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Answers To Million Dollar Questions – Roll up your sleeves, because the truth is getting deep in the Twin Peaks Motorcycle Club Debacle. By Texas Bellend

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By Texas Bellend- To Learn more about Bellend head over to our site and visit the team

There are very few times in life where one can truly express their point of view and know where to start and where to stop when telling of a catastrophe to a complete stranger that is unfamiliar. Most people don’t journal the date, time, and the occurrence that happen in their lives. Most folks don’t document their perception of the events of every moment during a tragedy. There are some instances where we take note of some important issues, mull through our lives and finally forget the most important details, because it is just not in our back yard enough to remember and internalize enough to express the details later. Truly a wouldah couldah shouldah moment. Because I have not journaled all 3 years, trying to explain takes a lot of research and trusted sources. I am so grateful to all sources that collaborate together and work out the details.

In my opinion, May 17, 2015 was such a significant tragedy that should affect every American from all walks of life. Not just those who enjoy the motorcycle lifestyle. I have finally stopped second guessing myself and left fear behind me about the destructive Able Reyna. I decided to talk about the details that mean so much in the broad scheme of things. I love to hone on our Constitution, Tyrannical Law Enforcement, and the Tyrannical Government bodies that back their behavior which is destroying our Constitution. People get so caught up in labels that the general census is, “Well those are just dirty lawless bikers.” They forget the principals that will affect them later in life….They just don’t know it yet. The illegal actions unfolding from this tragedy in Waco will be in your backyard in some sort of reflection. The municipality of Waco and other Texas elected officials are showing us all how illegal our government can be.

Waco May 17, 2015 was not about turf, bottom rockers, or about what some bad apples that decided to do some dumb shit on the roadside, a gas station, or a bar…It was all a set up to fulfill the political gain for Able Reyna and to hone in on and enhance the agenda of the Feds to get the top tier of the Bandidos convicted. The road side, Port Aranes, and gas station incidents were just merely simple minded people believing a lie and acting on that lie to fulfill the Feds actual agenda. Gotta have weak minded and rat minded people to manipulate to get what the feds wanted…and there is plenty of that going around in MC world right now.

The really sick part of it all is that 9 people died needlessly and about 20 injured. The scars from that day are engraved in all of the minds of those who were there and their families. Children’s Fathers are gone, Sons are gone, Widows and broken hearts that still cry today…for what….Well, for what the FBI wanted….At best the Feds got haphazardly what they wanted, left Able Reyna like a stranded bitch with blood on his hands and there is a full circle of covering their asses all the way around.

Some say…What do you mean by that Bellend…Well, being here from day one I can tell you, but I don’t know where to start or stop. So, I tell you in increments. Even then its hard to start and stop because its all webbed together. The good ol boys in Waco made this so muddy that even well versed attorneys don’t know come from sick um.

Where I will start is part of our Texas Constitution.

texas constitution



Sec. 1. POWER OF IMPEACHMENT. The power of impeachment shall be vested in the House of Representatives.

Sec. 2. TRIAL OF IMPEACHMENT OF CERTAIN OFFICERS BY SENATE. Impeachment of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of the General Land Office, Comptroller and the Judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and District Court shall be tried by the Senate.

(Amended Nov. 7, 1995.)

Sec. 3. OATH OR AFFIRMATION OF SENATORS; CONCURRENCE OF TWO-THIRDS REQUIRED. When the Senate is sitting as a Court of Impeachment, the Senators shall be on oath, or affirmation impartially to try the party impeached, and no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two-thirds of the Senators present.

Sec. 4. JUDGMENT; INDICTMENT, TRIAL, AND PUNISHMENT. Judgment in cases of impeachment shall extend only to removal from office, and disqualification from holding any office of honor, trust or profit under this State. A party convicted on impeachment shall also be subject to indictment, trial and punishment according to law.

Sec. 5. SUSPENSION PENDING IMPEACHMENT; PROVISIONAL APPOINTMENTS. All officers against whom articles of impeachment may be preferred shall be suspended from the exercise of the duties of their office, during the pendency of such impeachment. The Governor may make a provisional appointment to fill the vacancy occasioned by the suspension of an officer until the decision on the impeachment.

Sec. 6. JUDGES OF DISTRICT COURT; REMOVAL BY SUPREME COURT. Any judge of the District Courts of the State who is incompetent to discharge the duties of his office, or who shall be guilty of partiality, or oppression, or other official misconduct, or whose habits and conduct are such as to render him unfit to hold such office, or who shall negligently fail to perform his duties as judge; or who shall fail to execute in a reasonable measure the business in his courts, may be removed by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction to hear and determine the causes aforesaid when presented in writing upon the oaths taken before some judge of a court of record of not less than ten lawyers, practicing in the courts held by such judge, and licensed to practice in the Supreme Court; said presentment to be founded either upon the knowledge of the persons making it or upon the written oaths as to the facts of creditable witnesses. The Supreme Court may issue all needful process and prescribe all needful rules to give effect to this section. Causes of this kind shall have precedence and be tried as soon as practicable.

Sec. 7. REMOVAL OF OFFICERS WHEN MODE NOT PROVIDED IN CONSTITUTION. The Legislature shall provide by law for the trial and removal from office of all officers of this State, the modes for which have not been provided in this Constitution.

Sec. 8. REMOVAL OF JUDICIAL OFFICIALS BY GOVERNOR ON ADDRESS OF TWO-THIRDS OF EACH HOUSE OF LEGISLATURE. The Judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and District Courts, shall be removed by the Governor on the address of two-thirds of each House of the Legislature, for wilful neglect of duty, incompetency, habitual drunkenness, oppression in office, or other reasonable cause which shall not be sufficient ground for impeachment; provided, however, that the cause or causes for which such removal shall be required, shall be stated at length in such address and entered on the journals of each House; and provided further, that the cause or causes shall be notified to the judge so intended to be removed, and he shall be admitted to a hearing in his own defense before any vote for such address shall pass, and in all such cases, the vote shall be taken by yeas and nays and entered on the journals of each House respectively.

Sec. 9. REMOVAL OF PUBLIC OFFICER BY GOVERNOR WITH ADVICE AND CONSENT OF SENATE. (a) In addition to the other procedures provided by law for removal of public officers, the governor who appoints an officer may remove the officer with the advice and consent of two-thirds of the members of the senate present.
(b) If the legislature is not in session when the governor desires to remove an officer, the governor shall call a special session of the senate for consideration of the proposed removal. The session may not exceed two days in duration.

(Added Nov. 4, 1980.)

Waco DA Able Reyna was not just evading the stand because he didn’t want any truth to come out….He was evading the stand so he would not be found in any GUILT! He can’t afford to be found in guilt for political corruption, withholding evidence, and stepping out of his scope of practice as DA by demanding the arrest of 177 innocent Americans and… his addiction to Cocaine. He could not allow any fault to be on him because it would give the voters and the House of Representatives to move forward and empower the Governor to impeach Able Reyna’s ass and appoint someone else as DA. He could not allow any fault exposed because it would interfere with the case currently going on in San Antonio per his deal with the Feds. He can’t afford to expose his deep political pockets. He can’t afford to have the agenda of the Feds, DPS, or the well buttered up Texas Rangers exposed. Able Reyna and the elected municipality of Waco Texas actions are IMPEACHABLE and he should be prosecuted.

The million dollar questions???….Why the hell is our Texas government not stopping the municipality of Waco and why are they letting Able Reyna and his prosecution team get away with breaking well established law over and over and over? Why at every justified motion to corner Able Reyna to tell the truth is halted and judgment ruled in favor of Waco Prosecution? Why is it that top tier high regarded Attorneys cannot break through the barrier of illegal maneuvers brought on by Waco Prosecution?

My eyes have been opened wide to the truth and I am still deer in the headlights! Our Texas Government is all in bed together. The old saying management backs up management even if it is wrong. Let me extrapolate what I mean with a recent occurrence in Austin.

Able Reyna drops and dismisses biker cases depending on how they were or were not filed in the courts. In Austin April 2, 2018, Attorney Don Tittle attends a hearing with the Able Reyna’s attorney team from Waco to lift a “stay” so the civil suits can go forth for these wrongfully arrested Americans. The hearing started with Judge Sparks asking Able Reyna’s lawyers why there should be a continued stay. The response was the need to wait till the federal trial is over in San Antonio because there is “information” that US Attorney’s will turn over to them when the trial is over. Judge Sparks behavior in response was all but mocking them and found it ridiculous because information that was not provided upon the arrest should have been presented as evidence especially for those who were indicted. His behavior was that he was going to rule in Don Tittles favor to lift the stays and allow these Americans to move forward. Then all of the sudden….. Judge Sparks began to talk about how “overworked” and “short staffed” they are because of all of the other proceedings on the table. Judge Sparks ruled in favor of Reyna and company! WTF right! Judge Sparks ruled in favor for the “stay” to remain for 90 more days. Bizarre indeed! Even if there was an appeal to the judgment, it would take all but 90 days to have a hearing for the appeal.

This kind of ruling and behavior of Reyna and company has been consistent all along. This kind of craziness has been going on sense day 1.

There is no Judge that is going to rule in favor of the defense and open the can of worms on Waco, the Feds, the Texas Rangers, DPS, or the ATF. This is all well played out and they have each others backs.

Angel brought up a great point!

Waco twin peaks shooting insane Throttle Biker News

After Jacob Carrizal’s trial ended with a hung jury, I wondered why the prosecution team was so adamant that he go first? His first attorney was Northcut. Northcut was known as the sleeping attorney and the DA knew he could win with Northcut as Jacobs attorney. When the hearing for the transfer of attorneys from Northcut to Casie Gotro happened, the prosecution was hell bent to only allow 1 month for Casie Gotro to go over all the information and be ready for trial. The evidence dump the prosecution provided was 2 Terabits of information! That is months and months of work. Casie Gotro filed several subpoenas for additional information missing. Still to this day she doesn’t have what she asked for. Casie Gotro was only given 5 months to be ready for trial.

The prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence so she could not effectively defend her client Jake Carrizal. The prosecution knew that Casie Gotro would be an effective defense attorney for Jacob. The municipality of Waco was allowed to break the law to try and get a judgement ruled to put Jacob Carrizal in prison. The deal was to also benefit and boost the effects in the Pike and Portillio federal trials in San Antonio. Not to mention what political gain for Able Reyna’s career that would have been.

Do you see the investment by the prosecution here? Do you see why these Judges are ruling in favor of these prosecutors?

There is a reason Judge Erza, for the Portillio and Pike cases in San Antonio, is being so careful to not allow the press present and not allowing anyone in the courtroom unless they are directly necessary. There is a reason why there is a gag order on any one who is directly involved with these Bandido trials and the case information is sealed. It is very interesting that Judge Erza will not allow any issues of Waco May 17th, 2015 to be brought up in his court. I think he sees how badly handled it was.

Jacob Carrizals trial was heavy with press and live video feed. This backfired on the prosecution because the people were informed.


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  1. My question is, after you have fully unearthed all aspects of Waco what comes next??? Obviously the participants in Waco we’re 1% percenters. I am not saying that in a bad way, it’s a choice they made and must do certain things to maintain. Life choices.

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  2. There were many different MC Clubs there that day. They were not all 1% Clubs. I don’t know what would be next after this Waco nightmare is over. Haa haa. For now there is a plethora of issues to talk about.


  3. i have been watching the trial in san antonio and i promise you that court room is open to the public. there are two entire rows…one on each side of the court room… reserved exclusively for the press. sadly, those two rows have been occupied by a single reporter. just like in jake’s case, security was heightened initially and just like in jake’s case, it has since relaxed. this proves, once again, that the biker community isn’t the boogieman….despite law enforcement’s bullshit and never-ending narrative.

    denying citizens the right to enter the court room is illegal. even more important, it violates both jeff and john’s constitutional right to a public trial. if you, or anyone you know, has been denied access to the court room, please contact me ASAP at 832-368-9281. i’ll walk through court house doors with you and the powers that be can explain to both us why they think they can keep us out.


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  4. One I know of said he was told the 3rd floor was forbidden to go up to. That’s where the courtroom is. I encouraged him to contact you.


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