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District Attorney Abel Reyna Gets his A** Handed to him again. Appeals court throws out gag order in Twin Peaks biker’s case – Time for Bikers to form own political party

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

You have to give it to the Waco Tribune and Tommy Witherspoon. They have been really the only steady voice in main stream media to put out the facts of the Twin Peaks. More importantly they have been holding ass-monkey to account. Now if only the rest of the mainstream media would get their heads out of that ass and start reporting on this B.S  things might start picking up. By that, the prosecution of this corrupt ass district attorney.

All this movement came after Mr Ass-Monkey lost his bid to remain in office in the primary. One that by the way, was due in part because of the many bikers out there who said enough was enough. Texas Biker Radio and the group All 4 One were pivotal in making sure this cock monster got defeated. So that shows you when how bikers stand together what we can achieve.

My question is this. Was Reyna some modern day version of J. Edgar Hoover where he had all kinds of dirt on people? Is this why everyone waited to start to reign in this ass-monkey? Or is it truly how the politics of Waco works? Here is a man that obviously went out there to make himself a name. He did it off the backs of innocent American Citizens. Many of whom had absolutely nothing to do with that fight.  He and his gestapo rounded up American Citizens, charged them with crimes that cost them their families, livelihood and most important. Their rights as an American Citizen. All this without a proper investigation and rights to Due Process.

So where were these damn coward commissioners with the power of the purse when all this started? I’ll tell you. Each and everyone of them were probably in the closet with Reyna sucking each other off and giving a reach around.

That’s how politics have become in this country. Here in Illinois our general election is set in the Governors race. Two billionaires will be going at it for a 175,000 a year job. Both sunk 65 million of their own money into the campaign so far. So you tell me because the math don’t add up. Why would they spend that kind of money when the return is next to nothing? It’s all about POWER. Power to be the hand of god and make decisions for the masses; While at the same time bending the laws and rules to their liking to further their own business interest .

Wake up! Stop voting for people just because they have a D or R behind their name. Bikers have a huge voting block of people. Maybe it’s time Bikers form their own political party. Run people who truly have the peoples interest in mind. You only have to look at what happened to this ass-monkey to know what happens when we all stand together. Food for thought.

Insane Throttle Facebook question of the day . Do you think bikers should form their own political party? With organizations like ABATE we already have a base to build on. Whats your thoughts?

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Related Commissioners enact ‘lame-duck’ spending limit on office of outgoing DA . Where were they before when he ruined so many lives “Twin Peaks Shootout”

Source: Waco Tribune

Waco’s 10th Court of Appeals has vacated a gag order issued five months ago by a visiting judge appointed to hear a Twin Peaks shootout biker’s case.


Judge Doug Shaver, of Houston, issued an order preventing prosecutors or defense attorneys from talking publicly about the Matthew Clendennen case. Clendennen was one of 154 bikers indicted after the May 2015 shootout between rival biker groups at a Twin Peaks restaurant that left nine dead and dozens injured.

Clendennen’s attorney, Clint Broden, of Dallas, appealed Shaver’s order by seeking a writ of mandamus from Waco’s intermediate appellate court.

The three-member court, in an opinion written by Justice Rex D. Davis, granted the writ and ordered Shaver to withdraw his order.


“It is important to remember that this gag order was sought by the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office and not the special prosecutors now assigned to Mr. Clendennen’s case.” Broden said. “Mr. Reyna’s office sought the gag order only days before his office recused himself in the case knowing full well that an almost identical gag order was found to be unconstitutional.


“I view the Court of Appeals’ ruling, first and foremost, as a victory for the First Amendment. In addition, it is also yet another repudiation of how the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office has handled the Twin Peaks cases,” he said.

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna did not return phone messages Thursday.


Judge Matt Johnson of Waco’s 54th State District Court issued a similar gag order in Clendennen’s case in June 2015. That order was met with an identical ruling by the 10th Court, which said Johnson abused his discretion by issuing the gag order.

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Reyna’s office appealed that ruling to the Court of Criminal Appeals, which stayed the lower court’s ruling for 11 months before issuing a one-sentence ruling saying the appeal was denied.


Reyna and Johnson have both since recused themselves from Clendennen’s case. Shaver appointed four Houston attorneys to serve as special prosecutors in Clendennen’s case.

One of the special prosecutors, Brian Roberts, said they have no intention to appeal the ruling.

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  1. It’s very hard to dismiss the stigma of the sixties and the connection of crime and MC’s. If you’re not represented by political party you’re doomed. It’s as though the Constitution does not apply to bikers.

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