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A member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club testified Thursday at a racketeering trial in San Antonio federal court that several Bandidos beat him and gashed his head with a claw hammer in North Texas when he refused to take off his biker vest.

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Here you have two guys fighting for their lives and those who claim to be against the government and Leo’s are sitting there helping them out. What kind of BS is that? You see it all the time all over the internet. Hear it on the streets all the time. Screw the Police, Screw the government, It’s them against us. Next thing you know those same people and clubs are testifying against others on the stand. What kind of hypocrisy is that?

These guys are facing hard core RICO charges. Not only do they have to contend with turncoats who were former members of their own club; Now they have to have a member of the Ugly Man Cossacks M/C testifying against them. WTF is that? What happen to clubs taking care of business on the streets? Keeping the law dogs on their side of the sand box, away from club beefs? I wonder if this dude is still a member of the Ugly Man Cossacks after testifying on the stand? Insane Throttle will reach out for comment and get back to you with the answer.

Here is my personal opinion. This is not the opinion of Insane Throttle Biker News as a whole.  Personally, I think some clubs are full of shit. Especially if they allow members to testify on the stand against another club member. Friend or Foe. How can you even make a logical argument for something like that ? Let me put the question in perspective. Maybe you all can help me out on this a little bit to understand this phenomenon happening in club life.

This trial has seen witness after witness who wore patches and claimed to be apart of a brotherhood come forth and testify against those they once called brother. Another case going on where a club is being sued civilly has their ex president testifying against them in court. The douche is still in charge of running his current pop up club and those under him do not see anything wrong with him doing it.

I’ve been sitting back watching both cases. You see all these idiots out there cheering the civil case. If you look at who they are; None of them are apart of any traditional club. Most of them are apart of Riding clubs or no clubs at all. But they sit there running their mouths like they have some kind of experience in whats going on.

Here’s a clue for those who cannot see the big picture. Here you have a member of the Ugly Man Cassocks testifying against members of the Bandidos. If he took the step of testifying in a criminal trial, what makes you think him or his club will not sue the Bandidos civilly? I see alot of you screaming  that a women was killed and she had children. Well guess what morons. You don’t think the women  murdered down in Tennessee, her family won’t do the same against the major club’s chapter involved in that? I don’t care what club is involved, who hates who. If it is established that a club can be held responsible for the actions of one of it’s members then the Big 5 will have some worrying to do.

I don’t think some of these morons understand. Most of the Big 5 clubs own real estate, have corporate set ups. So yes, assets can be at risk for judgements. It’s no wonder why clubs are having such a hard time nowadays. The recruitment pool is pretty retarded in modern times. People no longer have logic and everyone who owns a bike is an expert on all things clubs because they seen videos or posts on the internet.

Is this the new normal when it comes to Motorcycle Clubs?

Only those in the Motorcycle Club scene can answer that question. It’s most definitely a internet age now. People think they are entitled to go right out there and get a patch without putting in any hang around or prospect time. If they have to do any of that they just go out and start a M/C so they can avoid it. That’s exactly what that moron Lollipop did. Got kicked out of his old club and ran to the internet to start up another.

You have out there once great clubs. Mostly foreign like the Comancheros , Rock Machine, Rebels and the list goes on who are bad ass in their own country, but when they come over here it gets all screwed up. The Rebels and Comancheros had Mike Cunningham running their shit here in the states. Just threw this guy a set of patches and said go for it. Didn’t give a crap what it would look like when they did it. Just wanted to get a United States Rocker on the websites to say they’ve grown.

From where I sit it looks like a numbers game. Who can reach the biggest amount of guys in a short time. They want to be able to rival the Big 5 clubs overnight so they hand out patches like it’s candy. When it don’t work out they end up being on biker news sites and main stream media because members of their clubs turned rat.

Waco Connection

Here is one thing I’m hoping the Ugly Man Cossacks realize. If this dude is testifying against the Bandidos. What makes you think he hasn’t cut another deal with asses laying in wait in the Waco Trials? It’s obvious this dude has been with your club for awhile. Club members talk about all sorts of things. Hopefully you’re strip searching that rat when he comes into the clubhouse if he’s still a member. I can bet you a shiny new nickel he will be turning on your club just like he did the Bandits. If you don’t think he will give information on everything that was talked about between members regarding the Twin Peaks stuff you’re nuts. Might as well re nick name him Canary.

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Source: San Antonio Express

By Guillermo Contreras

A member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club testified Thursday at a racketeering trial in San Antonio federal court that several Bandidos beat him and gashed his head with a claw hammer in North Texas when he refused to take off his biker vest.

Arthur David Young, 39, survived the March 22, 2015, attack at the Bar-B truck stop in Gordon in Palo Pinto County, between Abilene and Fort Worth. Young, who worked in the oil fields, said he had to have 12 staples to close the gashes, and the beating left him with headaches and affects his equilibrium.

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“It felt like hours, but it only took seconds,” Young said of the assault. “They ended up with my cut (vest).”

The government alleges the Bandidos’ then-vice president John Xavier Portillo, who is on trial with then-president Jeffrey Fay Pike, had declared war on the Cossacks shortly before the attack on Young.

Young said his Harley-Davidson Fat Boy ran out of gas during a ride with his girlfriend to a lake, and he pushed the motorcycle about a mile to the truck stop. He had on his Cossacks vest, which had a patch on the bottom part of the back saying “Texas,” which is widely considered the Bandidos Motorcycle Club’s home and territory.

While his girlfriend paid for gas inside, Young pumped fuel and watched two pickups pull in near him, and a car race up within inches behind his motorcycle. Angry, Young said he was going to confront the car driver.
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“I looked up, and seen what I seen and I stepped back,” Young said. “I seen the Bandits. The Bandidos.”

Young said he was surrounded by 10 to 15 men wearing Bandidos vests or T-shirts. One told Young to take off his vest.

“I just shook my head,” Young testified, adding he refused. “It’s mine. I’m not taking it off for nobody.”

He stood between a gas pump and his motorcycle, but worried when he saw some of them head toward the truck stop where his girlfriend was.

“I went around my bike, and that’s when I took blow No. 1 to the head from the claw part of the hammer and I fell to ground,” he said. He was hit with the hammer again, and punched and kicked while on the ground and was met with a third hammer blow as he tried to get up.

His assailants kicked and punched him, as they tried to yank the vest off him, he testified.

“I ended up underneath one of the pickups trying to get away from them,” Young said. “I was trying to (hide). I grabbed an oil or grease spot, and my hand slipped and they pulled me out. That’s when it all came off. They yanked the cut off me.”

They also took his hat, bandanna, and the knife he had in a hip holster, Young said.

Young was bloodied and lost consciousness on the way to the hospital.

In cross-examination, Portillo’s lead lawyer, Mark Stevens, and Pike’s lead attorney, Dick DeGuerin, both argued that Young’s assailants were not Bandidos but members of the Villistas Motorcycle Club.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Chad Lloyd testified that the Villistas are a support club of the Bandidos. He added that one of two cell phones recovered at the scene and a wiretap of Portillo’s phone helped investigators identify three possible suspects — two members of the Bandidos chapter in the Texas panhandle and a Villistas member from San Angelo.

No one has been charged specifically in the assault, however.

Lloyd testified that wiretap recordings in October 2015, which were played for jurors, appear to show Portillo referencing the attack on Young. The agent also alleged the recordings implicate Portillo in sanctioning attacks to expand the Bandidos’ power.

As part of his cross-examination of the agent, Stevens disputed Lloyd’s interpretation.

Senior U.S. District Judge David Ezra ended the proceedings early because the next witness wasn’t available Thursday.

The trial began Feb. 28 and is expected to go through May.

Guillermo Contreras is a San Antonio Express-News staff writer. Read more of his stories here. | | @gmaninfedland

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