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Mark “The Rat” White aka Spider. Former 1%er Cossacks M/C Kicked out bad for cooperation with LE and the DA”s in the twin peaks cases-DA Reyna fires felony court chief

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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Well folks. just learned that another “Rat” has been outed. ” He was a red and gold support for 12 years and just like that told everything he knew about them over simple weapons possession he caught 2 weeks before twin peaks happened. And then after twin peaks was still talking to DAs. They (the DA) said at Jake’s trial that he was a fucking liar and didn’t believe him. So what he did was for nothing.” Anonymous Source.

Mark “The Rat” White aka Spider. Former Cossack M/C Kicked out bad for cooperation with LE and the DA”s in the twin peaks cases.

I think what disturbs me the most about this one is the dude was too much of a punk to fight a weapon possession charge. Instead, he felt that he had to turn on those that he use to support because he was a coward.

This story is pretty ironic in this guy was a Bandido supporter before coming a Cossack . So who knows who he will have in his cross hairs next like the source stated. What is stand up? The Cossacks 1%ers kicked his ass to the curb after they found out about him. Even though he was testifying against Bandidos, they still did the right thing in getting rid of the dude. A rat is a rat. If someone will testify  against those you don’t get along with, you can bet your ass they will testify against those people he called brothers. Club business is always suppose to be handled between clubs. When clubs get into a beef, neither ever presses charges or testifies against each other. Way it has worked for decades. Guess it isn’t that way anymore.

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This is the Facebook Account this guy is using. Word of advice. Remove him if ya got him on your friends list.

Now, since dude is free on the street. If he feels like Insane Throttle is totally off base with it’s criticism of him. Come on the Madhouse and let’s talk. Tell us why you believe that you had no other choice than to turn “Rat”. We make this offer because we have heard from some people after putting out stories on Rats (Probably from LEOS and their supporters) that they did the right thing. Why is Insane Throttle trying to ruin them. Crimes were committed and that’s what people should do for the cause of justice.

Yea, we get that kind of stupid ass-monkey stuff sent in by people. So I figured, come on the air, talk with me about it. Let’s have us a good old fashion debate on how you chose the lifestyle you did, but when the going got tough, you turned yellow belly and ran. So don’t be emailing me Mark White. Be a man and come on the air and state your position.

Don’t forget to check out the story below. Looks like District Attorney Reyna is pissed because people no longer want to do what he says after loosing his primary election. He recently fired his Felony Court Chief. So Check that out.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the day : Do you think that Insane Throttle is off-base for calling these rats what they are? Spinless POS Yellow Belly so called men? What say you?

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Related Commissioners enact ‘lame-duck’ spending limit on office of outgoing DA . Where were they before when he ruined so many lives “Twin Peaks Shootout”

DA Reyna fires felony court chief

Source: Waco Tribune News

Two weeks after voters denied McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna a third term in office, Reyna has fired one of his felony court chiefs.


Reyna fired Aubrey Robertson on Tuesday afternoon, and word of his dismissal spread quickly around the courthouse. Robertson, 34, has worked for Reyna since June 2014 and was promoted to felony chief in 19th State District Court about two years ago.

Neither Reyna nor his first assistant, Michael Jarrett, returned phone calls Tuesday afternoon. Robertson declined comment on his termination.

A source who spoke to Robertson after he was fired said Reyna and Jarrett told him the official reason was for “insubordination and not following office policy.”

However, the source and other courthouse sources familiar with the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity said Reyna questioned Robertson’s loyalty after Robertson was seen talking to Barry Johnson in Robertson’s office in the days following Johnson’s 20-point victory over Reyna in the March 6 Republican primary.

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Robertson, who was a prosecutor in Harris County for three years before moving to Waco, was featured prominently in one of Reyna’s political ads this past campaign season. Robertson is sitting second chair at the counsel table with Reyna and is seen leaning over and conferring with Reyna, while other members of the DA’s office are seen as spectators in the courtroom background.


Johnson, who faces independent candidate Daniel Hare in November, said he spoke to Robertson about filling out court announcement forms. He said Robertson congratulated him on his primary victory and gave him the form he was supposed to sign.

“That was really all there was to it,” Johnson said. “We went to his office and sat down and he filled out the form. The only other thing that was said was he was wondering, like everyone else in that office, if they have a job. And I said I am interested in talking to everyone up here, at the appropriate time, if I am elected.”


Judge Ralph Strother, in whose court Robertson served as felony chief, said he was shocked to learn Robertson had been fired.


“I cannot comment on the internal affairs of the district attorney’s office. I can and will say that Mr. Robertson is one of the most talented and conscientious prosecutors I have had the pleasure of having in my court,” Strother said.

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Johnson said he watched Robertson in court and was impressed with his skills.

“I have always liked him. I think he is a nice guy, and I noticed that Judge Strother really likes him. We didn’t talk about it, but there is no question that when you see a judge who likes a lawyer like that, and I actually watched him put on a few witnesses and I was impressed with his skills, and those things certainly made an impression on me,” Johnson said.


Veteran defense attorney Rob Swanton also was surprised to hear Robertson had been fired.


“I just think he is one of the prosecutors of the highest caliber,” Swanton said. “I think he is a good trial lawyer and I think he handles his cases efficiently and I just can’t speak highly enough of him, in all honesty. I am very surprised that that decision would have been made. I think it is a tremendous loss for the district attorney’s office and McLennan County citizens.”


Defense attorney Phil Martinez said he always had a good working relationship with Robertson.


“He was tough on some cases but very fair-handed. He always provided discovery, and if additional discovery came in, he would let me know. He was always very fair-handed in all my dealings with him,” Martinez said.

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