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Dear Iron Order Member- If you have a problem with Biker Sites like Insane Throttle and Aging Rebel then don’t read ass-monkey. Insane Throttles Response to your email

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Here I was having a great morning. Got all the content out to everyone on time and the phone goes off. Notification for an email. Low and behold this lovely work of art pops up.

iron order mc

Instead of emailing him back, I decided it would be best to address this right in the open. That way anyone else from the Iron Order or even Iron Legacy can get a hint. By the way Iron. You’re so lucky that we have a policy over at Insane Throttle to keep all of our sources and email communications anonymous. If it wasn’t for that I would blast your ass worldwide. What I’m I talking about? It’s probably a burner account anyways.

Aging Rebel has been covering a story on the Iron Order M/C. One that has been dealing with the Pennsylvania civil case against them. Everyone knows how Insane Throttle feels about a civil case being used against any club so we won’t go down that road. We have not covered the story because Aging Rebel has been covering it and has more inside knowledge of what is going on than us over here at Insane Throttle.

So if you have a bitch about how the story is being covered by Aging Rebel than write him about it. One thing your candy ass shouldn’t do is lump Insane Throttle into something it isn’t involved in. To the contrary you idiot. Insane Throttle has always given clubs an opportunity to respond to allegations and tell their side of the story. This has been the case on every article or story that has been put out. We’ve allowed officers of clubs to appear on Motorcycle Madhouse to put their case out there on why something was incorrect in an article or story. We do it that way because we believe our audience has the right to hear it right from the “Horses Mouth” as the old saying goes. Insane Throttle has even allowed statements from clubs to be printed on it’s platform to get their side of the story out. Something I might remind you, many of the Biker News Sites will not do.

As far as your bitch about how we treat Lollipop. Insane Throttle week after week has given him the opportunity to appear on Motorcycle Madhouse to defend against the allegations that Insane Throttle has made, as well as other stories that are floating around out there. If you have a bitch, maybe you should contact him and tell him to grow a set of balls. Tell him to come on the Madhouse and set the record straight. But we both know that won’t happen don’t we? He is scared to death to be asked the questions about his current and past behavior in the M/C scene.  He won’t be able to bullshit us like he does everyone else. That is why he goes on safe podcasts to spew his crap. They don’t have the balls to address the serious issues he was involved in. He has an open invitation any time to come on the Madhouse. He can have as many episodes as he would like to try and explain his behavior in the M/C world.

Let’s address your bitch about some of those I interviewed from your Wisconsin Chapter. As is the policy of Insane Throttle to make sure that our audience maintains trust in our content. Anything that can be considered to be a conflict of interest must be put in the article. This was done when the interview had taken place where I disclosed how I got the interview . So let’s put it out there again. The interview with your Wisconsin Chapter happened because I true brother and friend of mine whom I was with as a Black Piston was now a member of Iron Order. He invited me out to check everything out and I took the interview from there. This was also a brother who once was a member of the Outlaws M/C. So in order to give a different picture to the audience (THE OTHER SIDE) of Iron Order I agreed to do the interview.

Here is what I found. Those that I interviewed like Blackjack, Tilt and Kimber were the perfect representation that your club truly needed. They have reached out to other clubs in hopes of initiating a dialogue in order to avoid problems like you had under your boy lollipop. These conversations were verified through Insane Throttle Biker News from the dominants they were talking with. Now, the clubs might not like each other, but at least the conversation is there. If that half as wannabee cop banger Lollipop would’ve done that in the first place then maybe the shit that has popped off over the years would’ve never happened. But someone like you are too stupid to see the importance of that. Personally you ass-monkey. Maybe you and  your club need to start looking at some of the guys like Blackjack, Tilt and Kimber for some advice on how to be apart of the M/C scene. Personally, since I’m an independent and can care less either way how your club handles crap. You guys might start gaining some respect if you followed guys like them instead of your fake ass ex so called president Lollipop. A guy who by the way is testifying against your club. Great guy to look up to you fool. You mentioned Coast in your email. You must be one of those East Coast Boys. At least have the balls to put where you are from next time .

Anyways I think I used up enough time that I will never get back addressing you ass-monkey. Here is a word of advice. No one from your club will get any more time on Insane Throttle unless it comes from someone who will actually talk without hiding who they are. If you believe so much in what you’re writing than you can come on the Madhouse and let yourself be known as someone that can speak for your club. In the meantime I do not have the time or patience to be dealing with club drama or ass-monkeys like you.







  1. Hollywood, this May sound tin hattish and in the big realm of things who really
    Gives a shit, but I find it much easier to believe that e mail came from a member of Iron Legacy, you may ask why, (or better, who cares) but, look at it, no patchholder is gonna throw another one of their chapters under the bus like that, would they e mail a site they think ripping them unjustly? Of course they have before, but the entire section ripping one of their own chapters seems, well, fishy……..

    Keep up the great site, thanks for being fair across the board and not simply being here to rah-rah any one club while ripping others, also you guys teaming up with “The Boss” has been awesome!


  2. Thanks for the support Charles. It’s been fun teaming up with Big Pete. Have alot of different content coming out now that will focus on the biker community as a whole. Less Drama then just dealing with all the club stuff. Feels like we are covering non stop adult day care sometimes lol. I would’nt put it pass Iron Legacy trust me. But either way. You are 100% correct. Who cares . Maybe both of those clubs will get the point. Unless they have an official rep come on the madhouse where people know who they are or are speaking for the club we wont be paying any more attention to them. It’s sad, because we like having both sides come out. But also don’t have time for the dumb crap either. Again thanks for commenting and being apart of the discussion. We always appreciate that over here at Insane Throttle

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