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Has IOTC Discovered a rat lurking? Kinfolk National Aaron Davies :Explosive evidence put forward. Chapter quits. You decide based on the evidence

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari


IOTC usually has the “Truth Corner” here on Insane Throttle Biker News every Sunday. Today that “Truth Corner” will be postponed until next week because IOTC has broken a story that could send shock waves through the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club. The story involves Aaron Davis of the Kinfolk M/C. Recently there was a RICO Indictment handed down in Colorado in which 8 individuals were charged.

Colorado RICO Indictment

For those that do not know. The Kinfolk were started up by individuals who left the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. This is also the club that Chopper Dan had a part in forming. Chopper Dan has since been outed as a rat against his former club the Bandidos M/C. There is speculation that Chopper Dan was a Rat when he started the Kinfolk M/C. We have not been able to confirm that as of yet.

This current story is evolving right now. Aaron Davis was named in the indictment but isn’t sitting behind bars right now with the rest who has been charged. Only two conclusions can be drawn from this. He is either working for the government or he has a pretty high priced attorney that can move mountains.

This is from a former Washington Kinfolk who just folded his Kinfolk Chapter. The quote can be found on IOTC Page.

“Former Washington kinfolk. Kinfolk reached out. We was told it was different. That the cop shit online was red and gold propaganda. They even had different sets of bylaws that different regions got according to what they said they wouldn’t stand for. Ours was ex l.e. we said we would not stand for ex l.e. AT ALL. they denied there was any. We stood up April of last year. We did not find out until around December that there was a c.o. in the club. And how that came out was his fucken federal correctional officers badge fell out at a run. We as a region threw a fit. Remove him we demanded. We was told he was gone only to see him back two months later as a full patch in Colorado. Then i started digging personally. Started finding more. A president in Texas whos a former cop. Misfits chapter. Then find out the national secrets. The reason for the mass exodus is because of me personally. I exposed the indictment on the rat Aaron Davies. I have never been a rat. Never been a snitch. All we ever wanted was our brotherhood with the brothers we hand picked in our region. I watched this page and seen shit that was embarrassing. And because of this page i dug and dug. And i found all i needed to pull my REAL BROTHERS IN IDAHO. MONTANA, AND WASHINGTON OUT. Thats the facts. The red and gold NEVER did me wrong. I had a issue with like 3 people that was personal. And wasn’t why i came here. We came to unite our brothers. The dipshit national aaron davies is a rat. Ive confronted him. The whole upper echelon is out bad snitches. We dropped our colors because we are honorable brothers who WILL NOT BE INVOLVED IN A COP CLUB…PERIOD. they are everything this page says they are.”

Testimony from former Kinfolk that realized we weren’t posting bullshit. You guys that think about joining these types of clubs, if you’re a righteous guy, consider what’s out there information wise for you to decide on. It’s a free country, join whatever you want, but really think about it. If you’re already in and see the truth for what it is, you’re probably NFG with nowhere else to go if you accept the bull, but if you don’t…drop your rags and go hang with something legitimate in your area, before you throw your life away on some dumb shit for a club that will probably not even be around in five years.

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Here are some text exchanges with Buddah Kinfolk and an unidentified person in the Kinfolk M/C that are very interesting material.

Kinfolk MC

One of the biggest things that jump out for us in this text is when he asks the question. How many upper echelon was in Waco that day and didn’t get arrested. As many of you know. Insane Throttle is heavily dedicated in covering the Twin Peaks Incident. This is something we will be investigating heavily now.

Kinfolk MC

A lawyer looked at the indictment and from what Buddah from Kinfolk states. It’s clear from the lawyers perspective looking at the indictment that there is indeed a snitch.

kinfolk mc

Makes alot of damn good points in this text. Got him at the location and intent. But not Charged?

kinfolk mc

Aaron Davis mentioned in the indictment

Colorado RICO Indictment

More on this can be seen over at IOTC. The guys over there are laying down a very strong case against Aaron Davis. I’m sure that more will be coming. On the answer about LEOS being apart of the Kinfolk 1%er Motorcycle Club.

Kinfolk MC

Kinfolk Motorcycle Club
Chapter Folds
Insane Throttle will be reaching out to the Kinfolk M/C and asking a representative to appear on Motorcycle Madhouse to give their side of the story. We have decided here at Insane Throttle that people wishing to give a rebuttal to these types of stories, they must do so on air. This is so the audience can decide for themselves after hearing it straight from the parties involved. If a representative from the club involved don’t wish to come on air to rebut these accusations, we can only draw the conclusion that they are true.
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