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This week on the Truth Corner with IOTC. Terry “Velcro” SWOPES No Surrender, Rock Machine, Unnamed Nomads Oh My! How many clubs can one man be apart of? Problem Facing M/C Scene

By Robert “Ghost”Hawkins

The motorcycle club scene is facing an unprecedented assault in recent years that it has never seen before. I’ve actually been riding over 40 years and cannot remember when things were so bad. Just this week three high level ranking ex members of the Bandidos M/C took the stand against their former bosses. Everyone has heard of low ranking members doing that, but National Officers? Yeah, the motorcycle club scene has entered the Twilight Zone.

In an effort to try and get people out there educated more about motorcycle clubs, the dedication that needs to be undertaking in being apart of one; Insane Throttle has decided to do a ongoing Sunday Column  “The Truth Corner”. It is information provided by our partners over at IOTC. For those who are not familiar with IOTC they are a Facebook group dedicated to exposing the people out there that make life for clubs a living hell.

I just want to put this out there. Especially to those who cry and whine about us advertising IOTC. The Administrators behind this site do not sit out in the bushes waiting to take your picture. They take incoming material and VERIFY it to be true from people who provide source information. The guys over at IOTC are more in tune with the Motorcycle Club Scene then anyone knows. Their indemnity provides them with the ability to make their site function. Like Insane Throttle, they guard their sources and provide a secure place for sources to release information that would normally never get out to the general public. If you don’t want to be featured on IOTC then don’t be a jackass.

The Biker community as a whole needs sites like IOTC. Many will try and say it’s a bunch of bull that a site would feature people the way it does. I myself and Insane Throttle would disagree with those who say that. As you know Insane Throttle features a lot of material on the M/C scene. Motorcycle Clubs are a huge part of the Biker Scene. If it wasn’t for motorcycle clubs having to fight issues of discrimination over the years; being a biker wouldn’t be what it is today.

With that said, when you have people out there screwing up motorcycle clubs names, it’s time to take a stand. Motorcycle Clubs these days are facing an onslaught of bad publicity already. So when jackasses like those featured in ” Truth Corner” are exposed by IOTC or Insane Throttle, it goes a long way to let the public know these people are not representative of what a true M/C member is all about.

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Terry Velcro Swopes Insane Throttle Biker News
Terry Velcro Swopes The man of many clubs

This weeks feature is Terry “Velcro”Swopes. He is a kat who takes the cake when it comes to club jumping. We asked for information on him from IOTC after they featured him on their page. Here is what we got back

IOTC Insane Throttle Biker News

What is that 7 damn motorcycle clubs? Do any of these clubs do an actual background check or prospect period before handing out the patches?

Insane THrottle Biker news The Truth Corner

So this is the face of the new generation of Motorcycle Club Member? Yea, don’t think so.

We get many questions from readers asking us “Why do foreign clubs that have good names in their home country have a hard time establishing here in the states?” Actually Big Pete got that very question on his “Live” show on Thursday nights on Insane Throttles Facebook Page. I think we could all answer that question right about now can’t we?

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Untamed nomads insane throttle biker news
At least come up with a more original name then that crap

With guys like this running around playing motorcycle club member. Can you see why the clubs have protocol now? Protocol was established to make damn sure guys like this didn’t go around misrepresenting real clubs to the public. Think about that next time you have a question about why it was established.

Next Sundays IOTC Truth Corner Insane Throttle will be bringing you this guy Chuck Largen.

Chuck Largen Insane Throttle Biker News

He started a riding club down in Florida. While we at Insane Throttle fully support Riding Clubs 100% (If they use the 1pc patch, not the 3 pc patch design like this kats R/C). We do not support this guy running around buying FAKE club member shirts off the internet and parading around like he is a member of one.

Our advice for “Chucky” would be to turn those shirts over to the club they display. They are god awful fakes, you didn’t earn them, and to put one of those on is complete disrespect to the actual members who put in the blood, sweat and tears to earn them.

Until next week I’m Out

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