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“Lets put on a kinder and friendlier face for the families of the McLennan County jail. You know the same bastards that taunted 177 Bikers right after they were arrested without due process- Popeye Texas Biker Radio”

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By : James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Popeye from Texas Biker Radio is someone all bikers should be paying attention to. His knowledge of not only the constitution- but his knowledge of the inner workings of government and politics is nothing short of amazing. Texas Biker Radio and the Sons of Liberty Riders was at the forefront in the fight against now jobless District Attorney Abel Reyna to oust him in the Primary on March 6th of this year. Through Popeye’s , OG  The All 4 for 1 group on Facebook and all those involved in this effort , they were able to roast this District Attorney by a 20 point blowout.

This is the kind of stuff that can happen when we as a biker community come together as one. I wish more bikers would get out there and run for elected office. I’ve seen some on the internet talking about it. Don’t think about it. Get out there and do it. The biker community will be there to back you up. We need more of our own in offices to make things in this country go right. Maybe we should talk about that within “The Movement”. Recruit some of our own to run.

Texas Biker Radio is the place to get really schooled on what is not only going on with the Waco trials, but it’s a place where you can really get some really good education on issues that face bikers. I really encourage readers to give them a listen each week. Also if you can visit the Sons of Liberty Riders by clicking on the pic below and buying a support decal. This really helps out the boys bring you the news bikers need and also helps them keep fighting for your rights. You can also make a donation to Texas Bikers Rights through Paypal.

Sons of Liberty Riders

Popeye just put out an article about a barbecue for the families of those arrested in the Waco Twin Peaks Incident. He hit’s it right on as he always does. Those hacks are trying to put on a friendlier face. This is a must read article. Don’t forget to go subscribe over at Texas Biker Radio. This is the only true radio station dedicated to biker rights and political issues facing us as a biker community.
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Source: Texas Biker Radio

By Popeye

Lets put on a kinder and friendlier face for the families of the McLennan County jail. You know the same bastards that taunted 177 Bikers right after they were arrested without due process, many committed no crime at all..

Do they really think a BBQ plate makes it all better? “Hey” lets play some hoops!

Just how many are stuck in their for profit jails? Unlike Bikers most people do not have the stamina, support or the ability to bail out and fight the crooked system that exists in McLennan County. Just maybe some prisoners have been railroaded for a minor crime or no crime at all, plea out and make the nightmare go away. Meanwhile the families suffer at the hands of a mob like law enforcement.

Hell we know all about that don’t we? It’s soon 3 years and counting for many Bikers.

Maybe the High Sheriff of six shooter junction has learned of the Black groups who yell for reparations from white folks? White folks who’s relatives lynched black people? From what we understand the McNamara’s got the bucks. Long ago Waco Police Chief Guy McNamara, Mayor John Dollins and Photographer / Biker Fred Gildersleeve watched from a window in the Mayors office as a young black man, 17-year-old Jesse Washington was hanged.

But we digress…

The Holy Spirit Episcopal Church has partnered with the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office to host an event at the Shepherd Mullins Visitation Center, 3241 Marlin Highway, in Waco, to help break down barriers. Organizers expect about 100 law enforcement officials and more than 400 loved ones of those incarcerated to attend.

Social service agencies will be on hand to assist with needs families of those incarcerated may be facing, and guests can eat lunch while socializing while they wait to visit their loved one. Organizers are eyeing the forecast as thunderstorms are expected Friday night.

Man, where was the compassionate Sheriffs Department as they stood by did and said nothing as 177 people were arrested in mass with no investigation. On the words of two loony DPS UC’s, Waco PD and Abel Reyna? We’ll bring some Bikers on the radio show next Monday to talk about the Sheriff Department Jailers and their behavior.

To the families of those held in McLennan County Jails. Beware! This is a stunt meant to get headlines, indictranate you and your children. Use this opportunity to band together, organize and seek redress for you loved ones. These people are not looking out for you. There is no kinder, gentler law enforcement. Their training which is for the most part secret will not allow it…

Then again maybe it’s just a feel good thing for them, huh?

Follow our lead organize and remove those you can from office. Resist!



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