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David Lombino Ex Bandido Rat takes his turn testifying at trial of Pike. Lombino, who was a member of the Bandidos’ Las Cruces, New Mexico. New subjects coming to Insane Throttle

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Seems like the Feds have a whole host of people willing to turn on their former brothers. The question is why? How is the Feds able to turn so many former 1%ers? It’s really a question that I cannot answer. It use to be unheard of for this many former members to take a Fed offer. Don’t get me wrong, we all know when you get involved in some heavy duty street stuff, you’re always going to get a rat or two. But Damn! The Feds have them lining up at this trial.

Last night I was listening to Big Pete’s video “The Movement- Time for the Motorcycle Club Scene to change perception of itself before we all loose our freedom.” The Movement he is trying to get going and one that Insane Throttle supports 100%; Is one that has to deal with changing the public’s perception of Motorcycle Clubs and one clubs come together to work for the betterment of the biker community as a whole. Big Pete has set up the following group to gauge interest in a new movement. It’s on Facebook and called “Better School“. If you’re interested in learning more about what the movement is about go over there and join the group.

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While I was listening to the video a lot came to mind doing this article. Pete is dead on saying perception has to be changed regarding motorcycle clubs. I’m guilty of it myself. When I’m asked by someone either through our emails or social media platforms what I think they should do in regards to joining an M/C; I tell them it’s always better to remain independent or at most join a riding club or motorcycle rights organization. My view is Motorcycle Clubs have changed so much they have become a place of inner politics, back watching and something other than rock solid brotherhoods.

Granted, I see all the bad going on in the motorcycle club scene right now. Seems the only thing that we’ve been covering is rats, fighting between clubs and police profiling lately. Insane Throttle will continue to cover those subjects because that is apart of the biker scene. With that in mind Insane Throttle will be expanding into other subjects that effect everyday bikers. After-all, not everyone who rides is into the club scene.

So some of the things Insane Throttle is going to expand into, especially with our new Insane Throttle Youtube Channel, we will be getting into things like covering event rallies, talking with local independent shops and my favorite, the party scene of the biker life. I will also be hitting the road with a Go-Pro and doing rides to some of the best destinations in the United States.

If you like to become a sponsor of some of those programs you can do so by emailing us at or becoming a monthly Patreon at Insane Throttles Patreon Page.

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An Honest and Open Discussion. Is this the new norm for some motorcycle clubs- Thug Life? Time for a true debate regarding what is and what isn’t a gang

Source: My San Antonio

Guillermo Contreras

The caravan of bikers wearing black vests with red and gold patches was about 70 deep when it pulled into a “party site” outside Roswell, New Mexico, for what was supposed to be a regional meeting of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

Soon, dust kicked up at the front of the pack, and David Lombino — from his motorcycle near the middle of that caravan — could see men clad in black clubbing, punching and kicking the bikers at the front.

Such was the scene of a March 2011 ambush of members and supporters of the Bandidos’ El Paso chapters, Lombino testified Tuesday during the San Antonio racketeering trial of the Bandidos’ former top leaders, then-national President Jeffrey Fay Pike and ex-national Vice President John Xavier Portillo.

Lombino, who was a member of the Bandidos’ Las Cruces, New Mexico, chapter at the time, said the assailants were not rivals but members of the same motorcycle club. At least one of the attackers went down the line of bikers, shoved a shotgun in their faces and posed the question: Who is your boss?

“They were pummeled” if they answered “Ernie,” said Lombino, referring to Ernest Morgas, who was president of the El Paso chapters and led the Bandidos’ members in New Mexico, which borders Texas.

With the 12-gauge in his face, Lombino answered “Jeff” and “Portillo,” Lombino testified, adding that he mixed up last names.

Asked by Assistant U.S. Attorney John Gibson what Jeff he was referring to, Lombino answered “Jeff Pike,” the president at the time. Lombino added that he’d never met Pike.

County accepts $646,000 Twin Peaks reimbursement from state . Going to need a lot more grants before it’s done. Hey, thank your corrupt District Attorney Reyna

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Federal prosecutors put Lombino on the stand in support of their theory that Pike ordered the beatings to quell a coup from members who opposed Pike’s plans to split the Bandidos chapters in the United States and Western Hemisphere from its European and Australian chapters.

According to prosecutors, Pike also ordered a change in the club’s patch to reflect the split of the Bandidos, which had grown to be a worldwide organization under his predecessors.

The Roswell incident is among a series of acts alleged in a federal indictment that accuses Pike and Portillo of ordering or sanctioning violence on rivals to protect the Bandidos’ territory and to discipline its own members to maintain order.

Lombino testified that Morgas was bloodied and appeared to have head, face and rib injuries. Lombino said Charles “Boogeyman” Anderson, another member of the El Paso Bandidos, was knocked unconscious. Lombino said the assailants used clubs, sticks, locks wrapped in bandannas, gloves partly filled with BBs and the butt of a shotgun to beat their targets.

Hospital records that prosecutor Gibson showed the jury said Morgas and Anderson told medical personnel they suffered their injuries in motorcycle accidents, but Lombino disputed that.

After the beatings, a meeting took place in which reasons for the attack were somewhat explained, Lombino said, adding that members had a cookout and continued with the party after the dust settled.

Lombino said he left the Bandidos in 2013 under bad terms and was accused by other members of being a police officer or working with them. Lombino also said Bandidos went to his house to beat him and take any property denoting his membership in the Bandidos. He also said he’s been threatened and accused of “being a snitch” for the past five years.

Under cross-examination, Pike’s lead lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, contended that Lombino implicated Pike only after federal agents suggested his name.

DeGuerin also asked if Lombino was eager to “unload” on his former motorcycle club.

“Yes sir,” Lombino replied.

Lombino is the second eyewitness in the trial to detail the Roswell matter.

Justin Cole Forster, a former national sergeant-at-arms, testified March 1 that he and Portillo — who was a national sergeant-at-arms until he became vice president in 2013 — were summoned to Houston in 2011, where Pike dispatched Forster and others to take care of Morgas.

Forster said he was given money to buy “burner” cellphones, and the crew took a truck instead of motorcycles and joined with other Pike-supporting nationally ranked Bandidos to kick Morgas and 15 others out of the Bandidos.

“We asked them if they knew who their president was,” Forster said. “If they didn’t answer right, we took their patches, and they got beat. If they answered Jeff (Pike), they didn’t get beat.”

The trial continues through April, with breaks on some days because the judge or Pike’s lawyers are out of town on unrelated cases.

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