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Defiant Brotherhood Nebraska- “We are here first” Really? You patch broads in and your thumbing your nose at 1%ers? The real culprit behind pop clubs is Ryan Urlacher “Voice of all 99%ers”

By James “Hollywood”Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

This weeks IOTC column has to deal with Defiant Brotherhood Nebraska. This is a social club (Won’t give them the honor of calling them a motorcycle club) that we have mentioned before here on Insane Throttle. It seems they are all proud and loud about being the first club in some town in Nebraska. Robert was going to do a column on the Black Presidents M/C but when I seen this I had to stop all the presses lol.

defiant brotherhood

First off. You allow women to be patch holders. What are they going to do? Scratch the eyes out of a club that comes calling ? Secondly you are a full supporter of cops being in your club, so I can see where you get the balls to post so crap like that. Better yet, I know exactly what is happening in the club scene regarding these new clubs or so called clubs. Ryan Urlacher of Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs. I actually have a really big piece coming out later this week about him. He is the cop and member of Sworn Few LEMC that is going around preaching that all 1%er clubs are criminal. Here is a pic of the voice of the 99%ers “The Motorcycle Majority” as he likes to claim.

Ryan Urlacher
The man who believes he is the voice of the 99%ers

If you listen to some of his podcasts over at Law Abiding Biker (Refuse to link to any of this jokes stuff, can find it through google) it’s a consent 1%er are nothing but a criminal element and you don’t have to lay down to them or the COC. Here is the type of stuff that Alliance is pumping out.

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I guess that law abiding biker thinks it corners the market on what a biker is suppose to be. Guess their version is a biker who is nothing but a cop or one of their upstanding supporters.

Here is what that dumb ass Alliance of Law Abiding Bikers do not understand.  Your alliance is made up of 98% cop clubs, the other 2% or whatever is Iron Legacy and other clubs. You are putting people into some shit on the street . Most of these people whom never had anything to do with a motorcycle club are going out there into the wilderness ignorant of how things truly work. In other words, they listen to your cop talk and next thing you know they are in a hospital bed because they listened to you ass-monkeys.

What you do not understand is you’re putting people in harms way with your propaganda BS. YOUR A COP. The bulk of your M/Cs in that Alliance are cop clubs. But what is your alliance going to do for a club like this when someone calls out their BS? Personally, I would suggest anyone that follows you and gets screwed up on the street because of the crap your pushing  SUE the hell out of ya. Actually, maybe the COC that you like throwing crap at should have one of their own attorneys represent the ones who get hurt. After-all, it would be a great way to pay ya back for causing all kinds of chaos on the streets.

Weekly Look at Cop Clubs- Defiant Brotherhood . Yep, They even patch their women with a 3pc. SMH

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Be apart of the solution and not the problem. Change is coming to the biker community

The whole premise of your page is nothing but two things.

  1. Trying to sell products
  2. Trying to act like some sort of expert for the biker community.

Here is the problem. You are picking up people who are uneducated about how things happen on the streets. They turn to you because they do not know any better when you think about it. They know that they want to wear a patch, want to play out the SOA fantasy, but to scared or to lazy to actually put in the work needed to be apart of a true M/C. You remind me of a snake oil salesman. You’re selling a bunch of fake goods to people who don’t know any better. You’re actually playing a very dangerous game with peoples lives. Stay Tuned- Later this week we will have a complete workup of Ryan Urlacher and the Alliance of Law Abiding Bikers. Complete 2 part Audio Podcast on Motorcycle Madhouse, an in depth written article and more.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question– Do you think that a cop and an organization made mostly cop clubs represent the 99%ers?

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