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Outlaw Motorcycle Club Taiwan- Dudes WTF?- They do things a a lot different over there. Not to be confused with the real Outlaws M/C- This will make ya laugh



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By James “Hollywood” Macecari
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I have to give credit to one of our followers out in Thailand for sending this beauty to Insane Throttles attention. Marku you made my day when you sent me this. I almost died  from non-stop laughing. The above quote was actually from their facebook page.
Lets take a look at some pictures before we move on shall we?
Outlaws Motorcycle Club INsane Throttle Biker News
I guess they are into ballet in their Motorcycle Club Over there

Usually I put all the foreign biker news stuff on Insane Throttle International. But I thought that our USA followers would get a giggle out of this.

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I know other countries have different types of cultures and the way they do things. But one thing I thought we all could agree upon at least is bikers don’t go around performing dancing moves from your favorite ballet show. I’m I just wrong in assuming this?

Outlaw Biker Club Taiwan Insane Throttle Biker News
Here is that Ballet Move Again. WTF!

I’ve never been one to judge what someone does in the privacy of their own bedroom. Hey, you like playing with each others poles and exploring the Hershey highway. Go for it, be a freak. But damn, don’t make your club look like a bunch of Tinker bells for the whole world to see.

ballet dancer insane throttle biker news
Future member of the Outlaw Taiwan Chapter

I’m having fun with this one, but yes, there is a wider serious problem with this whole thing. This club took on the name (Dropping the s) of a widely respected 1%er club that is worldwide. Taiwan is that country that the Chinese claim to be theirs. Well like China, these guys ripped off Americans once again. They wanted to use American lore to make themselves look respected. Or they plain and simply wanted to make money off the backs of those Americans who put in the work .

Have you seen these damn Chinese companies out there on the internet trying to make money by selling copyright infringed patches and logos from the big 5? They are all over the place on the internet. We actually featured a kat trying to pass himself off  as a real member of a 1%er club after he went on the net and bought the crap from one of these sites.

Related Stolen Valor- Former Out Bad Iron Order Member buys Hells Angel Patch from China and parades as a member of the Legendary Motorcycle Club

Insane Throttle Facebook Question- Do you think it is time for the United States to do something with the copyright infringement issue regarding China?

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