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County accepts $646,000 Twin Peaks reimbursement from state . Going to need a lot more grants before it’s done. Hey, thank your corrupt District Attorney Reyna

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

The price of corruption, greed, and incompetence is starting to pile up for the county of McLennan isn’t it? Wonder how the taxpayers are adjusting to having to pay for their police department and district attorneys office? By time whatever trials these people decide to bring and add on all the civil suits that will be going forward; One man and an incompetent police department would’ve bankrupt an entire county.

Let’s all give the ass-monkey Reyna a big Hooray for being a dumbshit!!!! You have to wonder when the dude is going to decide to put a rope around his neck. How couldn’t he be thinking about it? Honestly, dude got his ass handed to him in a 20 point crushing at the polls, he is under investigation for corruption and then he goes and puts a big bad price tag his fellow citizens will have to pay for generations.

This is my prediction on Reyna’s future. Two possible outcomes are on the horizon for him when he leaves office. 1. He will commit suicide because he knows he is a worthless POS and no longer has any future in the practice of law. 2. He get’s his ass handed to him on corruption charges and gets to serve time . I would love to see #2. I bet all the brothers will love seeing him in that orange jumpsuit. Old Tyrone and the rest of the brothers will have fun with that ass of his, hopefully days on end if ya get my point.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the Day– What do you think will be the outcome for Reyna?

Justice put on hold- Judge extends stay in Twin Peaks civil suits . Gotta love Texas Justice. Everything based on Pike and Portillo Trial

Source: Waco Tribune

McLennan County’s financial hit from the first Twin Peaks shootout trial was softened a bit Monday as county commissioners accepted a $645,624 state grant to ease the financial burden in dealing with fallout from the once-in-a-lifetime incident.


Commissioners approved the grant, which came from the County Essential Services program, part of the governor’s criminal justice division. It marks the county’s second grant from the program. McLennan County received $268,527 in October 2016, which also went to defray law enforcement expenses from the May 2015 shootout that left nine dead and more than 20 wounded.

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The second grant will help cover the $572,000 in overtime costs for sheriff’s deputies who provided extra security before and during the trial of Jacob Carrizal, Dallas Bandidos chapter president, which ended in a hung jury and a mistrial. Other expenses covered in the grant request include professional services, forensic testing, expert witness fees, meals and travel and large tents erected in the alley behind the courthouse.

County Administrator Dustin Chapman said the grant program helps counties defray unexpected criminal justice expenses that go beyond normal county operations. The county has a good working relationship with the governor’s office, which could give the county another chance at state grant money, depending on how the remaining Twin Peaks cases play out, Chapman said.

“Holy Rats Batman” Andrew “Corky” Gomez, Property Of, Ex Iron Order and list goes on. Is there a crises down in Texas with one of the Big 5? Time for clubs to think about changing

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