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Ex-Bandido cries as he tells how he ended life of Hells Angels member. The “Rat Brothers” spill all at trial. Johnny and Robert Romo. What is a rat?

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

How can you approve of someone killing another human? Then when he confesses you call him a “Rat?” This is one of the questions I got from someone the last article on Johnny “Downtown” Romo.

Well, here is my answer. I do not approve whatsoever someone taking another persons life. When they do, they should be held accountable for that action. Here is the thing . If a person takes another life then the action is on him. No one else. If he was ordered to do so by anyone and didn’t believe in the order, than he should’ve stood up and said “NO”. Be a man if you didn’t want to do it or you didn’t feel it was right.

Here is the thing about the governments . They will always spend the money to try and take down someone at the top of an organization for more budget money and press. This means cutting all kinds of deals with people.

Take  Sammy “The Bull” Gravano . The biggest “Rat” of them all. He was the under-boss for the Gambino Family out of New York. An admitted murderer of over 19 people. The government had a hard on for John Gotti because they could never take the man down by themselves. So they offered this POS a deal in order to get what they wanted. He did only 5 years for killing 19 people.

Gravano knew the life he had chosen. When cornered for what he did, he turned rat to save his own ass. Accepted responsibility only after being offered a sweet ass deal from the government.

So what I’m I getting at here? If you chose the life that you’re leading. Accept the consequences to that life when you’re busted. People go around throwing Honor and Loyalty out there all the time not knowing what it truly means. Honor and Loyalty can only be tested when a person’s under fire. Meaning; Sticking to principles in good times and bad. Not running and cutting deals when the going gets tough.

I got a question once from a reader . What do you consider a “Rat?” Well, maybe things are a lot different in Chicago than the rest of the country. But to me and many of those in the Chi-town area. If you give the cops more than your name and birth date ( And not a good “I screwed your wife last night”) then you’re saying too much. Any information beyond that can help the cops and government build a case not only against you, but the club or organization you are with.

Giving any and all information that could lead the government to expand their case like in for instance club stuff- Names of officers, why the club was at an event; Shit, even how many members are in the club- you’re talking too damn much. Cops are not there to help you when they are trying to take a club down. They are actually doing the opposite. They are not your friends. Cops have a job to do; it’s to bust your ass if you choose to live that life, turn you, and go onto taking down the next.

This is the best advice I’ve always had for someone wanting to join a club. First, know what kind of club you want to join. If you want to just go out there and ride, party with friends, join a riding club. If you’re looking for the “Outlaw” image and go join a club for that reason; Make sure you can live up to it before you join up and get involved in any extra curricular activities. Make sure that you know the consequences and live up to them when they come down. Nobody is holding a gun to your head telling you to join a club. That decision is yours and yours alone.  Personally, independent life is a whole lot better because this is the type of stuff you wouldn’t have to worry about isn’t it?

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Johnny “Downtown Johnny” Romo. Next Rat to take stand in Former Bandidos M/C National Officer Trial. The singing continues. Rodent problem persists

Source: MySanantonio

By Guillermo Contreras

A former member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club broke down Wednesday as he testified how he ended the life of a member of the Hells Angels on orders of two leaders who are facing a federal racketeering trial in San Antonio.

Robert Romo, 45, of San Antonio, said he was the triggerman in the March 2006 shooting of Anthony W. Benesh III, who was slain outside a pizza restaurant in Austin.

Benesh’s killing was unsolved for 11 years, until federal authorities in early 2017 developed information that led them to charge Romo and three other Bandidos in the murder.

The feds say the hit was ordered by then-Bandidos national president Jeffrey Fay Pike and passed on to underlings by former national vice president John Xavier Portillo. Both are on trial on charges that they led the Bandidos’ racketeering enterprise. They deny the allegations.

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Romo testified that Benesh and another Hells Angels member were violating outlaw motorcycle club protocol by flying their club’s colors in Texas, which is considered the Bandidos’ territory.

Romo testified that he was trying to become a “full-patched” Bandidos member like his older brother, Johnny “Downtown” Romo, 47, and so agreed to join a six-man hit crew at his brother’s request.

Robert Romo said his brother, who was then a national sergeant at arms like Portillo, told him that Pike ordered the hit.

The crew, using walkie-talkies to communicate while in two separate vehicles, staked out Benesh’s home over two days, deciding to move in on the second day for the kill. The day of the slaying, Romo brought a hunting rifle fitted with a scope that he had borrowed from a friend over a year earlier.

As Assistant U.S. Attorney John Gibson walked Romo through the incident, Romo paused, turned his head and cried when he remembered his brother announcing from the other car, over the walkie-talkie, “That our target is coming out.”

Romo said he picked up the rifle, steadied it on the car’s windowsill and peered through the scope.

When he was asked what he saw, Romo paused, turned his head from side to side, and sighed, but did not immediately answer. Senior U.S. District Judge David Alan Ezra broke the trial for lunch; afterward, Romo was a little more composed.

He said he aimed at driver’s side of Benesh’s truck, and before long, the head of a man he believed to be Benesh appeared in the rifle scope and Romo pulled the trigger.

The Bandidos member driving the car Romo was in sped off, and Romo said he didn’t even know if he hit anyone or if the person in the rifle scope was actually Benesh.

“I didn’t even know what he looked like,” Romo testified.

With some variations, Romo’s testimony matched that of his brother, who testified at the trial two weeks ago.

Both Romos testified that Portillo was part of another hit crew that was to hunt down the second Hells Angels member in College Station. Both Romos also testified that Robert Romo was rewarded by being made a full Bandidos member earlier than is normal and that he was made a part of a squad called the Fat Mexican Crew, tasked as enforcers for the Bandidos’ national chapter.

But lawyers for Pike and Portillo began picking apart Robert Romo’s testimony late Wednesday, pointing to the discrepancies and claiming the brothers were allowed to get their stories straight by being placed in the same jail in March 2017.

The Romos pleaded guilty in September to charges of murder in furtherance of racketeering and discharging a firearm in a racketeering murder. Both are awaiting sentencing along with two other ex-Bandidos who also pleaded guilty to similar charges for the killing.

Guillermo Contreras is a San Antonio Express-News staff writer. Read more of his stories here. | | @gmaninfedland

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