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Charles Berard- Members of biker gangs have committed murder, rape and other violent crimes and they have a history of degrading women and even killing children.- Insane Throttle Biker News Responds check your own house

By James “Hollywood” Macacari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Looks like the Midwest Gang Investigators Association is out there pumping their BS through the mainstream media again. Specifically ass-monkey and creepy ass Charles Berard. If you click on his name it will take you to his Linked in page. Dude is a creepy ass old man who goes around the country trying to get every paper or news media he can to print his bullshit. He is the Midwest version of Steve Cook.

Charles Berard Police Lieutenant at Milwaukee Police Department

Looks like he found another gullible news reporter to print his sewage. In it he says “Members of biker gangs have committed murder, rape and other violent crimes and they have a history of degrading women and even killing children”. He goes on to say “These are not people you want your kids to emulate,”

Well ok there Mr. Wizard. My argument is maybe kids shouldn’t emulate you dirtbags either. I took the liberty of pulling some material on cops that have been or in the process of being convicted for the very crimes that you lay at biker clubs feet.

Bradley Paul Henthorne Memphis police officer – Aggravated sexual battery

Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor- Murder

Sergeant Ray Leuser Police officer shot son for swapping his vodka with water-Attempted Murder on a Child

So again “Chucky” you creepy ass-monkey. What say you? These are just a small “RECENT” example of what you Blue Gang is up to. Let me guess. ” If you look at the statistics there is more police officers than bikers, so the cop to biker ratio is not a good measure to compare the cops crimes to bikers crime.” I call bullshit. What should be scary to the citizens is your blue gang is out there committing all these crimes on an epidemic level. Here is a study published in the Washington Post. Cops are arrested 1,100 times a year or at a rate of 3 per day. Here is another from the Huffington Post.

  • sex-related police crime (1,475 arrest cases of 1,070 sworn officers)
  • alcohol-related police crime (1,405 arrest cases of 1,283 sworn officers)
  • drug-related police crime (739 arrest cases of 665 sworn officers)
  • violence-related police crime (3,328 arrest cases of 2,586 sworn officers
  • profit-motivated police crime (1,592 cases of 1,396 officers)

One thing is for certain “Chucky.” Seems like your Blue Gang loves committing those sex crimes.  Guess it might have to do with the inability of your Blue Gang Officers to get any. So before you go out there running the trap, take a look in your own backyard. Real Americans are not buying your propaganda bullshit.

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Source: Daytona Beach News Journal Online

Tony Holt

DAYTONA BEACH — “Louie da Lip,” a felon accused by a courtroom witness of assaulting and battering a woman inside a locked room, met his own violent end one year ago.

Detectives learned quickly that the known member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club’s Daytona Beach chapter, aka Christopher Keating, was likely killed by someone in the rival Pagan’s biker gang.

Police also knew Keating, 59, had a criminal history. He was killed during a fight near the doorway to an alley inside a bar.

Police have video of the incident and witnesses called 9-1-1, one of whom gave a vague description of the suspect.

Twelve months later, the case remains unsolved.