76 people in the compound- 9 at Twin Peaks. That would bring the death toll to 85 American Citizens killed in Waco Texas because of an over reactive police action.

The mainstream media don’t care to pay attention to stats or a situation like this. They will only pay attention to it when it suits their agenda and needs. It’s up to freelance sites like Insane Throttle, Texas Biker Radio and all the other independent publications to keep it in the public eye.

The people of this country have to get off their butts like those who did in Waco and take the government back. Enough of the voting for what letter someone has behind their name. Get out there and get active in making sure those we elect actually represent our interest and not their own personal interest like this corrupt D.A has done.


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Source- Waco Tribune Herald

McLennan County commissioners invoked a provision in state law to place a limit on how much outgoing District Attorney Abel Reyna can spend before the end of his term Dec. 31.


County Auditor Stan Chambers said under the state local government code section 130.908, also known as the “lame-duck law,” county leaders can put spending limits on an incumbent who is not re-elected to their office.


The statute is directed at county or precinct officers and if enacted requires commissioners to approve any expenditures by the official over the amount set by the court.

“Our budget starts Oct. 1,” Chambers said. “If somebody was beat and spent all their budget between October and December, the new person coming into office in January wouldn’t have any money.”

Reyna lost by 20 points in the March 6 Republican primary to Barry Johnson.

The lame-duck measure allows Reyna to spend only the approved budgeted amount through Oct. 1, Chambers said. Commissioners may set a new limit for the final three months of Reyna’s term.


Reyna’s office is still dealing with about 130 pending criminal cases that arose from the May 2015 shootout at Twin Peaks in Waco that left nine bikers dead and dozens injured.

The first Twin Peaks trial, that of Dallas Bandidos chapter President Jacob Carrizal, cost the county more than $1 million and ended in a hung jury and a mistrial. Much that cost came in the form of overtime tied to the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office.

Currently, there are no Twin Peaks trials scheduled.


Reyna has dismissed 26 Twin Peaks cases and refused 32 others that had not been indicted, and the fate of the other Twin Peaks defendants is unknown at this time.

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Johnson faces independent candidate Daniel Hare in November.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Will Jones asked if the statute affects an incumbent not running for re-election, referring to Precinct 2 Commissioner Lester Gibson.

Chambers said that limit could be reviewed in the 2019 budget after the general election in November. Gibson’s term ends Dec. 31.


Gibson, the sole Democrat on the court, did not file for re-election and will step down after serving 28 years as a county commissioner. Republican Donis “D.L.” Wilson and Democrat Patricia “Pat” Chisolm-Miller will face off in the November general election for the Precinct 2 seat.


The last time commissioners enacted the lame-duck statute was Nov. 18, 2014, according to county records. Commissioners at that time invoked the expenditure limit for the district clerk, and the justices of the peace, for Precinct 1, Place 1, and Precinct 4.

Reyna did not return a call for comment.

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