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IOTC has busy week- Breaks Kinfolk M/C wide open. Rats, Child Molesters and Officers. Holy Combination for a Motorcycle Club. Interested in Membership?

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By Robert Hawkins

Our partners over at the IOTC have had an extremely busy week breaking all kinds of news. IOTC is the ones that broke the explosive story of Kinfolk National President Aaron “Diesel” Davis being named in an indictment out of Colorado where many of his former brothers were taken down, prosecuted and convicted while he remained free. It don’t take a brain surgeon to know what was happening there. Davis claimed to be hiding out in a motel room for a month without a cell phone until the coast was clear (Anyone having trouble believing that it only took the cops a month to give up?) and was adamant on Motorcycle Madhouse he had done nothing wrong. Problem was on the Madhouse he wouldn’t address many of the questions that were put out there to him which made all this even more suspect.

Then this photo was sent in to Insane Throttle of a ATF Agent requesting a meeting with Davies. The narrative that IOTC uncovered gets thicker don’t it?

Aaron Davies kinfolk Mc
Also testifying was an investigator from the district attorney’s office in Denver, who spoke about an investigation of Bandidos members there that has some overlap with the case in San Antonio

“Holy Rats Batman” Andrew “Corky” Gomez, Property Of, Ex Iron Order and list goes on. Is there a crises down in Texas with one of the Big 5? Time for clubs to think about changing

Notice the time differential in the two texts? Can we say delete? Happens this photo was taking of Davies phone when he wasn’t looking by a close friend and saved when the time was right to put it out there. Listen to the interview of Davies and go over to IOTC and look at the indictment. You should have no other conclusion that most of us have had. Things are not looking good in the Kinfolk Nation.

motorcycle madhouse
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As the news was breaking and I was keeping Macecari updated; We usually have our meetings by Google Meet. It was funny, every time IOTC broke something he would shake his head and laugh. “Jesus Christ what in the world has happened to the club scene?” When he would say that I would say “Wait! There is more.”

Take a gander at this one. Seems like the Kinfolk M/C don’t mind having child molesters in their rank.

Kinfolk M/C Insane Throttle bIker News
Thomas “Lucky” Mulligan Child Molester and member of Kinfolk M/C

Having rats and cops in a m/c are bad enough. You would think a club that is claiming 1%er would at least have the knowledge to keep child molesters out of it’s ranks. What in gods green earth are they thinking having this POS wearing their patch? Kinfolk M/C wonders why the club is being lit up on the internet groups and biker news sites? Come on a fucking child molester? What’s even worse, the officers of the Kinfolks M/C knew about this and pushed him to different chapters just so they could keep membership. WTF happened to “Quality over Quantity?” I’m sorry, I’m speaking on my behalf and no one others. If you have to have a child molester in your ranks for numbers, you nothing but a POS outfit.

Let’s move onto our next one shall we. Seems like Kinfolk decided it would be alright to take in a former disgraced correction officer who got busted trying to bring some goodies into the boys in the joint. James Orick Folks

Kinfolk Motorcycle Club
Kinfolk Member James Orick

Now James Orick might think that because he was helping some tramps make some money in the joint he is entitled to some praise. Hell No! Here is is as a member of another club. One that proudly hangs with Iron Legacy M/C. Once a cop always a cop we say around here.

James Orick Insane Throttle News
James Orick with his previous club. Notice the V P Badge
Insane Throttle Biker News
Brahama and Iron Legacy circle jerking

As Macecari would say “Lollipop M/C” and the Merry Band of Circle Jerkers. These are the types of people that are now running around with a 1%er patch on. Sadly, the 1% patch is started to get watered down. You will actually see some of the older 1%er clubs taking the patch off because it’s been watered down so bad by clubs like the Kinfolk who let these type of people into the club.

A lot of these new clubs have some pretty good stand up brothers. Not everyone of them are bad that belong to clubs like the Kinfolk. Growing pains? Maybe. Simple following of by-laws would’ve prevented stuff like this from happening to that club.  But like everything else now a days, all these clubs are worried about numbers, don’t have nothing else on their minds but that. They always want to be bigger than clubs that took close to 70 years to build. They want to do it in a year. Until that thinking changes, clubs like the Kinfolk will continue to make huge mistakes and end up being called out for it.

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