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History Lesson: The Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club- A true lesson on what the old timers had to put up with when it came to LEOS and Public Officials. Why LEOS are not respected in the Biker Community

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

This week Insane Throttle published a few articles regarding Officer Ryan “Howdy Doody” Urlacher. The putz or ass-monkey to be more precise who runs Law Abiding Biker. After the article was published, it was truly funny to see the responses all over social media. 99.9% of those who responded thought he was a complete poser; And those who didn’t know he was a cop unsubscribed from him.

See Howdy Doody, people do not like to be led around by someone who claims to be something he is not. If you want the truth. It was like fire and fury out there when people read your quotes about people who support the Confederation of Clubs were mostly of the criminal element. I guess all those motorcycle ministries, veterans clubs and biker rights organizations didn’t take to kindly being put in that category.

I guess Howdy Doody didn’t understand the amount of reach Insane Throttle truly had. Freaking putz, just like a cop, always talking crap before knowing what the hell they are talking about. How that research pan out for you ass-monkey?

For those who say “It don’t matter what someone does for a living, cop or not what’s the problem with him being in a club”

It’s quite simple actually. Once a cop always a cop. They do not just turn off being a cop when they get off of shift. No, they are a cop 24 hours a day. The one thing I noticed about those saying this kind of stuff is when you look at their profiles they are either one of two things.

  1. Homely looking people who wish they were apart of a real motorcycle club or had friends who would actually ride with them. RUBS who are the yuppie idiots who have done nothing but destroy what this lifestyle is about.
  2. Cops or supporters of cops. Most wear those bright new internet riding club patches; Out there giving their opinions on something they have no idea about.

Learn your history if you want to be apart of the scene

I found the article below about the history of the Grim Reapers M/C. It’s a recently printed article about how the Grim Reapers had to fight a non stop onslaught of Leos and Political hack jobs all throughout the 70’s

By the way RUBS. It’s because of these old timers you get to run around playing biker. These old timers are the ones who had to fight the system every time they farted wrong. Anything they did they had LEOs looking over their shoulder. Riding down the street to the local watering hole was a chore back then. If you looked like a biker or had a patch on Leos would be there to harass the shit out of you. Leos wonder why people can’t stand them? Especially in the biker scene?

Clubs that allow cops in their ranks

You see alot of these new pop up clubs out there wearing 3 piece patches claiming to be traditional. They will even go as far back as saying “We are doing it the way it was in the 50’s and 60’s.” You dumbshits wouldn’t know traditional if it hit you in the face. Sorry to tell you ass-monkeys- Cops were never members of a 3 pc patch club back then. The only reason why clubs like Iron Legacy and others like them have cops in the club; Is because they couldn’t make it as a traditional club. If they didn’t have the cops in the clubs or join that joke “Alliance of Law-Abiding Clubs” they would get tore apart on the streets. This is why you never see any of these popup clubs at rallies or motorcycle events. They hide at each others houses banging their chest of how tough they are. Just ask Ray “Lollipop”Lubeski who has been hiding out in his house since all the emails have broke on him.

Those clubs who have LEOS in them are not considered traditional clubs. No matter how much they run around screaming to high hell they are. The history of the old timers dispute that claim 100%. If you actually sat down with an old timer you would hear the disgust in their voices when they talk about what they had to go through in those days.

Check out this article below. You will see what I’m talking about when it came to the old timers having to fight just to exist.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the day– DO you believe those clubs who allow LEO into them are “Traditional Motorcycle Clubs?”

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Source: Courier & Press

Daniel Smith, Special to the Courier & Press

The Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club was originally founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 1965. The Reapers are considered an outlaw club, as they are not sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association.

A local chapter originally organized in Warrick County in the mid-1970’s. At the time, the club’s only requirements for membership is that applicants be a white man and own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, according to the clubs president, quoted in an April 11, 1981 Evansville Press profile.

After meeting in several other locations in Warrick County, the Reapers rented a clubhouse in downtown Newburgh, in a former antique shop on State Street.

After fielding complaints from local residents and business owners about the club, Newburgh authorities condemned the clubhouse, claiming that the building had been condemned for more than a year after a fire in a nearby building and that space should not have been rented to the Reapers.

The club claimed that the decision to condemn the building was biased and meant to drive the bikers out of downtown.

Ultimately, town offices would only allow a total occupancy of 15 people and only between the hours of 8 am and 11 pm.

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In a May 24, 1977 article in the Evansville Press about the clubhouse controversy, member John Bush said “We like to ride and we like to party. We’re not different than anybody else except we have a club.”

Due to the restrictions, the Reapers moved their headquarters to a building on the riverfront in downtown Newburgh, near what is now the Edgewater Grille.

After visiting the group’s clubhouse, Evansville Press Warrick Bureau Chief Jay Hamburg profiled the organization in April 1981. He described the walls of the clubhouse as covered in “mostly obscene” graffiti. He also noted a vending machine filled with beer, which club members unlocked and opened rather than filling with coins.

In this profile, Club Secretary Bob Peppiatt, also known as “Mr. P”, was quoted saying “You know as well as I do that people are afraid of anything they don’t understand.”

The profile noted that 15 of the 18 club members were fully employed, most as construction workers and machinist. Eight members were Vietnam veterans.

Local police continued to field complaints from local residents about the Reapers. In September 1981, Warrick County sheriff’s office organized a raid of their riverside clubhouse.

Two undercover officers were sent to walk near the club carrying a radio transmitter. After they were “verbally assaulted” by two bikers, Warrick County Prosecutor Anthony Long and the other police listening in on the radio gave the go-ahead to move in.

Twenty-five officers, including members of the Newburgh and Indiana State Police, raided the clubhouse and conducted a search after detecting the odor of marijuana.

The search resulted in the confiscation of a small amount of marijuana, 187 cans of beer, and several weapons. They arrested 15 members of the club, although ultimately the charges would be dropped for all but 2 of the men.

Shortly after the raid, Larry Hessler, Newburgh’s town manager, minced few words in an interview with the Evansville Courier. “I would like to see them gone, “ he said, “I don’t think they’re good for the town and I don’t think you will find anybody who can say anything positive about them.” The Reapers sold their Newburgh headquarters in June 1982.

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The club ultimately moved to Evansville. They purchased a house on Indiana Street near First Avenue in June 1983, according to an article in the June 3, 1983 edition of the Evansville Courier and the Vanderburgh County Assessor’s records.  The Indiana Street clubhouse would serve as their headquarters until September 2017.

Currently, the motorcycle club occupies the former Exotic She Lounge on E Diamond Ave.

Photos by Evansville Press Staff Photographer Greg Smith in May 1977, and by Press Staff Photographer Jeff Widener April 1981.

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