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Breaking News- Waco Twin Peaks defendants have been summoned to mandatory appearance by the District Attorneys office in McLennan County- Texas Bellend Reporting

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By Texas Bellend


Roll up your sleeves, because the truth is getting deep!

Waco Twin Peaks defendants have been summoned to mandatory appearance by the District Attorneys office in McLennan County.  Large groups of 20 or more names will have to report either April 19th (Tomorrow), April 27th, or May 4th. Could these hearings be to release all the hostages that DA Able Reyna has been holding for almost 3 years?

The McLennan County Courthouse Docket shows the names for tomorrows hearings.  Sources and my own personal knowledge say that several people have the same emails for different dates.  The 90 day stay Judge Sparks put on these civil cases will come to a end some time in June. This was Able Reynas last ditch effort for his corrupt cause to continue to violate the Constitution and these Americans rights.

Could this be a mass case dropping or dismissal?

The last time mass hearings took place, they were taking DNA from the bikers.  Which in turn was illegal because of how they handled it. Which has been the consistency sense day 1.  As Jacob Carrizals trial unfolded before our eyes we found a lot of mishandling and theft of evidence that had absolutely nothing to do with Jacob Carrizal.  The prosecution team was all over the map grabbing for straws to impress the Jury in their favor. Some people found their property being shown as evidence stolen from vehicles and shown as evidence at Jacobs trial.  The fact that JR Price only ordered ballistic forensics on only the 3 AR 15 rifles and not any other gun was very odd. Out of the plethora of guns found that day they only ran 3 guns which were Officers guns. There are so many issues about how they poorly handled the situation that I could go on and on.

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The facts are, Able Reyna has no political gain or money to try these innocent Americans. His Father Falipe Reyna (former DA in Waco)  most likely ran out of favors from Judges for his Son to continue holding these people hostage.

Felipe Reyna details path to court justice in biography

He also lost 2 of his prosecutors yesterday!  Jerrett and Burke resigned their positions and are moving on…literally out of town!  Jerrett is going to go work for the Texas Farm Bureau and Burks goes to work for the Attorney General May 1st.  Able Reyna has lost or fired several more employees sense his political loss for another term as District Attorney.  In this time frame Reynas office has an employee turnover rate at 50%.

Top prosecutors leave local DA’s office in post-election churn

We will know more after tomorrows hearing.

The truth will set these innocent Americans free and the fall of Able Reyna will be a delight to witness.

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  1. This is how you win with out violence, turn around the image that bikers already have and hit them where it hurts, legally. We are all citizens on this great country and deserve all the rights that are given to all citizens, just because we choose a different life style does not mean we are all bad.


  2. There are going to be some very wealthy bikers out there after the lawsuits against Waco. And one very bankrupt city. Hope locals support higher taxes, fees and however else the govt can collect money. lol There remains one very serious question… why has there NEVER been an attempt by Fed to investigate this? ATF and FBI were seen there within minutes, and it is purported they were represented there earlier, potentially as snipers and witnesses. So where is the Fed. govt in all this?


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