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One of the basic cornerstones to a successful Motorcycle Club is: Respect

By Jonathan “Judge” Hayes

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Respect is, in my opinion, the most important part of a successful motorcycle club……

Respect for the club

Respect for each other

Respect for your community

Respect for others

We held each other to a strict concerning respect. The best example I can give you is the case of a longtime member of the club. In fact, he was my sponsor! I had been a full patch member for about a year when this problem arose. The member, who I’ll call Bob, and his wife were attending one of our regular parties. We couldn’t help but notice that Bob’s ol’ lady had quite a black eye. We asked him what happened and he said, “well she got mouthy!” Here’s the deal, that was disrespecting his ol’ lady and we told him that was unacceptable. Now you’re probably saying it was none of our business, but you would be wrong. We did not want to be seen as woman beaters in our community or at our clubhouse. We have him a verbal warning and told him to not let it happen again. Everything was fine for about 3 months when again, his ol’ lady had a split lip! He had violated a club rule after being warned. He was out as of that moment! We no longer associated with him or even went to his bike shop.

Now, some of you may think that was bullshit or TOO harsh, but here’s the point. They were OUR rules for OUR chapter and if you’re not going to enforce your own rules, then why have a club in the first place? We wanted every woman to feel safe and respected around us. With that being said, we were one of very few chapters or clubs for that matter, that felt that way. Most other clubs back in the day were extremely misogynistic, and treated most women like whores.

We wanted to project a different image.

If your club is still acting like the 60’s or 70’s clubs, you’ll never achieve BETTER SCHOOL!



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  1. You need to be taken seriously by your brothers and let these rules be a constant standard for them to follow. If not there will be someone who will always push it past what you stand for as a club. You lose control and are seen as…well, weak as a leader if not made clear .
    Our women are in need of our protection throughout their stay with us. However we also know that they can cause instability amongst your members. Make it clear that they are here by the chapter’s okay and if it becomes necessary they will NOT be allowed back. It has been huge problems with one brother and another due to alcohol and fights…flirting and then hard feelings come in to make one do things not usual. Just my opinion.


  2. Well said Judge, I completely agree with you.

    I am not a patched member but “we” often complain about the “false” image “we” have. I very much like the idea that “we” can present an example for others, especially for young guys, of what it really means to be a man. Every time I turn on the TV I see images of negative role models – is it any wonder that young men nowadays seem so confused! Honor, respect, brotherhood, strength, standing up for what we believe in. In these days there are precious few good examples, but surely “we” can and should be just such. Beating women is not acceptable and nor is it any sign of masculinity.

    Are “we” not supposed to be about “freedom”? Without getting too deep about things, I have lived in many parts of the world, including some countries which suffered the oppression of communism or dictatorship for decades, and all too often when the populace at last frees itself from the shackles of such dictatorship they have the feeling that freedom means they can do anything – they fail to understand that with freedom also comes responsibilities. Is it not the same for us? We want freedom, but we must accept that in a Club this also carries responsibilities – for our brothers, for the standing and respect of the Club, for the things we hold dear. If the Club has a rule, members must accept that, or get the heck out if they don’t like it, and the Club must enforce that rule, otherwise whites the point of having a Club at all.

    It might seem to be an anomaly for a MC which seeks “freedom” from the pettiness and political correctness of seemingly every aspect of modern society to have too many rules, but surely some basic laws must be there, and must then be strictly adhered too, and I agree with you Judge – beating women is simply not acceptable.

    I have previously commented that in the army, even out of uniform, we were still considered to be representing the uniform we wore on duty. There was no way we could plead “but I was off duty, so what?”, and I would argue that for MC members the same applies – proudly belonging to a MC which demands complete commitment be default means that we are representatives of that Club at all times. Otherwise go join a Family Club and fly the flag on a sunny afternoon and go back to being a “normal” citizen a few hours later.

    Mark “Llama” Vickers


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