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Motorcycle Profiling Project- More Felons in Law Enforcement than Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. Cops response: There is more cops that’s why ! WTF?


By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

One of my favorite biker websites on the internet is David “Double D” Devereaux Motorcycle Profile Project website. I call it MPP for short. It’s a website dedicated to passing laws addressing profiling and discrimination against bikers across the nation. I would suggest all our readership head on over there and sign up for their newsletter and if possible make a contribution to the cause. They also have an important survey that everyone should jump over there and fill out . It asks if you as a biker have ever felt profiled by law enforcement.

This is the website the Alliance of Law Abiding Bikers and that moron Ryan “Paulette” Urlacher like talking crap about on their podcast. Claiming it to be untrue and not well put together. I guess they would say that wouldn’t they? Since most of them are made up of cop clubs. Bunch of ass-monkeys. But hey, since the Law Abiding Association likes to mess with a small operation, I figured I’d give them a bigger fish to go after. How about ya little peckers go after Insane Throttle? Go after something that can fight ya back; Both in words, audio and video you bunch of tinker bells.

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So back to the subject at hand. I know, I get sidetracked when I have to talk about LEO clubs. On one of podcasts these ass-monkeys did on Law Abiding Clubs. They were all in a sissy fit because a report came out in 2016 from Bowling Green University detailing how many cops were felons and the rate that they are arrested for the exact same crimes they throw around as propaganda against 1%er clubs. Here is the complete study.

Study Proves Police Commit More Felonies Than Outlaw Bikers

Motorcycle Profiling Project Website

Police officers are arrested about 1,100 times a year, or roughly three officers charged every day, according to a new national study, thought to be the first-ever nationwide look at police crime, conducted by researchers at Bowling Green State University through a grant from the Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice.


The most common crimes were simple assault, aggravated assault, and significant numbers of sex crimes. About 72 percent of officers (825 annually) charged in cases with known outcomes are convicted, more than 40 percent of the crimes are committed on duty.


The number of convicted felons in clubs labeled OMG’s, as explained above, is approximately 8,800 total. The number of convicted cops over the last 11 years, according to the only data that exists, is 9,075. (825 convicted cops per year x 11 years). More cops have been convicted of felonies in the last 11 years than the total number of felons in clubs law enforcement labels OMG’s.


This is hypocrisy at the highest level. Statistically, without bias, police are more of a threat to public safety than outlaw motorcycle clubs have ever been.

Pretty screwed up statistics isn’t it? These are the same type of people like the dumbshit in Volusia County who said “These types of clubs are Domestic Terrorist.” The only comeback or excuse any cop can give is “Well, there is more cops than Outlaw Bikers.” What kind of  thinking do you really have to have to come up with a shit excuse like that? That is the best they can do? The ones who are suppose to be in charge of the public’s safety? Who are suppose to be held to a higher standard? By the way, another estimated 1650 cops have been arrested, on trial, or convicted since this report has come out.

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Insane Throttle has added a new podcast to our ever growing offerings program wise for the audience of Insane Throttle. The podcast “America in Crisis” will be about the political issues facing our country. One of the issues we will be tackling is police brutality and police profiling. It’s an issue that has affected hundreds of thousands of people across the United States. Not just bikers. But average everyday citizens.

We recently seen this type of action in Waco Texas on a mass scale. Not only did the police have the ability to prevent the deaths of 9 people. They participated in the systematic shooting of American Citizens. Out of the 9 bikers that died that day. 4 as of now, have been determined to have been shot with .223, better known as AR-15’s. This is unacceptable in the United States. Something that should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind. When we put the show together we will reach out to Double D and see if he will come on and tell us more about the MPP, the problem of police profiling and the prevalence that it happens all over the country.

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