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Meet Holly- Insane Throttles Newest Freelancer from the UK- What is 1%ers like across the pond ? Check out her interview with a 1%er from UK

Insane Throttle would like to welcome Holly aboard the Throttle. She has a Facebook Blog as well as a Youtube Channel. You will find all kinds of great information on biker life overseas. Especially in the UK and Europe. So lets get everyone over to subscribe to her Youtube Channel and Facebook Page to help support her.

MC’s across the pond!
My views – By Holly Elizabeth

All about Holly

I’ll start by saying hello from the UK! My name is Holly, and I run a biking blog on Facebook. You can also find me on Instagram and YouTube as All About Holly. I live in Sussex, and ride a Harley Sportster. I set up my pages about a year ago. My YouTube channel started off as mainly bike maintenance, and has more recently taken on the direction of interviews and more documentary style videos.

I recently met with a former Outlaw MC member who agreed to talk to me if I kept his identity hidden. I also have a few friends currently in 1% MCs, so although I’m not an insider, I now understand a fair amount about the club community.

I think the main perception of clubs over here, from non members, is very prejudice, and in my opinion that is purely down to 1. lack of understanding, and 2. TV shows and films, such as, dare I say it, Sons of Anarchy. Programs like that have done nothing to to help change the perception of biker clubs, and has in many ways done a disservice to bikers everywhere.

As human beings if we don’t understand something, we tend to make presumptions. Biker clubs here are a fine example of that. Club members are part of something that as outsiders, we will never fully understand. It is very much an introverted, closed society, and always will be.

You are, or you’re not, the right type of person. Club life is not by any stretch of the imagination, the life for everyone. I must admit some of it reminds me a bit of a computer game, completing steps to gain entry to the next level. Not passing through certain areas because they ‘belong’ to someone else..

The guy I interviewed described his ex brothers as misfits, people who don’t fit in to the norms of society. It is, at the end of the day just a lifestyle choice, but one that members have to work very hard to achieve. Becoming a hang around, then prospecting, takes time, and a 100% commitment. That is the key word in my opinion to club life, commitment, and you can never have to much of it. After months, sometimes years of earning your colours, the day they are finally handed over I’ve been told is “The biggest day of your life, after birth”

Their bond is as thick as blood, their loyalty is strong, and in general, my experience has found them to be very private people. They don’t want to be approached, they don’t want people trying to interfere in club business. If I can assure you of one thing, and I guarantee not one club member will disagree with me on this, all they really want is just to be left the hell alone.

As with every group in society, there are a mix of personalities, and within these groups there will be members who have broken the law. Just like there is in any large group of people. However club members now are being specifically segregated and targeted. I can’t speak much for clubs overseas, but during my time with the ex club member here, we touched on the RICO laws, and how the bikies are treated over in Australia. Thankfully in the UK the justice system works on an ‘innocent until proven guilty’ basis, and we don’t tend to make arrests or accusations based purely on a persons chosen social group. If a person breaks the law, they get prosecuted. I’m not suggesting biker clubs get indemnity from that. But I sure don’t agree with anyone getting unfairly treated either. Why tarnish them all with the same brush? As the ex club member said to me, “To bring out specific laws, for a specific sub-set of people, is harassment” And I have to say I agree.

Of course, there is a dark side to club life. Drink, drugs, dirty business, politics, the rules of territory. During the interview I asked the former member if he had done anything in his time in the club he wasn’t proud of, the answer? “No comment…” Most non bikers views on MCs I think in general is, that they are ‘gangs’ or criminal organisations, and that is what the lifestyle is centred around. In my opinion, whilst I’m aware happenings like that have a part to play, I believe being in a club is so much more than that. The brotherhood is what it’s all about. It’s that simple. The other stuff is just an added extra.

Vicars can commit crimes, bikers can aid charities. What is it they say? Never judge a book by its cover.

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