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Where is the Justice for Onagers Motorcycle Club Member Earl Roybal Family? 1 Year since Shooting and the prosecutions refusal to charge Morales


By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

It’s been a year this week since Onagers Motorcycle Club Member Earl Roybal was shot and killed by James Morales. The District Attorney refused to press charges against his killer James Morales because and I quote

Under existing law, the State would have the burden of disproving Mr. Morales’ self-defense claim and the jury would be instructed to acquit Mr. Morales if (1) there was an appearance of immediate danger of death or great bodily harm to Mr. Morales as a result of Mr. Roybal’s actions, (2) Mr. Morales was in fact put in fear of immediate death or great bodily harm and shot Mr. Roybal because of that fear, and (3) this apparent danger would have caused a reasonable person in the same circumstances to act as Mr. Morales did.

“The totality of the evidence presented by APD – including available video, police reports, photographs, statements from witnesses, and audio recordings from 911 calls – does not lead us to the conclusion that we can carry our burden beyond a reasonable doubt,” Torrez said.

This can been seen in it’s entirety at the link below as well as videos from surveillance cameras and 911 calls made when the incident happened.

Prosecutorial Review of the Shooting of Earl Roybal by James Morales

Here’s what I really think happened. The District Attorney didn’t charged Morales because Roybal was a felon and member of a motorcycle club. How else can it be taking? Even if you take in account Morales statement that he got “Punched” to be true; how is that justification for shooting someone? Seems like a lame ass coverup by the District Attorney if you ask me. One that has forced the family of Roybal to hire a Private Detective on their own in hopes they still can get justice.

The so-called mainstream news didn’t put any emphasis on the incident other than the following

KOAT obtained court documents from Colorado showing the victim, Earl Roybal, became a convicted felon as of January 19, 2001.

What in God’s name does him being a felon convicted 15 or 16 years earlier have to do with anything? The man paid his due, was a veteran of the Army and was there just washing his damn bike when Morales pulled up to the stall. Even the police investigation stated that Roybal had his gun holstered and never went for it.

I guess this means anyone who pulls a gun and kill someone can just use the old “I feared for my life defense”. Actually why not? Works for cops all the time don’t it?

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the Day- Do you think the District Attorney let Morales off because it was a case of self defense? Or do you think they let this guy off because Roybal was a felon and member of a motorcycle club?

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Source:KOB 4

Brittany Costello

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – This week will mark one year since a deadly shooting at a northwest Albuquerque carwash, in which Earl Roybal was killed while his motorcycle was drying in one of those carwash bays.

A year later, Roybal’s family and friends say there has been no justice; the person who shot him hasn’t been charged.

The district attorney’s office reviewed the evidence and ruled that the March 26, 2017 shooting was in self-defense. Meanwhile, family members have hired a private investigator to review that evidence with the hopes that charges could still come in this case.

Now, they are doing what they can to keep his memory alive.

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“We still don’t feel justice was delivered in this case,” said Raymond Gallegos of the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization. “The DA did review the case. It was up to the DA to prosecute that, but we don’t feel that the family saw justice. We don’t feel that it was still a self-defense shooting. We don’t feel like it was justifiable self-defense.”

Roybal’s loved ones will be gathering for a motorcycle ride and vigil on Monday. The ride will begin at Bullhead Park at 6:15 p.m. and go towards the Hose It Car Wash on Coors Boulevard, where they will gather for a candlelight vigil expected to start around 7 p.m.

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Source KOAT

It’s been two months since Earl Roybal was shot and killed at the Hose-It Car Wash on Coors Blvd. and Quail Rd.

The Albuquerque Police Department handed the case over to the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office about three weeks weeks ago. Prosecutors have yet to name a suspect and file charges.

KOAT obtained court documents from Colorado showing the victim, Earl Roybal, became a convicted felon as of January 19, 2001.

Since the shooting on March 26th, there has been mixed emotions from witnesses.

“The guy pushed him, then Earl pushed him back,” Roybal’s girlfriend tells officers. “The guy pulled out a gun and earl goes, I have one too!.”

Police say there was a man still on scene with a gun when they arrived moments after the shooting.

“He hit me first, sir. He said he had a gun and I pulled out my gun,” the man tells police while in handcuffs. “He hit me in the face for no reason!”

The Albuquerque Police Department says convicted felons are not allowed to have firearms.


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